Glenn Beck has been on the attack against so-called “czars” appointed by President Obama.

BECK: He has 37 czars to oversee and advise him directly. Never before have there been so many executive posts that were not confirmed by Congress and who answered only to the president.

Many of the “czars” are long-standing positions, work for congress (Elizabeth Warren), or have had their confirmation held up by Republicans (Cass Sunstein).

The best part may have been when the following graphic was put up to put faces to the “czars” …you’ll notice that one face, that of Senate-confirmed John Holdren, was included twice.

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6 Responses to “Glenn Beck Gets Facts Wrong on So-Called ‘Czars’”

  1. look at the rateings dummy glen beck rocks an the other news stations wants the us to kneal infront of obama msnbc even went as far as saying obama is like jesus something is wrong with that but the us is backing glen beck GLEN BECK IS BASED ON FACTS WATCH HIS SHOW YOU WILL SEE .. AND I BET I M RACIST FOR WATCHING IT LOL FOX NEWS = TRUTH :}

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    MIKE, Racist? No idea. You have this fear that’s been brainwashed into you that everybody thinks you’re a racist for whatever reason. Are you projecting? I think the problem is that you are plainly uneducated, as evidenced by your complete inability to firmly grasp the English language. In that one short paragraph you provided, there were at least two dozen spelling and grammatical errors, not counting the SHOUTING. Then of course, there are the factual errors and the lack of proof. If this is parody, well done. If not, find a tutor.

  3. jack sanders says:

    Beck screws up ever statement he makes .Can any one believe this idiot.So Obama has 37 czars. Bush had 47. Guess he needed an extra 10 to cover up his dumb ass.Maybe one of them was Beck.

  4. Glen Beck is fearless as he tells the truth about politics in general and especially the Obama administration. Lefty progressives hate him so hate on far left while Glen continues to rock and give us frequents looks behind the current administration. All you can do is hate and point out spelling errors. Palease!

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Jim, It’s hilarious that you mention FNB pointing out spelling errors, yet you comment on one of many posts pointing out factual errors and/or outright lies from Glenn Beck. Keep up the great work representing his brainwashed flock.

  6. FNB, I love how you challenge someones intellect. So what if there are spelling or grammatical errors. Let me give you a quote that Glenn Beck has used thousands of times. “Don’t take my word for any of this…. Please, look it up for yourselves. Read, educate yourself.” The simple fact is, hundreds of people have tried to shut Glenn up and they have all failed. I have researched much of what Glenn has discussed and have not found him to be WRONG yet!. So, Mr/ Mrs. FNB, you continue your boycott, those of us that have open minds and love our God and our country will listen to Beck! Have a nice day

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