Conservatives would love President Obama to fail and are now drawing a line in the sand with Health Care reform by calling it Obama’s Waterloo. Glenn Beck adds to the hate with a little fear mongering by calling the President “dangerous.”

BECK: I’m telling you – this guy is dangerous. He’s never lost before. He won’t understand it. He won’t understand – look how – he, uh, is like, who are you to question me? I mean, this guy is practically an imperial president now. When he starts to lose and people start to question him and push him back against the wall, he’s not gonna know how to react.

As Beck has stated, he doesn’t research, so how would he know that Obama lost a Democratic primary run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000? Maybe Beck should try that research thing so he won’t look like such an idiot…

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2 Responses to “Fear Mongering Glenn Beck Calls Obama Dangerous”

  1. Obama is not given enough credit. No President in history has been faced with so many challenges: two wars, terrible economy, high unemployment, deregulated industries, corporate/political greed, lost of prestige around the world, and personal hate. Now most of the media have been fair with him except of course Fox News. Their bias towards him mostly by those morning show kuckleheads, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and on occasions Bill O”Reilly no matter what he does they can’t find it in them to praise him. He gets $20 billion dollars to ensure people are not left out in the cold by BP and they read it as a power grab. Had George Bush done it they would hail it as him doing what’s best for the people. Then you get to their lame reason like it is unconstituional. As if Sarah Palin did a day in law school, our President taught constituional law!! I would trust him to know his responsibilities as President better than these wanna be Perry Masons. In the end, these people who hate OUR PRESIDENT will regret the day that they didn’t embrace this man of character and fortitude. He is the right man for this job and the only one who could have handled all these challenges and keep his head.

  2. I’m a conservative and before you jump on my case I have a couple of points to make: Glen Beck is not our spokesman. I can’t stand him. He knows very little about Christianity and postures himself as an expert. His politics are rediculous and narrow minded. Obama is doing as good as he can under the circumstances. The world is in turmoil and it’s not the fault of the U.S. We are better off than almost anywhere on the planet and should be appreciative and grateful for all we have. The government isn’t there to bail out huge corporations or even you and I. It’s there to lay down a foundation for law and structure for economic growth. If the government gets to far in debt it will colapse. That’s what’s been happening in Greece and beginning to happen in other European nations. I agree that healthcare should not cost what it does. I’m looking at a pile of medical bills we need to pay at this moment. However, even if we have to tighten our belts to pay the bills, I would never expect the government to foot the bill. The money has to come from somewhere. I ask you all this, Where is the money for health care coming from?

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