On August 3, 2009 Glenn Beck stated, “[i]f anyone thinks that it would be a good idea to turn violent, think again,” adding that “[i]f you ever hear someone thinking about or talking about turning violent, it is your patriotic duty to stop them.”

On August 6, 2009 Glenn Beck joked about putting poison in Nancy Pelosi’s wine (see transcript below) and video here.

So, when is Fox News going to stop Glenn Beck? It is, after all, their patriotic duty, and Glenn Beck agrees.

BECK: So, Speaker Pelosi, I just wanted to — you gonna drink your wine? Are you blind? Do those eyes not work? There you — I want you to drink it now. Drink it. Drink it. Drink it.

I really just wanted to thank you for having me over here to wine country. You know, to be invited, I thought I had to be a major Democratic donor or a longtime friend of yours, which I’m not.

By the way, I put poison in your — no, I — I look forward to all the policy discussions that we’re supposed to have — you know, on health care, energy reform, and the economy.

Hey, is that Sean Penn over there? I know it cost me more than $30,000 to get in here, but hey. Hey, I think I see Ed Markey, the author of cap and trade, right over there.

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79 Responses to “It’s Patriotic Duty To Stop Glenn Beck, According to Beck”

  1. Sidewinded says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s all true about the educations of the said people but I believe most of the time alot of political jobs is not about what you know but rather who you know. A sad little quirk of this political game. Unfortunately that also means that degrees in certain areas become relativly meaningless. Buddying up with a Marxist leaning professor and boom you’re suddenly ahead of the game against those who have opposing views. Same thing goes with the right.
    I’m not saying your argument is void, just that those accolades and ‘experiance’ should be taken with a small grain of salt. I’ve met people at work who have taught and worked as computer specialists yet don’t know how to set up something as simple as their email. Yes they know alot about computer engineering but are completely ignorant on something as core as email settings. I didn’t go to college. I taught myself mostly with a bit of help from someone who knows these things.

  2. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Again, I can argue with you like I did on another post……….if you have a group of people to choose from to bring you your news, who would you want it to be? To me I would want somebody that is qualified. Now in your world, that may mean that anybody with a nice voice and outgoing demeanor can fit the bill, but when it comes to news, giving opinions on the economy and whatnot, I want somebody that has went to school and at least tried to study and understand that subject. Regardless of who helped Jon Stewart or some other democratic pundit get their jobs is a moot point…….the fact that they went to college, excelled and got a degree isnt. I mean, Rush Limbaugh has just as much a right to tell me his opinions about the economy as my 19 year old sister does (she has more college by the way)…….but, does that make him or her an expert in that field? Hell no!!!! It’s not the fact that I think he shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion, it’s the fact that some idiot is talking about subjects he knows nothing about, and more sad, there is a public that actually follows him. Which tend to be uneducated people such as yourself. People that feel they are just as good or as qualified as somebody that has the education. If the world lived by your criteria, then everyone could practice as a doctor and perform brain surgery. I could hear the argument now, “well, I’ve practiced on rabbits for 8 years and only killed 80 of the 100 I’ve performed surgery on, so I am more qualified than the guy that just came out of medical school!” GIVE ME A BREAK.

  3. Crowdaddy13 says:

    oh and to reply to sidewinded’s post #48…….yeah, the left wing does have more journalists than the right, because we actually have real journalists………not radio dj’s that have nice voices……

  4. sidewinded says:

    LOL you take my words and twist them, sir.
    I never said that it would be ok for me to go and do advanced computer science cause I know how to set up email, something I consider to be a somewhat core knowledge. Only stated that the degree’s they have don’t always mean that they don’t everything in their field and can sometimes run into embarrassing situations where they don’t know something they should.

  5. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Well, whatever………..point is, the guys you work with don’t reach the masses everyday. Rush and Beck, however reach millions of idiots that are willing to listen to them talk and end up not questioning whether or not the words that they are hearing is fact checked or not. If your IT guy screws up, a couple of folks wont get their email that day, if Rush screws up, 20 million people will unwittingly follow suit and regurgitate false news to 4 of their closest friends……….which seems more dangerous? And I’ve heard the argument that Beck is just being entertaining or sarcastic……….sadly enough most people that watch Fox dont understand that maybe thats what he is doing.

  6. Sidewinded says:

    Fair enough, there probably are those who are ignorant. But I see far more people taking this global warming bit and it’s cause with the same mindset. People like al gore make videos with scare tactics and say “the debate is over”. Which is then immitated by his followers. He demands that large corporations and countries around the world do more to circumvent climent change, which is parroted by his followers? Don’t believe me ? Go ask the people in Copenhagen where those earth loving green peacers threw bricks and caused 10′s of thousands of damage and ~1000 arrested while demanding those corporations and countries to do more. This isn’t beck “reporting” this. This was on my local news.

  7. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Well again, you are trying to compare two totally different subjects. I think some global warming supporters do take it too far, but even if we all did what they said, its not like it would hurt anything. If you think global warming is a farce, there’s still nothing wrong with recycling, driving a hybrid or making companies pollute less. But, in this day in age, you either hate it or love it. But, when Beck talks about buying gold, that your money wont be worth anything and making threats on people, that actually does hurt people and the economy. The economy is run mainly on consumer confidence, and if you have somebody like him spewing his fear and hatred, then millions could have an effect on the market. Then you have those crazy libertarians shooting up churches in Beck’s honor. Come on!!! Global warming and Beck’s diatribe are still two different things. Doing what Al Gore says will probably help more than harm, regardless if he’s overexaggerating. Beck on the other hand, has indirectly caused death and idiots to buy gold in record numbers when they probably shouldn’t have.

  8. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Two, you saw your local news reporting this……….and what did they report to you? They probably said, “environmental protestors throw rocks at Copenhagen summit and caused damage and 1000 were arrested.” Or something to that effect. Was that the truth? Yes it probably was and it was delivered with some neutrality.

    Then if Beck gets ahold of it, it would sound like this…..”Communist sympathizers terrorize Copenhagen by throwing molotov cocktails and trying to kill politicians. Luckily the terrorists were captured and should be waterboarded in Gitmo.”

    See the difference a little “exaggeration” can give to a news story. And thats what Beck does.

  9. Sidewinded says:

    I have to retype my responce to #58 later. I did a nice long thing on my iPhone and then it crashed :-/

    actually he did comment on it but said nothing of the sort. Just pointed out what I did; that these supposed earth loving environmentalists created a violent atmosphere and caused quite a bit of damage and a significant number were arrested.

    Want a link? I’ll give it in my responce to 58

  10. Crowdaddy13 says:

    To be honest with you I dont give a s**t anymore…….so whatever

  11. sidewinded says:

    please educate me as to this death you speak of by the way.

    is the link to his statements on the Copenhagen in which he sarcastically augments nancy pelosi’s speech against the tea party protests with comparison to the copenhagen protests. your right that he commented on the communist sympathizers, but there were some protestors with hammer and sickle posters, i would have liked him to say “not all were there to promote a communist idea” or something similar though.

  12. Crowdaddy13 says:

    dude, i was tired of this debate days ago, i dont care anymore…..really

  13. You know before he got on Fox News, Beck was a little radical but he wasn’t yet completely over the top. Now that he’s there, he’s seems to have just jumped on to the crazy train.

  14. I think he feels he has to push and that if he stops or slows down he will lose his will. Some days he’s good some days he needs to chill a bit, like the net neutrality bit was a bit frustrating because he didn’t look fully at everything; he is a bit technically challenged :P

    Yes I know this comment will be used against me so spare it.

  15. Ann Christian says:

    I really believe that we can reach with LOVE. I believe the God hears our prayers that come from our hearts. I wish that Fox Cable would focus more on LOVE and HEARTS and PRAYERS from our hearts. Why do they as acknowledged Christians focus on the negative and use of incitement using untruths in our wonderful and beautiful USA….

  16. Chuck Wagon says:

    Free speech is free for all not just or some. commrade!

  17. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Chuck, Including us, you childish name caller.

  18. It surprises me how people like Glenn Beck forget that they’re on tv. The best thing to do when you are a well known figure is to always tell the truth. Don’t say things for the sake of it because in a year when you turn round and contradict yourself someone will always call you out on it.

  19. The fact that fox news has so many viewers (or claims to, for that matter) absolutely obliterates my mind. If they do have so many viewers (which is probably a lie), they’re not famous, but indeed INfamous. Yea, Glenn. There’s a difference.

    And how despicable that during the most change-required election and presidential race in the past century, all of a sudden, FOX tries to claim that Obama SMOKES? The sheer volume of claims that FOX makes.

    If FOX is always 100% honest and correct, that means that Obama is a Palestinian, Muslim, Indonesian/Hawaiian, a man who refuses to salute the flag (which has been disproven countless times), a black (yeh, they say he’s Palestenian AND black), a racist (to whites or whatever race he’s not) and a smoker. AND HE HAS A CLONE TOO!!!

    Plus more.

    Obama is expected to carry out the process of dragging you Glenn-Beck fans’s butts out of health care poverty and debt. He is already doing so, yet NOBODY WILL SHUT UP!!!

    And on top of all this, they try to convince the world (while beating up an Obama spokesperson) that they are the least buyest network and that CNN is the MOST buyest. Well, gee wiz, right? At least CNN goes on-the-spot to investigate. But then again, Megyn Kelly said it came from an external poll. Oh, woops. I guess that makes it certain. They’re just your average TRUTHERS, people! STOP WATCHING FOX AND THEN THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO LIE!!!

  20. Glenn Beck, Hannity and Rush L are doing more damage to the USA than any terrorist group could do. Their fascist shows, falsely labeled as “news”, encourage hatred, distortions, and there appears to be no stopping their spreading of out right lies. They will do anything to increase their ratings and income.
    Why do they hate America so much??
    A strong democracy depends on an informed electorate. It can not survive with voters accepting them as “News”.

  21. Sidewinded says:

    USA=\= democracy. It’s a republic with a democratically elected leader.
    And accusing someone of practicing their first amendment right (whether they’re correct or not) as being worse than a political or religious terrorist attack resulting in deaths and destruction is less than intelligent.

  22. I’m surprised that Beck is talking to the nation in that way. Of course people should report those who are violent or planning violence but really, who is he to lecture anybody about patriotic duty? He’s all about himself at the end of the day.

  23. My opinion is it’s common sense not to by a book about common sense. Unfortunately there are some people who are not educated enough to differentiate facts from fictions. Your right that he commented on the communist sympathizers, but there were some protestor’s with hammer and sickle posters.

  24. Fox is loosing so many sponsors they are trying to make it up by making your cable and satelite bill more. I do not watch fox noise or any fox channels. Let the stupid people that watch it pay for it. Fox should be a pay for channel like HBO. I would rather have HBO than fox noise. If they raise my bill I will cancel cable and go with DISH NETWORK they do not carry fox noise. As for glen heck he is dangerous. If they did not get rid of the fairness doc law he would still be poor junkie and not a rich junkie like fox noise has made him. The fairness doc was started after WWII. We did not want what happen in Germany to happen in the U.S.. When WWII ended congress study why so many people in Germany followed hitler. Hitler had people like glen heck on the air ways spewing hitler’s propaganda. Now glen heck is doing the same thing for the right here. Carl Rove study how the right took over Germany and is doing the samething here.

  25. sidewinded says:

    you left out the part that the german people were sick of the reparations issued by the league of nations for losing WWI, and that the coupled effect of these unpayable debts and the great depression caused inflation to the point that you had to pay for a loaf of bread with a wheel-burrow full of money, they were willing to listen to anyone who could help them. hitler appealed to the masses by promising prosperity and punishing the jews for their “involvement” in the reparations.

  26. Thanks for the great post about Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is such a sad little man a lot of what he says needs to be ignored. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of your site in the future.

  27. I also noticed a connection between Nazi propaganda and Fox/beck/limbaugh/hannity. I believe this is a real serious danger to America. The repubs remmoved the “fairness doctrin”.
    I believe that the GOP utopia would be to allow the top 2% to accumulate as much wealth as possible while at the same time allowing the middleclass and the poor to sink further and allow the debt and deficit to get so big that we are brought to the brink of insolvancy.
    At that point they would be able to “starve the beast”. The beast to them is social security, medicaid, medicare, thus enabling them to successfully lower the minimum wage at the same time that “privatize” the entitlment programs. Their tax money (all our tax money) would be funneled back to the top 2% via their holdings in wall street (SS), for profit health care (medicaid, medicare) also private schools (publicly funded, charter schools), private prisions.
    What does everybody else think?

  28. I did my own research which have not seen anywhere. I took a graph of the national dept since 1930 and superimposed on it lines representing the presidencies. I found that the national dept just before Nixon was about 100 billion. It rose to about 200 billion before Regan took office. By the end of Regan’s term it was 2.5 trillion.

    By the end of Bush II office in 2008 it was 11 trillion. All of the rise occured during the Republican terms. All Democratic terms either reduced it or stopped its increase.

    I am amazed that the republicans are not chastized roudly for this dispicable spending record.


  29. It surprises me how people like Glenn Beck forget that they’re on tv. I never said that it would be OK for me to go and do advanced computer science cause I know how to set up email, something I consider to be a somewhat core knowledge.

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