The Streisand Effect is an Internet phenomenon where an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information backfires, causing the information to be widely publicized. Glenn Beck is experiencing the Streisand Effect first hand.

Since the parody web site launched asking if Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, it has become a fast moving Internet meme. Within a couple days, lawyers representing Beck’s media company, Mercury Radio Arts, contacted the host, registrar, etc. to try and have the site taken down and to learn of the identity of the site’s anonymous owner. The main domain was down briefly, but is back up, accompanied by several other back up domain names, including There is also a new Facebook page.

Over the past few days, since the lawyers got involved, the meme has only grown, now receiving attention from well-known sites such as Ars Technica, MediaBistro, Techdirt and Gawker. It was also mentioned by Keith Olbermann, though it was in his Worst Persons segment and didn’t mention the site by name. Regardless, Google searches for Glenn Beck soon came with suggestions for rape and murder, thus helping it snowball further.

Trying to have a web site shut down, especially one associated with a popular meme, such as this, is only going to draw more attention to the meme itself. Members of sites, like Reddit, love to come to the defense of people they feel are attacked by companies with deep pockets and the meme will only continue to grow.

So, like Barbara Streisand trying to have pictures of her ocean-front property removed from the Internet, Glenn Beck has only added to the sensation that may or may not involve crimes against a young woman in 1990 (He has yet to comment).

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4 Responses to “Glenn Beck Introduced to the Streisand Effect”

  1. Good article and I agree that the Streisand Effect is in full swing. However the question of did he rape and murder a young girl in 1990 goes unanswered. So far I’ve seen no proof that Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990 and we’ve been asking for a while. All I’ve seen is evidence that he it may have been possible for him to rape and murder a young girl in 1990.

    The mounting evidence.

    Glenn Beck raging on a disagreeable woman on his radio program calling her an EVIL LITTLE BITCH…..and, calling for killing people with a shovel

    If he is able to rage so quickly in public what evil hate and rage is he capable of in private?

    And some quotes to quantify Glenn Beck’s state of mind in 1990….Interview given by Glenn Beck in 2007 discussing his past..,5143,695232408,00.html?pg=1

    Actual Quotes from Glenn Beck:
    “I was the one you didn’t want to go out with your daughter but you didn’t know it.” (page 3)

    “I was a monster,” says Beck. “I just wasn’t a good guy. I was a scumbag.” (page 3)

    “I was taking drugs every day of my life since I was 16 years old,” (page 3)

    “I’d buy Pope John Paul’s book and then ask myself, who would the pope tell me not to read? Well, probably Nostradamus, so I’d buy his book. It was the library of the insane,” says Beck (page 4)

    The Urban Dictionary defining the term GlennBeck showing the growing use of the term in our lexicon.

  2. This is just something we will never know the truth on. But i agree in that the “Streisand Effect” is in full effect with this case.

    Great post. Thanks

  3. Glenn Beck gives all the signs of being very unstable right down to the odd footware. He is also a very nasty little man if his behaviour and demeanour is anything to go by. He picks his targets and presses home attacks in a particularly vicious manner. In no way shape or form is he a professional or professionally minded journalist. But many on the right wing are of his ilke. Vicious and waspish in their approach to every subject, patronising to their audience and giving all the impressions of a person you just would not trust and certaily would not trust with a more junior or disadvantaged member of your family or freinds. In fact he’d make a great GOP Congressman wouldn’t he.

  4. It’s kind of sad that people seem to think because they have a little fame they can control everything around them. great lesson here. no matter how big you are the world is much bigger.


  1. Teaching the controversy: Why won’t he deny raping and killing? « “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.” — James Madison - [...] that hasn’t stopped Beck’s lawyers from trying to shut down the site — resulting in more blowback and another manifestation …

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