Nancy Genovese, paranoid about FEMA camps, was arrested for trespassing at an Air National Guard Base, while scouting out and photographing the base, armed with a shotgun, a XM-15 assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition. This is after she had previously questioned base guards and had been warned for weeks to stay off the base property

You can check out her affinity for Glenn Beck and right wing militancy at her archived MySpace page, on which she posted, “He is mad as hell and so are we. He is right and so are we. ” along with a Glenn Beck video. She also called for a boycott of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS & NBC. But, that’s not all… she also twittered about tea bagging, which we all know Fox News and Glenn Beck helped promote.

The video shows the following statement from Beck, which is a clear indication of a direct connection between Genovese’s paranoia and Beck’s fear mongering.

BECK: We are coming. We will be heard. We will be represented. You think that we are so busy with our lives that we will never come for you. And we were. But now you’ve gone and done it. We are the formally silent majority, all of us. Quietly work, pay our taxes, obey the laws, vote, save money, keep our noses to the grindstone – now looking up at you. You have awakened us, and a patriotic spirit so strong and so powerful. It had been sleeping too long. You have pushed us too far.

Original Story

Update: Please see below for comments by Nancy Genovese that clear up much of the misinformation presented by media sources. The charges have been dropped and she has filed a claim for wrongful arrest.

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32 Responses to “Heavily Armed Glenn Beck Fan & Tea Bagger Arrested at National Guard Base”

  1. I wouldn’t take everything you hear on Olbermann’s Countdown as gospel. He’s very lazy and often gets it wrong. Like this story. Your first nine words are complete fiction.
    Show me where anyone connected with this case says Ms. Genovese believed it was a FEMA camp. Show me where she mentions Glenn Beck in connection with FEMA camps on her MySpace page.
    And “Tea Bagger” just gets funnier and funnier.

    • This woman was slandered and wrongfully accused. Heads will eventually roll over this one.

      • I can’t help but be skeptical of the Long Island Lawyer Blog. It totally ignores what her myspace says despite being archived by It seems like they only had one source of what “actually” happened, and they aren’t even disclosing this source. They’re discussing events as fact and tugging on heartstrings. As lawyers, they totally know they’re doing this since its their job to persuade people. However, there are a ton of flaws in what they’re saying. All their other blog posts are pretty legit, though.

        Also, I posted a comment on their blog that said “great blog post, but where did you get all this information?” It was awaiting moderation when I submitted it (the night of the 17th,) and obviously did not pass.

      • that was posted by her lawyer…

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Plunket, I don’t take everything I hear from Olbermann as gospel, nor have I ever said so. Also, there is no mention of him in this article, so it makes no sense for you to bring him up here. I have reworded the initial paragraph to better coincide with the facts from the NYPost article. If you look at her MySpace page, she is extremely paranoid about FEMA camps, so she made that connection herself. I didn’t state that there was a connection between Glenn Beck and the FEMA camp comments, but there is an obvious one between Glenn Beck and her right wing militancy.

  3. FNB, Olbermann was the only person to report this incident as you originally phrased it. Therefore, it makes sense that you used his “story” as a basis for your post. Olbermann’s version was a fabrication so where did you get the original misinformation?

    Maybe you should try to get people to boycott MSNBC. Oops, too late!

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Plunket, Again, I didn’t see it on Olbermann… Check out the links in the article for the sources cited. As for the stupid MSNBC comment… do you see MSNBC in the domain name? No? Great. Thanks for reading… Oops, too late!

    Try the FAQ:

  5. FNB, I never said you were affiliated with MSNBC. I wouldn’t cast that aspersion on you. Your original story (before you reworded it) was phrased just like Mr. Olbermann presented it on his broadcast. None of your links have any of that disinformation in them. So I ask you again, if you didn’t get it from Countdown with Keith Olbermann’s Monday night show, then where did you get it? If my assumptions were wrong, I’ll gladly apologize (or you can just call me stupid).

  6. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Plunket, All of my sources are cited in the original post. It’s possible that I may have missed linking to an additional source linked to on one of the ones I cited, but none of them are Olbermann’s. I make every attempt to cite my sources in everything I post. There is some additional information here, though I’m not sure if it was used in the OP:

  7. a more direct link. If you are truly a “both side of the story” “check your facts blogger” you will leave these up for all to see. The media can say anything thing they want to make people look bad. If all the negative media were correct, why are there no firearm charges?

    Why is there a trumped up charge of trespassing 3, ONLY, on a county road, which is something a citizen cant be guilty of? Stop and think about the charges, for one moment.

    Use your heads, does the post story make sence?? Leaving out important facts like, “she was on her way home from the range” is as bad as a lie. With that one verified fact, there would be no story. No video can be produced showing a “breakdown” of any kind.

  8. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Nancy, That’s not some hidden, new-found fact you discovered. The issue is that she had been told repeatedly not to do what she did. She did it again with weapons in her vehicle. Regardless of where she was coming or going, she knew better than to be there in the first place. At least, a rational person would.

  9. But you see, this is not true either. BTW, this is Nancy Genovese, I was detained on the county road for near 6 hours on July 30. I had my 2 adult sons come to the scene. We had cameras on us the entire time. I co-operated with everyone 100%.

    No one ever knew I was near the base before. No one was “looking out for me.” I told them, when I was asked if I was there before, I told them I was there to take the picture and didn’t have a camera.

    I was again on the road, never out of my car. I gave them this info. I didn’t lie about anything; I told I was there before, a few weeks prior. I could have lied. But I was making a web page, done so innocently; I never thought they would turn the picture taking into this.

    Once I gave them an approximate date, they told a troop to go find the man at the gate that day. They found him and right in front of us, ordered him to go write up a report saying what they needed.

    I was not ever told not to come back, that young man approached me, in my convertible, and the first words out of his mouth were, “nice car, when can I drive it.” My car is so obvious, more so when the roof is down, as sports car, it stands out from miles blocks away.

    I was on county property both times. The media “made this look like I snapped, put my firearms in my car and went there to hurt someone.” NOT True!

    I was simply on my way home from the range, saw my daughter’s camera on the floor and decided to pull over and take the pics I needed for the web page.

    I am a devoted mother of 3 teens. They have been in private school all their lives, I am a devote RC. I have never been on welfare. I live quite well and have nothing to “snap” about.

    The media took this and ran crazy with it. All of my online profiles are in fine order. One Beck video on my blog, about a letter from some grandma, does not make me a “Beck gun nut”.

    What’s going on here is not right. If you want to boycott Beck, please do not include me to do it. I could care less about Beck. All I care about is the disgusting lies, which I can prove with video, that have hurt my children and my good name.

    No one can produce video of me “getting hysterical when arrested, or in court.” Those are the lies of a media hungry sheriff. He put out empty words to make him appear to be a hero, for now anyway.
    I say “show me the videos.”

    With all the lies being told, don’t you think if they had such video it would have been posted someplace online?
    BTW, do you think this sheriff was going to let me get in my convertible, with my legal firearms and go home after he made a huge scene for 6 hours? No, he saw a way to get his name in the paper.

    Tell me, who gets 50,000.00 bail with no priors, for tres 3?

    I think people need to really rethink this and see something else is going on here. This can happen to any one of you. Please, do not believe everything you read and hear from the media, they have to use “juicy stories” to “sell papers”. Thank you for not removing my comments. Nancy

    • Vinnie Gazzara says:

      Nancy I know because something happened to me in 2007. ….which legally has never been resolved.! Good luck Nancy.
      …and what I have learned from my experience is I will NEVER go anywhere’s with a cop again….NEVER!

  10. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Nancy, Thank you for clearing the air. There is a reason I did not include a statement about you “getting hysterical” and stuck to what were more likely to be objective material. The warnings may now be questionable, but the rest is supported by your MySpace page and your comment here.

  11. Thats fine, of course. I have seen some serious pages on these topics that I consider way out there. I really thought mine was quite simple. I am not a big blogger, and most of the time, just re post others bulletins, if I happen to read it and like it. There are very few blog entries.

    You feel the one video of “Grandmas letter” to Mr. Beck makes me a Beck nut, of course, your entitled. The only reason I added it to my blog for for the request made to have people go to and sign something. But I put my page on private and have not deleted anything. I feel it was in order. I will soon take it off private again.
    What makes us all different, our opinions.

    However when it comes down to complete lies, I appreciate the time and posts, I typed up, being read and left up, as well as your comments. I thank you for that.

  12. I have been just reading and decided to stop by to ask you two simple questions.
    What law did I break? I am charged with 140.10, inside a fence or building such as a school.
    How will a county road meet that criteria?

    I will be back just for you, with future progress. :) N

  13. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Here is New York Penal Law Section 140.10 – Criminal Trespass In The Third Degree:

    It doesn’t look like it’s limited to only “inside a fence or building such as a school” though I have no idea what part, specifically, they are saying applies to your case…

    However, also look up 140.05, which is the general trespassing violation, and then 140.17 which is Criminal Trespass In The First Degree (including a deadly weapon), but that is in a building…

  14. We read it. I had three different attorneys look at the charge and all had the same response. I ended up retaining a criminal lawyer on Broadway and a civil lawyer on Park Avenue, NYC.

    Rather expensive for an “unemployed, single mother of three.” But the truth is I am a retired, single mother of three with a huge savings account from an excellent career. The sheriff thought he arrested a poor welfare mom who could not fight back. Surprise!

    I have one charge 140.10 only. I was across the street on the county road in my car. Amazing how rumor can go viral and become so twisted.

    Though I appreciate that site and info you posted, the numbers you mention mean nothing in this case as my one official charge is 140.10.

    I would hope after over 12 hours of interrogation, the sheriff, grasping at straws for anything he can find to charge a legal citizen with, they would get it right.

    It was not until the under sheriff, Caracappa saw my myspace. He didnt like my political views and told me around 3 am I was under arrest.

    I don’t do drugs I don’t drink, I have no mental problem, I never in my life lost control, my firearms were transported legally, registered, I have no priors…so what do they do?

    Trespassing 3 on the shoulder of a county road? Even the parking signs were in order, they didn’t say no standing.

    Trespassing 3 is not a legal charge to arrest someone and further make a smear campaign to smear their good name all over the media.

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it and I like that site you posted.


  15. Well my friend, I have to thank you for leaving the posts up and our discussions were good. I have good news, I do hope you will let this post go up on the forum;

    Today, November 17, 2009, this one charge and the entire case has been DISMISSED. Southampton Justice court, 116 Hampton Road. Southampton NY 11968.

    I paid for a trail and the DA dropped the charge. Our country is in a pretty sad state of affairs when something like this can happen to an innocent citizen. More info and contact lists are available at my blog on myspace.

    My notices of claim is filed for wrongful arrest and deformation on a timely basis, three weeks ago. Its just too bad the media ran the wrong way with this in an attempt to go after Beck. You have other reasons for boycotting Beck, I am sorry the mainstream media saw it fit to include me in there quest, but in this case they were wrong.


    Nancy Genovese

  16. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Nancy, I appreciate that you came here and presented your information in a civil manner. I can understand how easy it would be to do otherwise. I’ve updated the original post, alerting readers to your comments. Most of the other sites I found in searches had comments that were way off the mark (i.e. wrong penal section cited), so I’m glad you chose to clear the air here, while there are so many other sites that furthered the stream of misinformation. Please feel free to keep us posted on the wrongful arrest claim.

  17. The criminal charge of trespassing 3 was dismissed, there was one charge. I was charged with 140.10 a B mis, not an A but either way, the “criminal charge is dismissed.” All docs will be scanned and put up online asap, including fees and the original charge. I was not able to post much until now. I know I also read much of the wrong info to. There is aot of wrong info out there but this is legit, I have the right info. Yes the two civil “Notices of Claim” were filed the end of October, withing the 90 day time frame against the town and county. Thats public info. Thanks!

  18. oh, forgot to mention, I did also try to clear the air and tell the truth on other blogs, your one of the few who didn’t delete my posts. Most of the others were deleted by the blog owner. So thank you for that and thanks for your help!

  19. East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town
    By Laura Cooper
    Jul 29, 10 4:53 PM
    I never said anything about FEMA camps. So how about removing this boycott on Beck anyway? Thank you. Nancy

  20. Nancy Genoves, ONE year later!
    Looks like a few law enforcement officers will be exposed, also.
    Thank you for your interest, one year later, the press conference, on July 29, 2010, went well. The press conference was to announce the filing of the claims, showing 14 counts of constitutional and civil violations. Two law firms are handling these cases.

    Publication: The Southampton Press

    East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town (and offices over various department)

    By Laura Cooper
    Aug 4, 10 10:06 AM 1 member recommended this article

  21. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    1) Your archived MySpace page (link fixed) shows your stance on FEMA
    2) Your situation has little to do with the boycott of Glenn Beck, but rather the beliefs and actions of his followers. The boycott will continue.
    3) $70mil? Seriously? WTF

    • Yes $70mil. About $30mil less than I would have sued for.

      $70mil calls for a drastic change in their policies and training and probably hiring standards so they don’t do things that will cost them $70mil. again.

      Do you follow?

  22. Saddam Hussein says:

    Oh how America has fallen! When you are not killing presidents of foreign nations, engaging in wars of genocide or colour revolutions, you are now torturing your own citizens!

    This particular case should be brought to the attention of the United Nations and Amnesty International, as the agencies described are functionaries of the US governemnt, and as such are subject to a whole new set of laws which are not covered by US Law.

    It is just another sad case of a person being abused near an airport.
    Don’t be a foreigner travelling through the USA, or a reporter.
    There are thousands of cases of abuse of foreign nationals by airport authorities in the USA.
    Now it has happened to one of their own citizens.

  23. Yep. This is where we’re headed, boys and girls, when one side will not tolerate the opinions of the other side.

    Nancy, I’m an attorney. You have a right to your law suit and I hope you win. I have no doubt you will win if the facts are as you say they are.

    What people may not understand is that the attorney drafting the complaint usually inserts the amount demanded for damages, and the Plaintiff does not usually get that amount. It’s just a figure that is usually pulled out of thin air, so please don’t go hard on Nancy for asking for that amount.

    But think about it. If these facts are true, isn’t Nancy entitled to money? Shouldn’t the officers who committed these atrocities be punished and fired if Nancy is successful in her lawsuit?

    I hope this lawsuit goes to trial. I hope there is no settlement. Settlement would indicate that no one is guilty, that they merely settled to make the case go away. But a successful trial would mean that Nancy was right about her side of the story.

  24. Anne Ominous says:

    I realize that this is old news, but FoxNewsBoycott does come off as being pretty blatantly biased.

    For just one example, why did you bring up the statute about trespassing “with firearms”, when you knew (the police admitted even in some of the more sensationalist stories) that her firearms were legally put away in locked cases in the trunk of her car? There is no way that statute could apply. But your bringing it up sure implied that she had done something wrong…

    I hope that she gets every penny she asked for. The city attorney did not file his response in time, so if the judge is reasonable, he might very well award it to her.

  25. This story of Ms Genovese is strange as strange gets. If what happened to her is true then she is owed more than $70 million. I find it really strange that the county didnt defend itself or release a press statement or anything. That Ms Genovese is wack-o is not a question but even wack-o’s have constitutional rights. If she had been a gay man who was denied constitutional rights this case would’ve gone main stream right away.

  26. So what is the cost of a reputation that has been smeared nation-wide? Of being held for hours with no justification and with no relief of sustenance or of being able to go to the bathroom? What it the cost of being unjustly strip-searched and being put into solitary confinement in a straight jacket, just because the cop didn’t like you? All those involved should be fired and jailed themselves. They are the true criminals, yet they most likely still have their badges.

    If this was some liberal who was unjustly imprisoned by a right-wing nut, I think that your tune would be different.

  27. As I put in a different post, Nancy should have sued for the exact amount of the worth of the county. In other words…to be the “owner” of the county.

    The justice system could then be fixed and returned to a Constitutional System as it should be.

    Good luck Nancy!



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