Is Glenn Beck about to get fired, or is this just an invite to his pity party?

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8 Responses to “Glenn Beck: I Was a Dirtbag and a Liar”

  1. Holy fuck, somebody pull the plug on this guy before he gets Obama killed. What a sick and irresponsible man

  2. Bendik hansen says:

    Wow. Watching Glenn Beck talk about principles and hating to live to himself and others… That’s ironic. I should I say hypocritical.?

  3. Beck said he was a dirt bag,I disagree he still is the vilest dirtbag!!!

  4. Georgia Garrison says:

    WAS!!! Dear beck, you still are…. How dare you call our President names. You aren’t fit enough to clean his boots. Go back to your old life and leave decent people alone.

  5. Georgia Garrison says:

    If we are so lucky to see him fired, I promise weare going to give a huge party in this house. A going away party for Glenn Beck. It would really help this Country to see him totally off the air, once and for all.

  6. SamuraiCowboy says:

    At some point in time, Rupert Murdoch will come to realize that his afternoon “Cash Cow” is giving out sour milk, and he will put him out to pasture.

  7. Georgia Garrison says:

    Oh, how I hope you are right. He truly needs to go!!!!

  8. David Barnes says:

    Glenn says, “I was only truly miserable when I was lying to myself or to others.” Well, I feel bad for him because, lately, he must be the most truly miserable guy in the world.

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