After Rachel Maddow talks about Rush Limbaugh making a baseless comparison of President Obama to Nazism, she shows a clip of a Glenn Beck skit where he offers Speaker Pelosi some wine, poisoned… When did murder and assassination become stuff jokes are made of in the media? I suspect the Secret Service has taken an interest in this atrocious behavior.

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3 Responses to “Glenn Beck Jokes About Poisoning Nancy Pelosi”

  1. I saw this,Beck and Slimebaugh keep getting worse and worse.

  2. It is simply going too far. Lets hope no-one will get hurt, but as Frank Schaeffer said these people should be held accountable for the hate they stir up. I strongly believe Bill O’Reilly should be held accountable for inciting Dr. Tiller’s murder.

  3. As an American living in Europe, I only recently “discovered” Fox News, which at first I thought was a right wing parody response to the daily show. After a few minutes, being slow off the start, I came to realize that Fox News, while it is obvious that they broadcast their inane diatribe to and at the detriment of what can only be described as “trailer trash”, wants people to take them seriously. This hate station is for the least, a major embarassment to the people of the United States, and the thinly veiled racism and rabble rousing could easily become, if it has not already, dangerous. I understand, having visited a number of blogs that a great number of cowardly republicans have decided to hijack the political label “conservative” instead of just owning up to their party allegiance, but this only hurts real conservatives. I do consider myself conservative, but I do not want to be associated to the South Park Uncle Jimbo / Archie Bunker stereotype that these so called conservatives represent. Fox News and her ratings whores sicken all articulate and intelligent people that feel, especially in the midst of all the problems that America is experiencing, that political discourse should not be associated with race baiting, extremism, hatred, and conspiracy theories. While garbage like Fox, is a by-product of freedom of speech, it would be nice to see this blasphemous excuse for a News station go off the air. Sickening!


  1. Da Hawg Frog Blog » Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Young Girl in 1990? - [...] and left more questions than answers. We all know that Mr. Beck is not beyond talking about murdering Nancy …

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