To all the challenged individuals who refuse to read and continually ask how the boycott is going  – here’s a question for you… Do you like apples?

Glenn Beck has lost 116 sponsors and his show in the UK has been without a single sponsor for SIX days!

How d’you like them apples??

The U.K. broadcast of Glenn Beck’s eponymous television program was forced to air free of paid advertisements on four consecutive days last week. This according to, an extension of the anti-Beck campaign created by confirmed that, with the latest group of defections from Beck’s overseas broadcast, Fox News Channel was forced to fill commercial breaks with news headlines and local weather updates from its U.K.-based sister network, Sky News, instead of paid advertisements.

The news comes on the heels of a new group of U.S. companies who have asked Fox News Channel to stop their ads from running or pledged not to run ads on the show going forward. The latest U.S. defections — Allstate Insurance, Anheuser-Busch, Best Western International, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (maker of Flomax), Brother International Corporation, Hear Music, Idaho Potato Commission, Intersections Inc., Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, Marriott International, Nestlé USA, Republic of Macedonia, Starkist Co., United Healthcare, USFidelis, Volkswagen and Western Union — coupled with the international movement to bring the total number of companies distancing themselves from Beck to over one hundred.

“We’re incredibly thrilled that has taken our campaign and successfully executed it internationally,” said James Rucker, Executive Director of “This is a huge blow against Glenn Beck. As we continue our fight against those that support Beck domestically, we will use this victory as further proof that more and more companies are taking a stand against his racial demagoguery.”

“People now on both sides of the Atlantic are using Twitter and other social media to let companies know that by advertising on Beck’s program, they are subsidizing hate,” said Angelo S. Carusone, lead organizer of  “Fox News’ willingness to use filler from Sky News, rather than address Beck’s fear mongering, raises real questions about the network’s priorities.”

Original Story

Our television media purchases are dictated by our marketing plan and are chosen based on time of day, such as early morning (6:00 – 10:00 a.m.) or primetime (8:00 to 11:00 p.m.); channel (ABC, Lifetime, ESPN, etc.) and audience demographics.

We do not dictate what program is on when our commercial airs. But we do frequently evaluate our media purchases to ensure that the programs we choose match our brand’s target demographics and overall advertising plan. In doing so, we have chosen to not air our commercial during Glenn Beck’s program going forward given a number of alternatives that meet our advertising plan’s criteria.

Thanks again for your inquiry.

StarKist Consumer Affairs

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13 Responses to “Glenn Becks UK Show Without Sponsors for Almost a Week!”

  1. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Again, it seems like the UK and Europe do it better than us……..on every issue. It’s time to follow suit.

  2. I decided to stop watching fox news because of it’s negativity towards are President and minorities.

  3. Nick Naylor says:

    This is HILARIOUS! You really think you are doing anything except wasting your own time? Beck makes about 25 million a year between his radio, TV and endorsements. I really cannot stop laughing at how pathetic this whole premise and website are. Turn on Fox or Beck or whatever you want. they are CRUSHING every other cable channel in the ratings . . . so guess where the advertisers are going to spend their money? Where the eyeballs are! You people are CLOWNS! It’s hysterical!! And thanks for the laugh . . . be sure to turn off MSNBC as it fades to static.

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    It’s now around 9 or 10 days for Beck’s UK show to be without sponsors. Nick, why so blatantly ignore the fact that they Beck is costing them money, high ratings or not? Has Beck pulled the wool that far over your eyes?

  5. I hate Glenn Beck but Nick up there has a point. If a lot of people like you, then the only way to get more popular is make sure other people hate you. And it seems to be working. The U.K. is possibly just more civilized than the USA.
    .-= Stephan Miller´s last blog ..Turn Your WordPress Blog Into A Review Site with MyReviewPlugin =-.

  6. sidewinded says:

    Please by all means move to Europe then.
    Go see how well they do things over there…

  7. Steven Rolland says:

    ^ If Stephan is going to Europe can we send Rush to Costa Rica already?

  8. Power to the people! Hit Beck in the pocket, where it hurts. These people will pay attention when real money is lost. I am, like Nick, sceptical about how much these boycotts will work but they don’t seem to be doing too bad a job at the moment.
    .-= Nursing Homes´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  9. I’m so glad to read this but was surprised to find out that they broadcast Fox News in the UK. It really is a poor representation of Americans.
    .-= Diane – Cellulean Review´s last blog ..Cellulean Review – Cellulean Free Trial =-.

  10. i think Glenn will disappear if he wouldn’t fins any sporsonr. This is the power of society.
    .-= Gebelik´s last blog ..GEBEL??? ETK?LEYEN HASTALIKLAR =-.

  11. What complete twaddle.

    I live in the UK and watch Fox News, including Glenn Beck, every day and I can tell you that Fox News in the UK has NEVER shown ANY commercials during breaks. This is because the Fox broadcast is exactly the same broadcast viewers see in America. All commercials have ALWAYS been removed from ALL Fox news shows in the British broadcast because American commercials are irrelevant in the UK.

    When Fox News first launched in the UK, the breaks were filled with British and world weather maps and Sky News headlines. These days the breaks are filled with “Fox News Extra” segments.

    Again, for the propagandists here, Fox news has NEVER shown American commercials on their British broadcast. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Glenn Beck or the pathetic Glenn Beck “boycott”.

    I’d say read the facts but it’s not a case of you not reading them, it’s more a case of you ignoring them.

    • Charlotte says:

      Nemesis – are you really that ignorant??? You actually believe the reason there are no ads is because it’s live feed from the US???? WRONG! They could easily edit in UK advertising, if they were selling the time. There is no market for their propaganda here though, so obviously no one wants to buy their time slots.

  12. I was so happy to hear that United Healthcare wont be supporting Fox. I know it’s silly but for a minute I thought they might support Beck. I honestly didn’t think that it would happen, but finally… the Republic of Macedonia is on the bandwagon too.

    Keep up the good work! Oh and that silliness about “Fox News in the UK has NEVER shown ANY commercials during breaks” this kind of propaganda should be looked into by everyone who posted here. Lets get a list of all the sponsors who use to advertise on Becks show in the UK, and when they stopped their support.




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