Daily Kos user aggregatescience reported that MSNBC / CNBC’s Donny Deutsch has called for a boycott of Glenn Beck’s advertisers due to Beck’s asinine claim that President Obama is a racist. Deutch announced the charge on his show, The Big Idea:

DEUTSCH: He called this president a ‘racist’ and a ‘hatred of white people’, okay?  This has to stop.  Here’s the only way this stops.  The reason this man does this, this Glenn Beck does this, is because it attracts viewers, it creates controversy…

If you’re an African-American or white American who’s tired of this kind of talk, write to the CEO’s of those companies and say: ‘you know what, put it somewhere else on Fox News, I’m not saying take it [your advertising] off of Fox News, take it off this man’s show.

The following advertisers were listed by Deutsch on air:

  • General Motors
  • Campbell Soup
  • Chrysler
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Pfizer
  • Kellogg
  • Walmart
  • Kraft Foods
  • Nestle

I will make sure those are all included on the Fox News Sponsors List

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37 Responses to “Donny Deutsch Calls For Boycott of Glenn Beck’s Advertisers!”

  1. Since when does the Freedom of Speech not apply to all people?

    Who does this guy or anyone think they are asking for a boycott???

    Beck is right actually

  2. D.R. New York says:

    And Boycott Dodds CNN sponsors

  3. Bill Jackson, says:

    Why Is it you can call a White Cop doing his job a Stubed Racist but never a Black Man, Even when he stands infront of a National Audance and Proves it.

  4. You have got to be kidding, a boycott. The facts are pretty clear that after listening to J. Wright for the past 20 years how could he not be one. You guys on the left are like a bunch of little kids trying to play grown-ups.

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sue, The First Amendment does apply to everyone, just not at all times, i.e. yelling fire in a crowded theater, libel, slander, etc. Donny Deutsch and all of us supporting a boycott of Fox News and their personalities are completely within our rights, the same ones you purport to protect Fox News. Yes, Beck can say what he wants, regardless of the truth, in private. He should not be able to lie and defame people on a so-called news channel.

    Bill, Tell us, exactly, what did Obama say that proves he’s a racist? I doubt you can, if we hear back from you at all…

    Jim, That’s pretty weak… Just because you believe Rev. Wright to be a racist, doesn’t mean that Obama is one.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all of these people calling Obama a racist are, in fact, racists themselves who were chomping at the bit to find something to project their own views about. Then, they can justify their own racism and hate. If you remove the part about Obama from their argument, it looks like any other racist rant…

  6. FoxNewsBoycott

    first off – exactly where do you think you have the right to support a boycott of anyone merely for voicing their opinion. Last time I heard our heroes of this country fought for the right of Freedom of Speech as well as Freedom of the Press (as well as my right to tell someone to go F*** themselves if they insult me or my values lol)

    But to answer your question – exactly where does Obama NOT say it ??? He OOZES his obvious bias everytime he opens his mouth.

    What president should be involved with a small town issue like this? What president should go in front of a specialized group (thinking NAACP right now) and tell them all that he did a few weeks ago?

    If a white president did that he would have surely been labeled a racist – can you imagine a white standing in front of other whites and telling them to fight for their beliefs, move to get ahead, etc etc?? Turn that entire NAACP speech that Obama gave and make all references to the black race to be substituted for the white race and OMG !!! The uproar would be HORRENDOUS !!! And you KNOW it too.

    Why is that every single time since this guy made his intention to run for office I expressed my opinion that I didn’t like some of his stands on issues (gun control to be a major one) that I was called RACIST??? People didn’t know anything about me other then I am a biker (I am also a twice degreed accountant and mother and grandmother) but all that ever got brought up about me was RACIST !!! And I was accused of not liking the guy because he was black (or part black, he** he can’t even do that right LOL) but it could never be that I was entitled to my opinion and that I didn’t (and don’t) like the guy because of his stands on some issues. Oh no, not that, that would be LOGICAL! Calling everyone a racist all the time is NOT logical !!!!!

    But Obama proves that he is one each and every time he opens his slimy mouth.

    Go do a yahoo search and look for the words “MICHELLE OBAMA RACIST College Paper revealed” and read it all – open your eyes and possibly shut your mouth and you might wake up someday. I sure in the heck hope we all wake up from this nightmare called ObamaLand before its too late. For alot of us it already IS too late

  7. Bill Jackson, says:

    See that’s the thing with Liberals everyone else is the Racist. When he stood there and said the Police did a stupid thing and Admitted he didn’t have all the Fact’s But said without saying it that they were Profiling, have you Read any of his Book,s or are you like all Liberals and incapable of forming a Org thought without asking you handlers first..
    Im a 60 year old Whit Southerner and I invite you to come meet my Friends at anytime. you would be shocked I assure you.
    By the way Noticed you didn’t give your name, some reason for that and one more thing Where Did I myself call My President a Racist.

  8. Bill Jackson, says:

    Well I tell you this the Main reason you all want to shut Fox down is because you cant compete with the Truth, If ABC,NBC.CBS,MSNBC and CNN would get out of bed with all the Liberal Hate Groups and go back to reporting the News instead of the Party Line maybe they would be able to bring back some of their Rateings I still watch NBC just to get a laugh at what they call News or Truth..

  9. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sue, Where do I have the right? You said it yourself, it’s the freedom of speech. So, you’re saying it’s okay for Fox News and personalities like Glenn Beck to lie and manipulate the truth, but nobody should be allowed to call them on it? You are clearly a hypocrite.
    Again, the common irrational argument about if a white person were to promote white pride, then they’d be a racist… You confuse racial superiority with support for equality. You can claim you’re not a racist, and that people wrongly labeled you as a racist, but you’re asking us to take your word on that. Perhaps if we saw some of the other comments you’ve made, we’d have a better idea if you are, or not. Until then, your inane ramblings are quite telling. Of course, if you search for “_____ racist” on Google, you’ll find someone with some so-called proof. It still doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Bill, Based on the facts I’ve seen, Gates proved that he lived there and was on his own property, which gives him the right to say what he wants. He did not threaten the officer and he did not intend to harm him. The officer denied Gates his First Amendment rights and took him in… I’m not saying it’s a race thing. Put yourself in Gates’ shoes (racism comments aside) – would you want your First Amendment rights protected? Furthermore, even though I agreed with Obama’s first statement, that the officer acted stupidly, which I believe the department somewhat agreed with by dropping the charges, Obama apologized. Many other politicians stick their foots in their mouths over non-national issues, but rarely will one admit that they may have been wrong.
    As for Fox News reporting the truth, that’s really getting old… you’re not convincing anyone, especially when Fox News personalities, themselves, prove you’re wrong.
    See the “truth” tag here:

  10. I know I am not a racist, first off you JACKASS when I lived in an all black neighborhood, when I personally hired 5 people to work on MY STAFF that happened to be black in a large world wide corporation – when I welcomed a grandson in law to my family with open arms and no hesitation whatsoever who was black. THAT’S how I know I am not a racist.

    And there is nothing irrational about the TRUTH of a white man standing in front of a crowd of whites would be stoned if he were to try and promote his race for his own agenda vs a black doing the same and oh oh that’s because they are so oppressed right ? Give me a damn break!

    How are MY ramblings inane? Did you even bother to go look for the college paper that Obama’s wife did? You are saying that what is reported isn’t true on what she wrote? WOW !! Now THAT’S inane, or maybe a little INSANE, take your pick.

    As for my comments when asked who I was going to vote for, I simply had to state that I was going to vote for McCain and I was immediately jumped on 9 out of 10 times and dismissed as being a racist. The values or stands of either candidate were never brought into it by anyone other then myself, they never stopped to ask me why i wasn’t a supporter of Obama, they merely assumed something about me without knowing the facts of who I am and what I stand for. Much like you are right now. To assume that a college educated professional 51 year old woman didn’t sit down and go point by point on the issues of this election is wrong as well as very untrue. But I find it comical when he did win that I got all kinds of emails and texts from friends that did vote for him saying HISTORY WAS MADE TODAY YIPPEE! Why? Because the right man was voted into office? Not by their reasoning, no, HISTORY had been made purely because a BLACK (half black at best) had been elected. Never with any proof of what good he really had in mind to do or how he was going to do it.

    Sorry but NO race should be allowed to get anything due to their race alone. Yet when I had three out of the five of the same staffers that I hand picked disciplined for their work performance, (which was shoddy at best) poor work attendance (missing 10 days out of the quarter because they were “sick” with no doctors proof when asked by company guidelines for all people, not just the blacks, we ALL had to produce a doctors statement if we were to be out of work for being sick more then 3 days in a row, and for the same three telling me “that’s not my job” when i asked that filing be caught up on their desks (yes it WAS their job, in their job description even clearly outlined) ALL three of them ran to HR and filed discrimination. The result? I was told to assign the “menial tasks” to someone else so as to not cause waves. I was told to not ask for doctors paperwork for the same reason. So in essence they asked for, and received, preferential treatment over their co workers, black or white, that had to pick up their slack for them and the other people on my staff still had to follow the rules.

    You think what your narrow little pea brain wants to – I KNOW my actions in my career as well as my personal life and they can no way be construed as RACIST. if I don’t like someone it’s because of their actions, not their race.

    Just as I can already tell that I don’t like you – and I can’t possibly know your color – but your words clearly show that you are an idiot to not see the truth. Otherwise you would have never claimed that something TRUE that i posted about the great messiah’s wife wasn’t true.

    In any political forum that i ever enter into a discussion about the current state of this country and the decisions being made now I get so SICK of hearing “Well, it’s all GWB’s fault” or “good lord, give the guy a chance. it’s ONLY been so and so many months” GOOD LORD ! Do you people hear yourselves? Truly – do you? I defy now as I defy anyone in any other forum to tell me ONE good and positive thing that has been done so far? They CAN’T !!! Every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. And every decision he has made to date, GM bailouts, etc, haven’t done one positive thing for the common man. Sorry but some of us don’t have time to wait for him to egt his head out of his a**

    I won’t read anymore of this or respond to any of this either. I have far better things to do then try and be brainwashed into believing that I don’t like someone because of their color. THAT is totally offensive to me, whether it’s to my face in person or on an anonymous internet site

  11. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sue, Resent much?
    I’ve reread my comments and, nope, never called you a racist. I merely stated that I cannot confirm, nor deny, that you are, or are not, based on what you’ve stated here, but much of what I’ve seen in this thread is common rhetoric from, yep, racists. So, you’ve hired black people, great. You’ve lived in a black neighborhood, good for you. You have a black person in your family. I guess that settles it… oh wait, you just went on an 893 word rant about how you aren’t, but you feel slighted by black people you hired… You obviously have a chip on your shoulder. Get over it, this issue is not about you.

  12. maria c. little says:

    Seriously, would someone with at least a high school education post here!

    Remember the DIXIE CHICKS? NONE of these posters cared one bit about their freedom of speech!

    Right-wingers/conservatives HATE everybody that does not talk or look like them!

  13. jeandarc says:

    To Sue: Sorry, you simply sound unbalanced, not *just* racist, although I’m starting to understand that racists *are* unbalanced. You’re obsessed with it and see it everywhere except within yourselves. “He couldn’t even do THAT right lol”. Hello? He didn’t do it. A white female and an African male did it, you poor thing. Or did you think he was sent here by some Force who gave him to a Virgin who then birthed him without man’s help?

    Ahhhh! I get it! You really think he’s JC! OMG! You *really* do need help!

    And why would *anyone* with a dime’s worth of common sense or education read any “expose” ono Yahoo! and believe it? Michelle Obama’s college research paper is probably Greek to someone with you, degreed or not.

  14. I wrote e-mails to all of the companies who placed ads with Beck (or at least, those who had e-mail contacts) and actually received a letter back from Chrysler, which you can read (and also read my response) here: http://robot-heart-politics.tumblr.com/post/153052041/so-i-wrote-a-letter-to-chrysler-about-their-ads-for

    As you can see, not a very promising response. I received responses from some others that were in a similar vein. I hope with more voices, maybe they will realize this sort of crap will not be tolerated.
    .-= Katie´s last blog .."My stance on this issue isn’t politically expedient. I am the first Muslim in the legislature…." =-.

  15. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Thank you for the feedback Katie! It is surely a shame that a company will knowingly and admittedly put profits before morals.

  16. Someone’s beliefs cannot, by definition, be lies. Beck is free to “believe” anything he wants to, that does not make him a lier, nor is it defamatory for him to make his views public. Beck panders to his audience, same as Olbermann or Maddow, or Hannity. Its always about the money, right or left.

    Trying to shut down someone for their beliefs is about as un-American and anti- 1st Amendment as it gets. If you dont like the message, don’t watch it. It is always amazing to me that the tolerent, progressive, inclusive, liberal left tries SO hard to shut down someone who does not agree with them.

    If you believe that only the right lies and manipulates the truth, its time for you to climb out from the rock you live under. BOTH parties are liers! BOTH parties are spin masters. and BOTH parties should be ASHAMED of where they have taken this country. This is your mission in life? Wow.

    I know that I will be blasted for even suggesting that you are intolerant of someone else’e view point, that seems to be the left’s MO. Get a clue, it’s not Fox News or conservatives, or MSNBC, or liberals who are ruining this country, its all of those in power in Washington, Rep & Dem.

  17. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Jim, Holding and sharing beliefs and the freedom to do such is true for the general public, but Glenn Beck, while broadcasting on a “news” channel, is not the general public. He stated, as fact, that Obama has a deep seated hatred for white people. He did not qualify that as being opinion. He did say that he believes Obama to be a racist. However, he is on a “news” channel and the news is intended to be factual. The problem lies in the audience not understanding that Beck is not being factual, or even accurate.
    And, if you had taken the time to look around the site, or read any responses to similar criticism, you would know that that there is obviously media bias on both sides, as with party lines, but this site is devoted to Fox News and their personalities. If you want to start a site slamming MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, that is your right and I’m not going to be the idiot calling you unamerican for doing so.

  18. cyndi lee says:

    I think we can all agree that Jeremiah Wright is and was an openly racist hatemonger. If Obama did not share his racism and hatred, why did he select him as his minister, why did he associate with him for 20 yrs, why did he select this racist to perform his wedding, and why did he pick this racist to baptize his children?

    These are reasonable questions.

    • FoxNewsBoycott says:

      Cyndi, Those are questions which he’s answered time and time again. For example:

      The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation. When these statements first came to my attention, it was at the beginning of my presidential campaign. I made it clear at the time that I strongly condemned his comments. But because Rev. Wright was on the verge of retirement, and because of my strong links to the Trinity faith community, where I married my wife and where my daughters were baptized, I did not think it appropriate to leave the church.

      Let me repeat what I’ve said earlier. All of the statements that have been the subject of controversy are ones that I vehemently condemn. They in no way reflect my attitudes and directly contradict my profound love for this country.

      Just because a family member, neighbor, or reverend are racist doesn’t automatically make you one…

  19. I think Deustch went to far in prompting a boycott due to “Beck’s asinine claim …”. Deustch should have just said what we all feel, “Beck IS asinine” and left it at that. That’s really why so many of us are boycotting. Thanks, Donny, I sent a message to every sponsor. Progressive was extremely prompt, professional and are not sponsoring Beck. Also, I truly will never buy a GM product (and that’s all we’ve driven for years).

  20. Sue, you submitted a comment that contradicted yourself in only two sentences:

    Sentence #1: “Since when does the Freedom of Speech not apply to all people?”
    Sentence #2: “Who does this guy or anyone think they are asking for a boycott???”

    Answer to dumb question #2: see dumb question #1. Freedom of Speech applies to all people – Donnie Deutsch included. If he wants to use his speech to ask for a boycott, he may – there’s no libel in that.

  21. AZ_Moderate says:

    Sue, I think you are way off base. 1) Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all racists. Not one human being on this earth does not differentiate and form opinions based on race. This is completely different from stoking hatred and inciting violent acts based on race, which is what Glenn Beck and others have been doing since the election. 2) Freedom of speech applies to the GOVERNMENT stopping people from speaking freely. It does not apply to private citizens taking action based on opinions voiced, 3) Even if freedom of speech did apply here, it is not allowed to “shout fire in a crowded room,” which is what Beck is doing with his suggestions of assassinating Nancy Pelosi and his “rise up” banter. 4) Dutch was also exercising his freedom of speech when he suggested that the only way to show Beck our collective opinion about his pig swill is to turn his show off and encourage his advertisers to deprive him of the thing that fuels his megaphone – advertisers. 4) You say that is a white president had made statements to the NAACP similar to those of Obama, he would have been run out on a rail, assassinated or worse. Well, you should check your facts! GW Bush made similar comments to the NAACP two years ago. 5) I think your personal examples are interesting, but in no way do they demonstrate that Obama has created policies to advantage blacks or done anything in his presidency based on his racial biases (which again, I believe we all have). Let’s not forget that he is also half white. 6) Lastly, it is sad that you feel people’s responses to your post are attempts to brainwash you, yet you do not see your own posting as an attempt to brainwash me! This is a dialogue, so checking out is kind of like saying “ok, you win, I have nothing else intelligent to contribute.” I am not sure if you are still reading, since your last post said you were not, but for the others reading this stream, please feel free to exercise your free speech by disagreeing with me!!

  22. AZ_Moderate says:

    When Glenn Beck was caught lying by Whoopie Goldberg on “The View,” he freely admitted that he is not a journalist, and he is neither responsible for nor does he check his “facts.” So to say that Fox cares about the facts but does not put a disclaimer on the front of Beck’s show stating that his words are 100% opinion, tells me that Fox does not care about the facts. You should check Beck’s misrepresentation of the Cash for Clunkers website, stoking fear by stating and trying to demonstrate that by merely logging onto their web site, the feds would be allowed to take over my computer and extract all of my personal data. Charles Manson convinced a group of weak minded people that they could start a revolution by killing some elitists in Hollywood. How is Beck any different? He has already been directly responsible for three police officers in Pittsburgh being killed, and his butt-buddy O’Reilly the clown is directly responsible for Tiller (the proclaimed “baby killer”) being assassinated. I am sick of him having a platform to stand on. Are you saying I am obligated to continue doing business with those who choose to do business with someone I deplore? Typical one-sided logic. Republicans always want small government unless it is the government deciding on abortion rights, Terry Schiavo’s end of life decisions, wire tapping, war, and now apparently who gets to boycott what products and services… Let’s get real!

  23. maria c. little on July 30th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Seriously, would someone with at least a high school education post here!

    Remember the DIXIE CHICKS? NONE of these posters cared one bit about their freedom of speech!

    Right-wingers/conservatives HATE everybody that does not talk or look like them!


    You’re a hypocrite and a liar. First off, YOU need to get the education. Please show us the website where a small group called for a boycott of the Dixie Chicks. People JUST DID IT. They didnt cry for a boycott. Boycotts are traditionally the talk of hippies and Liberals. We dont try to convince others to stop suppporting the DC….we just do our own. Conservatives are going to be canceling their Geico insurance, but they arent going to call for a boycott, and try to convince people why the boycott is good. Thats brainwashing and communistic by nature. Worry about yourself. Geico and others arent pulling out because they dusagree with Beck, they dont want the bad publicity from you loonie left wingers. THAT is the problem with your absurd an dimmature boycott. Wahhhhh, he offends me, lets get the companies to pull out and cancel his show….meanwhile, he is the #1 rated show at his time slot. Thats fair to the majority??? Typical left wing fear mongering to try and get their way.

  24. AZ_Moderate on August 17th, 2009 at 11:07 am

    When Glenn Beck was caught lying by Whoopie Goldberg on “The View,” he freely admitted that he is not a journalist, and he is neither responsible for nor does he check his “facts.” So to say that Fox cares about the facts but does not put a disclaimer on the front of Beck’s show stating that his words are 100% opinion, tells me that Fox does not care about the facts.
    Since when do OpEds EVER have to put a disclaimer?? All the NY TImes and CNN and MSNBC talking heads lie and distort the truth, yet you want Fox News to put a disclaimer?? How about this…you watch your channel, we’ll watch ours?? Thats true freedom. And a fact for you…a UCLA study has proven that Fox News is the least biased news channel out there. So sorry to dissapoint you with facts.

  25. ‘How about this…you watch your channel, we’ll watch ours?? Thats true freedom. And a fact for you…a UCLA study has proven that Fox News is the least biased news channel out there. So sorry to dissapoint you with facts.’

    Please cite the study.

    Print journalism historically has discriminated between op-eds and journalism. Your comment is off-base as far as mainstream print journalisn is concerned, and the obfuscation between editiorials and reporting has become very prominent since the mid-90′s, when the regulations on cable channels effectively disappeared. While you’re entitled to watch what you want, you’re not entitled to your own ‘facts.’

    And by the way, to the person who suggested the Deutsch is violating the First Amendment: the amendment has NOTHING to do with what private individuals or groups do. It has to do with government and negative rights. Do your homework.

  26. Donny Deutsch????… what an idiot! His “Big Idea” was dropped because he could not hold an audience. This sounds like sour grapes to me! Too bad DONNY… this “big idea” is a dud and has had the opposite effect. Glenn is on fire in the ratings! His followers are boycotting the advertisers boycotting him! The end result is… many of the advertisers will now quit advertising on ANY controversial programming and THAT includes MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Madow. LOL! Good job Donny!

    AND, Brad… http://www.magazine.ucla.edu/depts/quicktakes/media_bias/ here is a copy of the study.

  27. Barney Frank has it right.

    “Let me revert to my ethnic heritage and answer your question with a question: Madam, on what planet do yuou spend most of your time?….Arguing with you is like arguing with a dining room table. Next?”

    Why pay any attention to these people?

  28. You look at that advertising list…and they couldn’t care less. I support free speech, and as much as I think Beck is a wreck, he deserves the right to share his view (for as long as they can stand putting him on the air). Deutsch also should clearly state his view, but I never fully understand the boycotting advertisers thing…

  29. That “study” is a joke. We don’t need your studies to tell us that the media is FAR MORE “conserv” than “liberal”. Get a life, liberals, for the past 40 years, have been all but ignored. And yet it’s funny how conservative’s are the one’s whining INCESSANTLY! It’s pathetic.

    When was the last time a conservative chief of staff called the idiot rwnj’s “retarded”? Never. The right throws tantrum after tantrum, refuses to compromise and still accuses the left.

    And then there’s FAUX SNOOZE, which is nothing BUT an arm of the Republican party.

    Conservative’s –> Filibuster –> take credit for [stimulus] –> though THEY voted AGAINST it,–> knowing their voters either don’t know or could care less = partisan political stunts = HURT THE COUNTRY, keeping it paralyzed…….but you just never mind that, eh?

    Yeah, cry me river about the “power of the left”; This country SHOULD BE so damned lucky!

  30. Donny? I don’t like him that much, but he’s better than glenn beck for sure.

  31. Somehow I don’t think those coporations that are advertising on his show are going to pull the plug over from racist remarks. From a marketing point of view it will pull in more visitors and thus get a better result from their advertiding dollar. It’s not like those views are being expressed by the companies themselves.
    .-= Matt@Bob Stroller´s last blog ..Bob Stroller Reviews =-.

  32. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Matt, obviously you’re here just to plug your site, otherwise you probably would have seen that well over 100 sponsors have dropped Glenn Beck. And, yes, sponsors are supporting those views with their advertising dollars, plain and simple.

  33. With good reason too i would say. A lot of what Glenn Beck has caused uproar. So its no wonder that advertisers are walking away from something that is causing large amounts on controversy amongst so many. It leaves a knock on effect to their brand association.

  34. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I basically take anything that I hear from Glenn Beck with a grain of salt these days. It’s just entertainment anyways, it’s not like he’s preaching the truth.

  35. Sean, The problem is that he’s on a so-called “News” network and purports his nonsense to be truth, and so do his viewers. Countless emails and comments here are evident of that brainwashing.

  36. Bla bla bla, thats all i here when Glenn Beck speaks nowadays. Its all just a bunch P.R. anyways.
    .-= heather@dental insurance´s last blog ..Dental Insurance For Individuals =-.

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