Glenn Beck recently lost 19 more advertisers, leaving mostly infomercial-type ads and those for gold-related companies. Beck devoted an entire segment to promoting gold investment in his typical fear mongering style. He said that America might be “facing the end of the almighty dollar” and warned of hyperinflation.

BECK: So, everybody gave us the gold. We still had a nice stack of cash here, and gold.

You’re over here. You don’t have any gold, right? This is you. This is you. This is your savings.

How much did you lose if you had any money in your 401k? Did you lose, let’s say, I don’t know, 40 percent of it? So, that’s gone.


BECK: Any way to protect yourself?

BUCKNER: Well, you invest in things that are friendly to inflation.

BECK: Gold.

BUCKNER: Gold, real estate and some realm of the world.

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Not once did Beck mention that gold investment companies are sponsors of his show and his comedy tour, like Goldline International, Inc., or that he’s done commercials for Goldline. He’s, essentially, trying to scare his audience into supporting the few sponsors he has left. Gold-related sponsors like Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc. appear to be faithful to Beck, sometimes  belligerently, so he must be working harder to keep them happy and return the favor.

It’s also worth mentioning that there seem to be plenty of complaints about Goldline International, Inc.

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2 Responses to “Glenn Beck Using Fear to Promote Sponsors”

  1. When will you admit that ABC, NBC, (P)MSNBC and CBS are also liberally biased? You probably won’t post this but my two cents anyways.
    I once asked myself if Fox was really biased or really telling everything that was newsworthy.
    When Fox first came on many years back there was a story of a kid that had killed like 6 people in his high school and went outside to reload his weapons. While outside one of the assistant principals who had a concealed weapons permit went to his car to retrieve his handgun. After retrieving his personal gun he confronted the killer student and averted any further killing. So, in my opinion, he used a gun for good without having to fire it and probably saved quite a few more lives. On the evening news that night not one of the other networks spoke about the hero principal. Why would they? That would only show how using a gun for good actually worked. Foxnews was the only network to report that part of the story. So I, the viewer, was able to decide – if I had been a gun hater I would have known that a bad gun user was stopped by a good gun user and as a gun supporter I was able to receive both sides of the story. So doesn’t that mean that there is bias on the part of ABC, CBS, and NBC of bias? Let me know.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    rushter, First, your comment is off topic, but I want to address your ridiculously prejudicial blanket statement. While there is, obviously, bias on other networks, and it has nothing to do with this site, I will say that the network that consistently exhibits the vast majority of partisan bias is Fox News. Getting further off topic, Olbermann and Maddoow do provide liberal points of view, but they are also critical of Obama and various Democrats in many instances that you chose to ignore.

    Regarding the rest of your comment, I don’t suppose you can provide any links to that story from all of the networks you name, can you? Also, given that FNC launched in 1996, if that story is that old, perhaps your memory is a bit selective… Citing your sources would give us the facts, not your version.


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