On August 3, 2009 Glenn Beck stated, “[i]f anyone thinks that it would be a good idea to turn violent, think again,” adding that “[i]f you ever hear someone thinking about or talking about turning violent, it is your patriotic duty to stop them.”

On August 6, 2009 Glenn Beck joked about putting poison in Nancy Pelosi’s wine (see transcript below) and video here.

So, when is Fox News going to stop Glenn Beck? It is, after all, their patriotic duty, and Glenn Beck agrees.

BECK: So, Speaker Pelosi, I just wanted to — you gonna drink your wine? Are you blind? Do those eyes not work? There you — I want you to drink it now. Drink it. Drink it. Drink it.

I really just wanted to thank you for having me over here to wine country. You know, to be invited, I thought I had to be a major Democratic donor or a longtime friend of yours, which I’m not.

By the way, I put poison in your — no, I — I look forward to all the policy discussions that we’re supposed to have — you know, on health care, energy reform, and the economy.

Hey, is that Sean Penn over there? I know it cost me more than $30,000 to get in here, but hey. Hey, I think I see Ed Markey, the author of cap and trade, right over there.

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79 Responses to “It’s Patriotic Duty To Stop Glenn Beck, According to Beck”

  1. EileensHoot says:

    Glenn Beck, Hannity and Rush L. need to be watched closely for their rabid and hatefull speechs and behaviour. Being TV commentators should not allow them…to continue making threatening or hateful comments.

    It is way past the time for the FBI call these idiots in for a serious chat.

  2. Al Pollak says:

    Glenn Beck, Hannity and Rush L are doing more damage to the USA than any terrorist group could do. Their fascist shows, falsely labeled as “news”, encourage hatred, distortions, and there appears to be no stopping their spreading of out right lies. They will do anything to increase their ratings and income.
    Why do they hate America so much??
    A strong democracy depends on an informed electorate. It can not survive with voters accepting them as “News”.

  3. sidewinded says:

    Wow… you guys obviously take glenn beck way too seriously. just because he’s on tv or radio you think that he’s 100% serious? what whole comment about the poising was complete sarcasm.. you never sat around with your friends and joke about something like that? doesn’t even have to be dark like that. He’s a twisted guy with a twisted sense of humor that keeps him interesting and to be honest funny. Do I wish he was a little bit more humble on his mistakes? yes. do i think hes right about alot of things? yes. This whole damn website accuses him of being this hate and fear monger. Well take a look in the mirror. You go after companies who use advertising opportunity against them based on the fact that you disagree with the show or channel they’re on. You’re so HATEFUL against someone else’s opinion you’ll try to coerce people to lash out against companies who are just trying to put their product out there. If you have a problem with FOX then don’t friggen watch them! Why you have to make a stink about the people and their families and their friends who have any kind of involvement in FOX? Why?

  4. Richard Vu says:

    It’s good that you, sidewinded, is someone who can distinct the truth from twisted lies of Beck. All he’s doing is trying to sell his book. My opinion is it’s common sense not to by a book about common sense. Unfortunately there are some people who are not educated enough to differentiate facts from fictions. These are the ones that go out and kill police officers thinking that their guns will be taken away and kill a security guard that happens to be in the way out of racist hatred. This is the U.S. and violence is not condone, so the next best thing is hit them where it hurts, their pockets. No body is saying that the companies advertising provides bad products or services that warrants boycotting. This is a non-violent tactic to get Beck to stop lying to people that are encourage by Beck to commit violent acts.

  5. sidewinded says:

    Well of course he want’s to sell his book! You don’t think liberals have whored themselves out in order to make money off their hours slaving over rewriting their books time and time again?
    As for common sense, have you at least read it? No? Go download the audio book and listen to it, ya its glenn beck reading it but hey, at least you didn’t pay to listen to him you’re only doing it to be able to say you’ve read/listened to it.

    To be frank, someone shooting a police officer because they were going to unjustifiably remove them of their arms is a right. Note the unjustifiably part in that comment. Ted Nugent’s video/interview said exactly how I feel about gun rights. Ya the odd person goes nuts and kills someone with a gun. These people shouldn’t have guns. But law abiding citizens who are in need of self defense should have the right to do so. Innocent people are killed simply because they didn’t have the right to defend themselves. Or even worse, no one was able to help them out because the bystanders had no way to help.

    I’m Canadian, we had an incident on a greyhound bus in Saskatchewan last year where this guy randomly started stabbing some other random dude and then proceeded to decapitate him. No one was allowed to carry arms on the bus and so no one could pop the psychopath in the legs at the very least to try and stop him. Don’t know how he got a knife on to do the killing though…

    What I’m really trying to do is point out that your hate for glenn beck makes you think that you need to stand up and try to destroy him financially… but you’re the ones calling him a hate monger for saying things about the government…. which to be honest, who really likes politicians?

  6. Paul Nguyen says:

    I consider myself an independent thinker. Regardless of what Glenn Beck has to say about anything in politics and or social issues, his way of carrying his business as a journalist make himself a pitiful clown. He is not much different from Rev. Wright but in different stages. For being such a laughing stock, Glenn Beck’s work of the supposedly honest reporting is indeed questionable.

  7. cynicalone says:

    Instead of a federal FCC fairness doctrine we need a “Cut the BS” policy for all these politically oriented shows. All radio or TV punditry shows on either the left or right must be aired with multiple hosts with opposing political viewpoints so as to provide counterpoint and offsetting political views. The result would be open discourse, debate and discussion that make the overall discussion open, honest and informative instead of biased and manipulative. The networks and promoters would benefit too because advertisers would not appear biased. One sided inflammatory dialogue and monologues must be ended for the sake of the country. It would take some oversight by an objective panel to ensure that all sides are fairly represented. Just a thought.

  8. sidewinded says:

    As nice as that sounds cynicalone; it’s not practical and probably more damaging than helpful. And you’re right, both right and left shows are guilty of propagating and trying to hold down their enemies with piano wire. People should however be more aware of such hosts attacking peoples ideas rather than peoples actions. People like Glenn Beck attack the politicians who to be honest, cause 95% of the US’s problems anyway, rather than attacking specific leftist opinionators. Thats not to say he doesn’t poke fun at them and call them out on some things, but he doesn’t constantly harp on them going “he’s a quack, shes a quack”. Both sides are guilty of the following too: they only seem to disagree with the other side’s opinions when their party’s in power, although the GWB reign has gotten alot of republicans wondering wtf’s going on with their GOP.
    In short, while forcing everyone to play nice, it’s not exactly constitutional. I have every right to prove you wrong in something we may disagree on as long as my methods are within reason of the law and constitution, however a lot of people are starting to feel that their opinions are being trodden on by the media and by the left because they are asking questions about where this government is headed.

  9. The sad fact is that so many people are too stupid to think for themselves. Repeating over and over, the same evil trash, will of course influence most of the above mentioned FOX viewers. Glenn Beck, Hannity, Rush and others, realize this and that’s why they blow such crap all day long! They deny the consequences and deny they are doing anything wrong or unpatriotic, while the nut cases that believe every word they say scream and yell about death panels and gun rights and other idiotic nonsense!

    The real bottom line here is that all these screwballs are in the same big club… prejudiced, white racists! They hate blacks, immigrants, and non-religious educated people! Everything they do is out of fear! They think their lives will change, they think they are losing control of this country and they cannot stand it!!!!!

    They lie and quote sayings and slogans and rumors.. never any facts!! They stuff like… “soon, we’ll all be doing such and such..” or “mark my words, the government will….” or “…the day is coming when……”. It’s all fear of the unknown. And it’s only the really stupid, uneducated right wing wackos and blind religious fanatics that are doing all this!

    Brains will always win over stupidity as long as we fight back and do not allow this BS to go unchallenged! Write to FOX news and their sponsors everyday!!!! Voice your opinions about these internal terrorist extremists. Keep fighting and standing up for what’s right. We must stop these psychotic fruit loops!!!!!!

  10. sidewinded says:

    The real bottom line here is that all these screwballs are in the same big club… prejudiced, white racists! They hate blacks, immigrants, and non-religious educated people! Everything they do is out of fear! They think their lives will change, they think they are losing control of this country and they cannot stand it!!!!!
    you forgot to put at the end.

    The left is no better my friend, take a good long look at news places like ABC or MSNBC. CNN too.

    You’re calling these people terrorist extremist yet no ones been hurt or thrown in jail. Yet during the bush riots back in 2003-4 there were hundreds of people arrested for violence. These people at the town meetings are normal people who have been demonized by the left. You been to one of these town meetings that have been crashed by these “extremists?” They are asking their representatives why they aren’t doing their damn jobs! Why aren’t they reading the bills like they were hired to do so! I’m not religious in any fashion, and I’m pissed off that those who represent the people are doing such a poor job.

    You want facts? How about the fact that Obama’s been surrounding himself with AVOWED communists as his advisors? The green jobs guy, his words, he’s a communist. Several others, they’re communist.

    It’s constitutional for people to question what they’re government does, no its OUR DUTY to ask the hard questions.

  11. Dear Cynicalone:
    When I read your comment
    “One sided inflammatory dialogue and monologues must be ended for the sake of the country.”
    I wondered if you believe in the right to free speech? I do and listen to Glenn Beck and Hannity (but not Limbaugh his voice is irritating to my ears). I welcome their research and also want to hear the other side as well. In America all of us have the right to defend our actions/words.

    Dear Zombie:
    Your comment
    “The real bottom line here is that all these screwballs are in the same big club… prejudiced, white racists! They hate blacks, immigrants, and non-religious educated people! Everything they do is out of fear! They think their lives will change, they think they are losing control of this country and they cannot stand it!!!!!

    Yes, I do listen to the right wingers because I don’t hear on the mainstream media, (CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS) what I hear on Glenn Beck’s program. I like to hear both sides and everything in between. I DO NOT HATE anyone, especially Blacks, Hispanics, immigrants and non-religious educated people-I listened well to Martin Luther King who advised us all to judge by the “content of our character”, it’s what I taught my kids. I celebrate intelligence always and I love my country. I want our Constitution to be respected not trampled upon. And TMI-I am a “bad” Catholic. And what color do you think I am?
    Thank you for listening to me.
    Laura in Michigan

  12. Glenn Beck, Hannity, and Rush need to be countered in a similar way to how they defeat their foes. We need someone on the Liberal side call them on their lies, educate conservatives, and get the truth out.

  13. Jon Stewart?

  14. Sidewinded says:

    Kinda sad when you have all these “news” networks on the left but the best they can come up with is a fake-news comedian

  15. Sidewinded, you yourself said your Canadian. Why are you so intent on making inflammatory statements about another countries government? If you can’t carry a gun on your buses etc. deal with your gov. and it’s issues. As for the communist statements? Every fox viewing republican that lost their minds when anyone said anything negative about baby Bush and the way he drowned this country in debt and solders blood is now saying anything stupid they can think up to incite violence and hate against the current president and his staff. Many of the same people are in the same positions that they were in in the Bush administration, and now they are suddenly evil. The most enlightening conversation I had was with a republicon that lost it when I said I thought Bush did a bad job, he said “you are an American, and it is disrespectful to the country to speak about our president like that.” I responded with a very calmly stated question, “If we elect a woman or a black man, will you spend the next 4 years never speaking badly of our president?” He clammed up and walked away. It is typical that people that choose to listen to only one source of information tend to say the most ignorant of things.

  16. LOL @ Justin! The humor in that is priceless, at least Jon Stewart admits he’s a comedian, I wish the faux “reporters” would do the same!

  17. Sidewinded says:

    It would be very ignorant indeed to say that what happens in america stays in america. Canadians lost the same % of jobs during the recession as america. I care because I KNOW it affects me and those around me.

    Actually I hated bush as much if not more because he was supposed to be representing the right and failed oh so hard to do so. That didn’t really deal with the communist statements though, you just kinda veered into an excuse on Bush.

    Honestly I think its about damn time America had a black president. I got no problem with him as a person, I’m doing what he told us to do; look at the people he associates himself with. Vann Jones: admitted communist. Anita Dunn: Maoist (she says she was joking; listen to her speech and you tell me to my face that you believe her).

    As for clamming up on the remark about making fun of a black or female, I laugh at that because he’s whipped by the Political Correctness around the whole issue. I don’t take issue with what color their skin is or what gender they are, and neither should anyone else! Martin Luther King said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    Also, Glenn Beck repeatedly admits and thanks God that hes not a reporter.

    Again you also veered away from actually discussing how sad it is that the left’s best man is a faux news comedian.

  18. Sidewinded says:

    Also what does not being able to carry a gun onto a bus have to do with anything? I’m white male, in my 20′s so I must just love my gun! I don’t even know where I could acquire anything other than a pellet gun.

    Also I forgot to address the debt comment. Yes GW Bush drove us into a huge debt… but not as great as Obama will if he gets his health plan. Just look at these numbers. $13,000,000,000,000 by 2013 if it passes. Thats $38,235 in tax payments PER PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES. In 4 year? Good luck.

  19. @stacy w

    It says at the beginning of the program that its entertainment come on!! This is about you wanting to take away the rights of those who don’t share the same view point as you.These guys are no worse than bill maher and i myself quite enjoy bill maher as well. No one has to listen to any of them. This cry for the government to protect us “because were all just to stupid to get your view point” is atrocious at best .

  20. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    swanksa, Glenn Beck fans love say that Beck tells the truth, you’ll only find the truth on his show, that he is the only one providing the truth, etc. etc. etc. If it’s just entertainment, then they’re wrong. You can’t have it both ways. If you agree that it’s entertainment, why don’t you go and convince those people of such. Of course, they’ll just call you another “brainwashed lib” or some such nonsense… I’d love to see that put to the test. Let us know what happens. Of course, we’ll expect links to follow up on your progress…

  21. Sidewinded says:

    Actually glenna not the only one spreading this trueth you speak of, but he I’d the only one on the mainstream television that is. Plenty of non associated websites that have the same beliefs and talk about similar items with different angles and ideas that Glenn does not display. Actually I don’t see why it can’t be ‘news’ and entertainment at the same time. Glenn often jokes about both current events and other things like Twitter, Halloween, etc. Lately he’s been much more focused on the seriousness of current events, as any opinion show should be when it comes up.

  22. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sindwinded, That is entirely subjective. While he may provide some quotes, video, and opinion that may include facts from time to time, the general nature of his style is speculative and fallacy-driven (i.e. guilt by association, negative-proof, etc.). While someone may be able to say that he may, or may not, have a similar degree of accuracy as other cable news commentators, it doesn’t excuse the number of falsehoods and baseless accusations he airs. There is also no comparison to the violent rhetoric and race baiting from Beck, aside from maybe Limbaugh, O’Reilly & Hannity.

    Take a look at Glenn Beck Quotes to see plenty of examples.

    As for the entertainment vs. news issue. It usually comes up when examples are provided showing that Beck has lied, manipulated video, used fallacious reasoning, etc. The excuse is that he’s an entertainer, so it’s okay (it’s just his opinion). But many people watch him for the so-called “truth,” he is on a “news” network, and Fox News anchors parrot many falsehoods from commentators like Beck. By stating you watch Beck to get the “truth,” you are equating him with a legitimate news source, which would be the place to find the “truth.” If Fox News calls the vast majority of its shows “entertainment,” what value does FNC provide as a news source?

  23. Sidewinded says:

    Ahahahhahaha oh man. Please give me a link to a video or mp3 that has beck saythun these extreme violence or racist remarks. I listen to him almost every day and I’ve ears nothing but the opposite

  24. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, Look at the link I provided. Here are but a few…

    On Killing Rep. Charles Rangel:
    Beck listed people he’d like to “beat to death with a shovel.” In 2001, Beck enumerated the various people that he “would want to kill with a shovel,” or “line up” and “shoot … in the head,” including Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY).

    On Killing Michael Moore:
    “Would you kill someone for that?…I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore…I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it,… No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out. Is this wrong? I stopped wearing my What Would Jesus — band — Do, and I’ve lost all sense of right and wrong now. I used to be able to say, ‘Yeah, I’d kill Michael Moore,’ and then I’d see the little band: What Would Jesus Do? And then I’d realize, ‘Oh, you wouldn’t kill Michael Moore. Or at least you wouldn’t choke him to death.’ And you know, well, I’m not sure.”

    Joking About Murdering Nancy Peolosi:
    Beck, joking about poisoning Nancy Pelosi: “So, Speaker Pelosi, I just wanted to — you gonna drink your wine? Are you blind? Do those eyes not work? There you — I want you to drink it now. Drink it. Drink it. Drink it… By the way, I put poison in your —”

  25. sidewinded says:

    Links to the above please.
    If you’re talking about stuff he says on his radio show, you’re probably missing about 10 minutes of context that lead up to these conversations. If you actually listened to the show you’d know this is complete sarcasm. Theres a big difference from the passionate speech by Anita Dunn about Mao and how hes one of her favorite philosophers, which Mother Theresa was another. Versus the silly (believe me, they are silly, you should hear the conversations they have about twitter) conversations that end up with these types of sarcastic/jest that beck FREQUENTLY has.

    Yes these are violent. But context is important.

    When he gets serious (not crying, though) he often implores his listeners to not do anything violently.

  26. sidewinded says:

    Oh and you haven’t provided an example of racism yet.

  27. sidewinded says:

    I mean I totally get if you don’t get his type of humor, not everyone will, not everyone should, but all I see from those to oppose him is that this type of humor is applied to everything he says, rather than saying “oh ya he just has a sadistic sarcastic sense of humor, Ignore that part and listen to when hes serious, and have a laugh at his pathetic crying while your at it.”

    Too much time spent looking at his flaws and making that into who he is.

  28. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, Again, you could have just clicked on the link I gave you. Apparently, that’s too hard. Let’s focus on the race baiting, which many people consider “racist” …that’s simple:

    Calling Obama A Racist:
    “[T]his president has exposed himself, I think, as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or white culture.” He then contradicts himself, while supporting his claim, by stating, “I’m not saying that he doesn’t like white people. I’m saying he has a problem. He has a, this guy is, I believe, a racist.”

    Obama’s Reparations:
    “Everything that is getting pushed through Congress, including this health care bill” is “driven by President Obama’s thinking on … reparations” and his desire to “settle old racial scores.”

    Beck A Racist By Own Reasoning:
    Beck stated, “[Obama] is very white in many ways… he is. He’s very white.” Yet called Jesse Jackson racist for saying something similar.

  29. sidewinded says:

    I’m at work right now, cant open link ATM, but I will when I get home. (Don’t think I’m making excuses, I love talking about this stuff as you can see)

    As for race baiting = racism, you may want to take another look what it actually means. It’s saying something is racist when there isn’t anything to actually back that up.
    I’ve heard the president say things like about how his grandmother was a “typical white woman”
    How he took the side of his African american friend, and how he states that the cop that arrested his friend was wrong without knowing any of the facts.

    I don’t believe Glenn is perfect, he admits that all the time. He does have good points too:
    Strong belief in Capitalism and the freemarket: you can do what you want to do with your EARNED money.
    Against HUGE goverment that controls what you can and cant do. Including infringing on your right to say what you want.
    For Self Preseveration: You can SUCCEED of FAIL on your own. and that it is better that you fail and fail and fail, and LEARN to be better than to have the government drag you along. Don’t you think those perticipation trophies in little league sports are dumb? Congrats, you were there! Heres a trophy!

  30. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, Race baiting is also “an act of using racially derisive language, actions or other forms of communication, to anger, intimidate or incite a person or groups of people, or to make those persons behave in ways that are inimical to their personal or group interests.” Many people see the act of race baiting as being racist. I can see the difference, but I also provided the example of Glenn Beck being racist by his own logic, or lack thereof.

  31. sidewinded says:

    Race baiting is not racism because you can be of the same race of someone you’re race baiting. That’s using your definition too.
    Glad to see you got that off Wikipedia.

    Race baiting is more defamation of character than flat out racism, anyway.

    This whole racism bit is getting a bit old. I find it very stupid that a black person can call another black person a ‘nigger’ and not be racist while a white person who uses the word as the neologism that the black person uses it as is suddenly racist and hateful.

  32. Ha look no further than Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton if you want to talk about race baiters..And to sidewinded it’s nigga which makes a big difference.Ive never once heard a black guy call another black guy a nigger .I say nigga to my black friends and I’m white it all comes down to your intentions.

  33. Sidewinded says:

    Nigger, Nigga, tomato, tomahto. Apparently intentions are worthless because it doesn’t matter to some people that Glenn Beck has sarcastic rants on his show with the intention of entertainment. Right?

  34. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, Don’t fool yourself, or let yourself be fooled. Beck’s intentions are not solely entertainment. He’s stated that his goal is to “take the administration down.” Opinions aside, that has no place in any so-called “news” organization.

  35. Sidewinded says:

    Ya he went from being entertainment to doing what he does now. I watched him before he got into this bit. I see the difference. As for being fooled if u honestly think fox is the only “news that comes with a side” you need to take a serious look into these other “news organizations” like CNN or msnbc or any of the others and tell me you don’t see bias.

    Put it this way: if Glenn is right, would it matter to you that the people who were part of organizations like the weather underground are now in organizations like the appolo alliance or acorn pushing thier progressive and worse ideas into this administration. Does it matter to you?

  36. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, Beck never left entertainment. He’s a shock jock like he was on morning radio joking about a woman’s miscarriage. He hasn’t changed. He’s just found something else that will get him ratings from shock value. Unfortunately people think he reports the “truth” and so-called real “news” people like Chris Wallace parrot Beck’s rhetoric, which only supports the argument that Fox News is not a news outlet. The rest of your comment is a red herring.

  37. sidewinded says:

    regardless, i’d like you to answer it.
    like ive said, like glenn has said, hes not a reporter. he doesn’t want to be a reporter. He tells people to prove him wrong, bring him evidence that he is wrong. Call in, with evidence. he says people are idiots if they take every word he says as something to follow blindly.

    I’ve argued against some things glenn has said; he took issue with school disctricts giving out money for students that achieve higher grades. I personally hated school, if I was gonna be forced to be there, I can see how money for my work would be a lure to want to at least work hard.

    Please answer my ‘red herring’. /puppy dog eyes.

  38. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sindewinded, The thing about fallacious reasoning is that you can never please the person using it, that’s why it does me no good to entertain yours… Yes, Beck has asked people to send in evidence that he is wrong and he never admits that he is wrong. The problem is that MANY people have provided him with ample proof that he is wrong, but he still hasn’t admitted it. In fact, people continue to state that he speaks the “truth” because he says he’s not wrong. In an of itself, that’s circular reasoning (a logical fallacy), but it’s also a damn lie.

  39. Sidewinded says:

    Umm not asking to agree with my damn reasoning I’m asking you if you’d care that communists were in the white house whether as progressives or disguised as GOP. Until then I’ll do what you do; assume the worst cause ure not saying anything. Isn’t that why you have that ‘parody’ site about beck being a raping murderer?

  40. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, Yet another example of fallacious reasoning – the negative proof fallacy. Keep ‘em coming…

  41. Tom the Pluber says:

    Who cares? You’d be hard pressed to find any news media that ISN’T biased one direction or another. If fox wants to be right wing in their commentary, and MSNBC wants to be left wing on their commentary, and CNN wants to be in the middle, then fine. More power to them. They all own their respective channels. They pay the fees in order to broadcast on their own networks.

  42. Amen; you don’t see me boycotting any of those channels because I disagree with them half of the time. Infact it’s probably better to watch both sides and decide what you agree with.

    I read a couple of webcomics and sometimes they throw a left sided comment in that I disagree with sometimes to the point where I’m like hey that’s uncalled for but you don’t see me deleting my rss feeds and telling people to not read their webcomic because they said something I don’t like. That’s extremely juvinile.

    It kinda comes down to “can’t we all just get along”

  43. Stop the Insanity says:

    Glenn Beck must be stopped. He is a dangerous individual who doesn’t deserve air time. He is trying to poison the minds of vulnerable individuals with his stupid propaganda. Wake up everyone. Wake up Fox News! GET HIM OFF THE AIR NOW. How can you allow this creep to gain all this attention. Are your ratings more important to you? Let’s stop Glenn Beck now!!!!!!!

  44. So ur saying he’s lying about the national debt, wrong about the presidents involvements with organizations like ACORN, SEIU. not telling the trueth about corrupt politicians, admitted communists and those who believe in moaism (Not just Anita dunn,btw). And he’s telling people to be violent. Boy this kinda sounds like those harry potter protesterd saying that it teaches uhow to do magic. Boy if you’d read the books or watched the movies you’d know that it doesn’t.

    The difference I see between what Glenn does and what the media does to him makes all the difference and gives me reason to prefer Glenn. Example: when he was doing his thing agains vann jones he didn’t just call him a communist. He used clips of him and did his best to provide context. What I see the media doing is calling it a smear champaign. Didn’t provide prove that Glenn was making stuff up. And then you get pages like this that take him out of context which is what many accuse Glenn of doing. If u watched and actually listened to his show you’d know he’s completely sarcastic about hitting Micheal Moore with a shovel or poisening people.

    All I see is hypocracy, but I do see it coming from some on the right too.

  45. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, It’s funny that you use Glenn Beck vs. Van Jones as an example when many of the claims about Jones were false, or misleading, but that’s discussed elsewhere here, so I don’t need to get into it again. And, as for the sarcasm – why is it ok for someone on a news channel to joke about killing people, including politicians? If you think that it is ok, therein lies a big problem with the path that American “journalism” has taken.

  46. sidewinded says:

    Honestly, I agree that Glenn should tone it down a bit, but I still find it hilarious that you STILL consider him a journalist. It’s like you’re trying to insult him, but you can’t even properly distinguish the difference between a journalist and a commentator. If you actually could, you WOULD NOT keep call him a journalist, cause quite frankly its discrediting your intelligence to do so. I don’t know how he can make it any plainer to people that hes not a reporter. He doesnt do interviews, he doesnt go out with a pen and paper and be the person on scene to let people know whats going on. He speaks at events, he gives opinion on his show, and has silly topics on his radio show for the purpose of entertainment. These are not things reporters/journalists do.

  47. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    WTF, seriously Sidewinded? You’re wrong on all counts. Can you be any more desperate to argue just for the sake of arguing, or do you actually believe what you type? First of all, I didn’t call him a journalist – I referred to the journalism industry, in which he works. Second, he conducts interviews. They’re BS, but he still interviews people. Third, he supposedly researches (has a research staff), even if the research sucks, and disseminates information, even if the information is incorrect, through the media, which is the definition of a journalist. However, I frequently state that he is not a real journalist, or I use terms in quotes to show sarcasm. I frequently refer to these blowhards as commentators, or personalities, because that is what they are. Fourth, he works for a cable “news” (notice the quotes?) channel that is in the journalism industry. Fifth, and finally, this all ties into the idea of Fox News not being a real news channel – why? Because their anchors parrot the BS opinions that come from Glenn Beck and all the other commentators. Getting back to the point of my last comment, which you clearly missed, is that people like Beck have no place on a news channel, because they have helped take American “journalism” in the wrong direction for the reasons I noted above.

  48. Sidewinded says:

    The left media has more journalists than the right. Why don’t you ask them why people would turn to people like beck instead of ‘[seeing it for what it really is]‘?

    Btw still waiting on ur response about my question whether you’d care if the government has communistic advisors in the white house. Theoretical question of course.

  49. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sidewinded, It’s fruitless to even get into the left vs. right argument for the entire journalism industry here, especially when it’s off topic (red herring). Assuming you’re trying to suggest that more people watch Beck (FNC) than other cable news networks, you need to realize that network TV dwarfs cable news ratings and just how small of a percentage of the U.S. population that accounts for, then how much of that is left vs. right. Beck’s actual audience is not that large compared to the other factors, and other methods of determining ratings.

    To bring it back to the topic – why don’t you tell us what personalities on CNN or msnbc have used the same level of violent rhetoric as Beck and provide examples.

  50. Crowdaddy13 says:

    to the above comment that sidewinded made about jon stewart being a fake-news comedian and the liberals best guy for a counter-limbaugh……..well, jon has a college education in journalism, so it would seem he is already more qualified than rush, glenn, sean and shep, all of which are college dropouts. two, he worked for the city of new york as a contingency planner and also worked as a contracts administrator, so in essence he has reputable govermental experience…….something the fox news guys also do not have.

    jon stewart- former goverment worker with an education

    fox news pundits- college dropouts that started as radio dj’s and made it big.

    no brainer, again the liberals have somebody that is smarter, even if that person happens to persue a career in comedy.

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