The other day Rachel Maddow called Glenn Beck out for his lie about previously using storms and heavy snowfall to somehow “disprove” climate change. Beck responded, as he is known to do, by spewing more falsehoods with a dash of video editing for good measure… Also note that she mentions his lost sponsors.

YouTube Preview Image

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4 Responses to “Glenn Beck Caught in a Lie, Then Edits Clip of Rachel Maddow”

  1. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Rhodes Scholar vs. First Semester College Dropout……………………wonder who the dropout is?

    The sad thing is, all of the idiots that listen to and follow the dropout and believe every word he says.

  2. Glenn Beck is a cheat and a liar. His radio show and license should be revoked. His latest attack on the president’s daughter with sexually explicit tones was way over the top and something should be done about it.

  3. but why is he still so popular??? whenever I switch on the TV or radio, I see and hear Glenn Beck( I think smth should be done about it, cause such peple don’t have the right to inform people.

  4. Gary Williams says:

    I was over at The Blaze reading the comments the local wingnuts have left there about the reason Fox got rid of Beck. You wouldn’t believe the cult-like adulation they have for Beck! They were saying he was the smartest person alive….that he has predicted everything that happens perfectly…that his firing was all part of his master-plan that he was going to spring on the world – and then they’d know how smart he is “and they’d be sorry!” On and on like that. Totally amazing how completely deluded and gullible these people were. Go check it out.

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