Some sources claim that Glenn Beck may be responsible for the rape and murder of a girl in 1990. Classic Glenn Beck style reasoning suggests that he is responsible for clearing his name of these atrocious acts. A new site “exists to probe the vicious rumour that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

Note: This is satire/parody, but a valid example of the fallacious reasoning Beck is known for.

Here is some of the evidence:

  • Why haven’t we had an official response to the rumor that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990? (source)
  • Some say he ate her remains in a drug-filled pagan ceremony. Some say. (source)
  • “R” is for radical “A” is for astronaut “P” is for paper “S” is for super-douche “T” well, I don’t have that yet, but if I did, this would spell “rapist” (source)
  • Fox News Poll: Should Glenn Beck deny rape allegations? Vote Now! (source)
  • Omg I cant find a single entry/item/article ANYWHERE that says Mr. Beck is not a rapist. (source)
  • He has exposed himself as a guy over and over again who has a deep seeded [sic] hatred for consensual sex or the “No Means No” culture, I don’t know what it is. I’m not saying he doesn’t like consensual sex, I’m saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe a rapist. (source)

Visit: The Official Site About The Controversy (origin)

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208 Responses to “Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered a Girl in 1990?”

  1. He hasn’t publicly denied the rumors, so they must be true.
    If he has nothing to hide, he should come out clean.
    .-= Shadow´s last blog ..Tanto escándalo por Tiger Woods =-.

    • It is true because he hasn’t said that it isn’t? Wow, that’s some deep thinking. Are you by chance a philosopher? I thought the saying was “innocent until proven guilty”? I guess that doesn’t apply to everyone….

  2. Glenn does not seem like the kind of guy that would rape and murder a young girl. He seems like the kind that would rape and murder a young BOY.

  3. He might not have raped her and murdered her. He could have murdered her first and raped her.

  4. Joe, are you saying that denials are correct because of this technicality of which came first… the rape or the murder?


    May I point out that there is a little flaw that would make a Beck apologizer deny the scenario you put forth. Since rape is sex against one’s will, and a dead person cannot refuse sex,a denial of Glenn Beck murdering then raping would be inherently true.

    Which brings the concept of necrophillia into the picture. Now, I’m not saying Glenn Beck murdered a girl then had his way with her, finding a dead girl or hiding in funeral home after a wake are also ways that an opportunist might carry out necrophilia.

    I’ve heard many call Glenn Beck, “an opportunist”.

    You may be on to something.

  5. This kind f stuff is why you crazy idiots will remain on the lunatic fringe for a long long time as this country remains conservative. You people are the equivalent of the “birther” people on the right. No crazy unsubstantiated rumor is beyond your belief! Glenn Beck can’t prove that he’s not an alien from outer space either! Does that mean it’s a possibility? Are all you people 12 years old or what?

    • The First One says:

      You must be a Glenn Beck ditto head…this is a sarcastic, albeit rather Monty Pythonish, answer to the hate filled, twisted, pathological logic he uses to make irrational, medication needing, statements which are,at the best, insult my intelligence but, at the worst, is the splintering of our society for the sake of a few hundred MILLION dollars he earns from making his fans drool. He is a twisted man who feeds off of your fears and feelings of helplessness…and you keep feeding him.

      • john howard says:

        hahaha! well, he didn’t deny it! i mean, you and i know that a girl was raped and murdered in 1990… and, well, glenn beck’s not denying it! if he were really innocent, he’d say so! but, well, that all happened before he repented, so clearly we can’t hold it against him…

    • It says right in the article- this is satire/parody.

      • johnny t says:

        You’re assuming they know what satire and parody are. Please, try to remember the literacy rates among his fans.

    • Hey, we’re not saying Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. Some people say he did.

  6. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch says:

    To those that simply don’t get it:

    As an example of Mr. Beck’s use of the EXACT tactics.
    “Tonight, we ask the question, ‘If Barack HUSSEIN Obama is REALLY a natural-born citizen of the United States, why doesn’t he just provide a copy of his birth certificate?’ Mr. Obama’s citizenship has been questioned by Orley Taits — among others — and STILL he refuses to provide a certified copy of his original birth certificate. On top of that, Mr. Obama seems completely oblivious to the concerns of these people that the left-wing media machine have dubbed ‘Birthers’.
    “If Mr. Obama would address the issue, and provide evidence to the people of this country that he is truly an American citizen by birth, then the controversy would be put to rest. His refusal to do so gives the appearance that he has something to hide.
    “What could Mr. Obama — a man running for the office of President of the United States of America — what could he possibly have to hide about his birth that would force him to avoid this critical issue?”

    Now, do you see how this is EXACTLY the same tactic? Therein lies the satire, the parody, and the humor. Mr. Beck is being lambasted with his own techniques and he is simmering about it. He has filed lawsuits, he has sent threatening letters, but he has stolidly REFUSED to give the issue a voice BECAUSE it will only lend validity to the claims. In this case, Mr. Beck is doing the same thing that President Obama did when confronted with equally absurd statements; nothing.

    Oh, and just so it can’t be said that I never addressed the issue in a public forum, “I have never murdered or raped or murdered and raped or raped and murdered anyone.”

    Are we clear now?

  7. Mitchell F. says:

    Has anyone actually read the disclaimer under the headline and the opening paragraph? It states the following;
    “Note: This is satire/parody, but a valid example of the fallacious reasoning Beck is known for.”

    I am not surprised however. The Fox News Boycott seems to want people to take action against Fox News for various reasons most notably the opinions of its hosts. If action should be taken against Fox for opinions that are unpopular to some, every cable news channel should be boycotted. For decades Americans had no choice or alternate selections to counter the bias of the mainstream media. There is a good reason that the “mainstream media” is sometimes referred to as the propaganda arm of the DNC. MSNBC airs more offensive, openly biased opinions than Fox News and all other cable news networks combined. When you hear a show host seriously state that voting for Scott Brown is deliberate, premeditated MURDER of the democrat’s health care bill. The person that made this statement has apparently lost touch with reality. A cable news host that takes a loss that personally is disturbed. Calling voters murderers is just a little bit over the top. However we hear nothing about boycotting disturbed and dangerous opinions from this network.

    America has had to listen to liberal presentation of the news for decades. By the time Fox News started broadcasting an alternative view the left was so used to having it their way that they lost all composure when they had to hear the truth. In addition, you may not like Fox News but it is the only news networks that I have noticed that almost always has conservative and liberal guests to discuss issues. The other cable networks rarely allow conservative viewpoints in their discussions and when they do invite a conservative the person is screamed down by the host or asked a series of questions and not allowed to answer the first question. There is one network and host that seems to be especially proud of their reputation.

    • GeorgesK says:

      You’re not actually wrong about the media in the 1990s issuing mostly DNC propaganda, but there are two things I must add.

      First, they just followed trends. In the 80s, that very same media was quite conservative. It’s also because there was a Democrat in the White House and the ‘mainstream’ media generally just parrots what comes out of the White House, be it under Democratic or Republican control, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. What Fox does is not ignorantly parrot White House discourse but instead offer its own ideological discourse in an attempt to influence the White House, and not the other way around. It’s only after Fox News had established itself that the ‘mainstream media’ attempted to copy-paste Fox’s tactics on channels like MSNBC, and particularly with Beck-like morons such as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Most of their anchors and news reports, however, still kept parroting White House discourse on things such as the war in Iraq and economic policy.

      Second, and more important, even if the media was just parrotting a Democratic White House in the 1990s and since the Obama election, theur views in now way qualify as “left”. Maybe in comparison to the Republicam party it feels like left but then the Republican party is left when compared to the Tea Party Movement. The ‘mainstream’ media has by and large maintained a pro-free market, pro-war discourse that came out of the Clinton and Obama administrations. The question is really how much of a right wing slant will the media have.

  8. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Yooo hooooo, Mitchell F…… Check the name of the site. It’s …..if you want to start a site to discuss the other networks, by all means, do so. Obviously there is a lot that’s wrong with the state of journalism today. There are other sites that discuss personalities on other networks – if you want to boycott, and you don’t, you have nobody else to blame but yourself.

    Fox News is singled out because they are the worst offender. You list one example of someone talking about “murder[ing]” the health care bill… wow. That’s hardly in the same league as talking about bashing someone’s head in with a baseball bat, poisoning Nancy Pelosi, spreading lies about death panels and organizing anti-government protests (but only when Democrats are in office). Much of what is posted on this site has to do with errors that are rarely, if ever, admitted by FNC. Beck took months to admit to his about Van Jones. The facts were out there – here w/in a day or two – but it took him months, and that was just one falsehood of many.

    It’s amazing when people come here and post comments like yours, specifically this part: “it is the only news networks that I have noticed that almost always has conservative and liberal guests to discuss issues. The other cable networks rarely allow conservative viewpoints in their discussions and when they do invite a conservative the person is screamed down by the host or asked a series of questions and not allowed to answer the first question.” Your description fits Fox News to a tee. Either you severely mistyped, or you’ve never actually watched cable news. How many times have people on other networks cut off microphones, yelled at and hung up on callers, or acted like they were lighting someone on fire like FNC personalities have done? Other networks frequently oppose Obama’s policy changes and not keeping campaign promises, whereas FNC is the anti-Obama network. Murdoch and Ailes have made that abundantly clear that that is their intention. You are delusional to think that any other network is that blatantly biased.

  9. Keith Roshleberger says:

    I’ve heard that there were several rapes and murders of girls in 1990. If he was responsible for one of them, who’s to say he wasn’t responsible for all of them??

  10. Fark meme at it’s best.

  11. I thought people buying gold from him was bad. I mean really remember people
    were selling their gold ,to get money a few months ago. Those people are not rich, they got a few hundred for their gold, not really a good investment , your not
    gonna get rich that’s for sure. Don’t listen to him anymore. I don’t watch fox news
    cause its too negative but wow lets boycott this guy, he’s too weird


    It’s the only way you can disprove that glenn beck raped and killed a girl in 1990.

  13. He needs to PROVE there is nothing to the claim of him raping and murdering the poor girl!

    I know I’ll never view his program again.

  14. There is some realy sick people on this site that I am sure wont show this message,,maybe because he is showing people in our governemnt for who they are ,,Glen Beck is the only man that has the balls to show the people the truth!!!!!!!!

  15. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Luara, Personally, my health is great and I appreciate your concern for my well being. You should know that the more exclamation points you add to “truth” doesn’t make his drivel any more true. There are plenty of examples here of his so-called “truth” and how it is anything but…

  16. In these troubled times, when Glenn Beck is whipping his minions into murderous frenzy with every crocodile tear that falls down his face, I am more certain than ever that Glenn Beck probably raped and killed a girl in 1990.

  17. Mark Baird says:

    Glenda getting Glenn Becked. I love it.

  18. Wow …. A bunch of lefties complicit in slander & libel, attacking a family man with accusations of rape & murder of a girl/child. Real classy.
    Meanwhile, Gov illegally banned trans-fats, no one cried, so now they’re after salt?
    They want your BMI & your medical records to charge you more for Gov HC that you’re already paying your insurer for, just to distribute wealth — see Dr. Berwick’s videos.
    They took over Student Loans, so now the Gov can decide which kids & schools have access & what education they can learn or teach. Want more black doctors, just don’t give whites med-school loans. Want your students to get loans, better offer them Chicano Studies. At least until the next Gov decides its agenda.
    Wake up lefties, your side is forming a box.

  19. I think you are all, hate to say this but a little bit CRAZY! You will try anything to get to Glenn Beck!

  20. gabbagoo, Please look up the definitions of slander & libel. Any rational person can see that has not happened here – we are merely asking questions. Beck has not denied yet… Why not? LOL Also, please provide proof of any of the other conspiracy theories you posted.

  21. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch says:

    @gabbagoo: You wrote, “They took over Student Loans, so now the Gov can decide which kids & schools have access & what education they can learn or teach. Want more black doctors, just don’t give whites med-school loans. Want your students to get loans, better offer them Chicano Studies. At least until the next Gov decides its agenda.”

    You are absolutely correct! It has been so ever since the FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM was put into effect in the 1960′s. The ONLY difference proposed by this “Gov” (as you put it) would be to end the subsidies to PRIVATE lenders that guarantee student loans. So, no more big government handouts to private businesses. Isn’t that what the Tea Party wants? Isn’t that what the Republicans want?

    Oh, and the money that would have been spent by the “Gov” to subsidize the banks? That will go into the Pell Grant program to help lower the cost of continuing education for the less wealthy people that deserve to go college or on to some other form of advanced education.

    As for the selective loaning process you describe being either curricula based or race based, it doesn’t work that way. There is no federal review of courses, and there is no racial quota in the disbursement of federal dollars to needy students. Never has been. It’s ILLEGAL to do so. Also, federal student loans are not used for admittance to public institutions exclusively, so your argument that “Chicano Studies” had better be offered if you want federal loan money is fictitious at best, and an outright lie at worst.

    I choose to believe that you would not knowingly espouse a falsity, so I must assume you are simply ill informed and repeating what you believe to be the truth. I have to assume that you have no actual knowledge of the facts of the issue, and are simply repeating a fiction. Now that you have been informed of the truth of the matter, you may stop repeating the fiction.

    You are welcome.

    See also: “U.S. Would take Over Federal Student Loans” by Robert Tomsho — Wall Street Journal, FEB 26, 2009, page A 10.

  22. Wow, Beck still hasn’t denied it?

    I guess he was busy self promoting again… While he was saying he wasn’t sure how he was going to pay for “the rally”, good hearted people thought they were giving to the ” Special Operations Warrior Foundation”. It turns out that he scammed them for that self promo op & the SOWF footed the bill. Then at the (Honest Abe) Lincoln Memorial, in front of all at “the rally”,he lied and said that he had held George Washington’s handwritten, first, Inaugural Address in his hands at the National Archives. Restore honor? After those two things you’ve got to wonder what this guy will do to avoid the truth while in persuit of self-promotion. I suppose adding credence by issuing a denial for rape/murder does not fit the usual self-promotion modus operandi.

  23. Well, I have read the evidence and i am quite convinced that he did do it.
    How can so many follow a guy like this? Just amazing. I shall keep my daughter clear of him. Wake up America!

  24. Glenn Beck likes girls?

  25. Joe Bleaux,

    For sure Beck “likes” himself.

    It is hard to determine what the “like” is when a girl is raped and murdered.

    Is it that someone might “like” sex and girls, but would have a stronger “like” to not be found out as a rapist?

  26. This is absolutely fantastic. It gets that point across better than any other I have read online.

  27. Perhaps he is not refuting the claims because be doing so would also lend credence to them and as such it’s a no win situation, your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. Personally I would like to believe the best in people unless it’s proven otherwise.

  28. If Glenn Beck does not refute this claim then it must be true. Any person who was innocent would throw a fit when they were falsely accused.

  29. If this were true EVERYBODY would be talking about this. I really hope you get sued for slander.

    • um, open your eyes Sarah, people *are* talking about it… but the Powers That Be are trying very hard to ensure that the truth never gets out. That’s all I can say at the moment. I may have already said too much

  30. Sarah, look behind you… do you see it? ‘cuz the point went right over your head!

  31. This man should be eating rattraps,maybe he and those morons will learn a lesson,from the assassination attempt.
    However i doubt it,i just do not listen to these racist people.
    What is Gomer Pyle doing on healthcare?

  32. e. von dahl says:

    Fox business boycott
    You sound salty. salty that glenn beck actually searches for truths while you hid behind lies about him rapin some bitch? man, thats pretty sad that yall gotta slander his name on the internet. why dont you bring it to his face and say it. why not instead of asking the public questions, how about you ask him the questions you ignorant fucks. you nigga’s saltier than a pretzel. get fucked pussies. email me ya hate bitches

  33. I thought people buying gold from him was bad. I mean really remember people were selling their gold ,to get money a few months ago. Those people are not rich, they got a few hundred for their gold, not really a good investment , your not
    gonna get rich that’s for sure. Thank you.

  34. Really funny post is this! Do any of you guys have seen the South Park episode about Fox News? That is also really funny and it says more or less the same about Fox.

  35. Did Glenn Beck ever get arrested or questioned by police? NO!!! Was he ever a suspect?? NO!!!! Why would he have to deny something that is so stupid and so not true?? If someone came up to me and accused me of raping a girl I would just ignore it. I am not a Glenn Beck fan but accusing him of this has taken it a little to far. Was a girl raped and killed in 1990?? Yes but did Glenn Beck do it?? No he didn’t get a life in my mind people!!!

  36. Pagan High Priest says:

    Now I Dislike Glenn Beck for a lot of things
    but for you to Claim that Glenn Beck killed and raped a girl and and ate her remains in a drug-filled pagan ceremony.

    First of all
    ONE Pagans do not do human Sacerfice or Do Animal Sacerfice
    Two Drugs are not allowed at Pagan Ceremonys
    three I am a Pagan high Priest and been involved in Hundreds of Ceremonys nobody not even one time has EVER been hurt or harmed during a Ceremony

    For you to make such bold faced LIES I have lost all respect and your entire claims are Bogus

  37. Obama showed his birth certificate now it’s time for Glenn Beck to show his certification of non-rape certificate, and Romney to show a certificate for not watching the rape.

  38. Came across this article because of a “meme” I’ve seen around the internet.
    All I wanted to say was, the letters you listed would spell “rapst”… not “rapist”.


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