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11 Responses to “Jon Stewart Takes on Glenn Beck… As Glenn Beck”

  1. Did Stewart really think he was funny.How much did he have to pay that audience to set there and laugh at that stuff.Had to be a back room deal for someone to set there long enough to hear such (sorry for this) CRAP.Glenn Beck is a fine Christian man Mr. Stewart.What are you.Oh thats right, a proud Progressive.We are proud Americans,and we have only began to fight,you guys won one battle,but the war is not over.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Linda, Fortunately, not all Christians (and Mormons) agree with you! Glenn Beck is a MINO (Mormon in Name Only) because he had to pick a religion when he married his current wife… He, apparently, knows nothing of Christian values, nor does he have the slightest idea regarding WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?).

    Here’s the Christian boycott of Glenn Beck:

  3. Chad Hofman says:

    Sorry to not be able to honor a recent email request I recieved by a right wing action group, but I am not about to show my support for Fox News as actually being “Fair and Balanced” by voting in favor of Fox News in the recent NPR poll.I consider myself an independent but I resent what this “news” network has done to intelligent and honest political debate. It really insults my modest intelligence to hear Fox’s line up of “impartial” star commentators like Carl Rowe, Glen Beck, Shawn Hamity, Bill O’Reilly, Brir Hume, etc, etc, incessantly droning on about the latest in liberal mess ups while punctuating their diatribe with….. “fair and balanced”. How insulting! I don’t mind if someone has an opinion but please do not assume a perceived lack of mental pulchritude makes an easy mark for such obvious low level pandering! Fox unfortunately has turned a once noble, respected profession (journalism that is) into a something resembling a street walker conga line at a Pharma Industry CEO convention. Rupert Murdock has used his vast wealth and good fortune to manipulate those among us most susceptible to being controlled by base emotions and simple fears. For me, it’s all about becoming a little bit better person as I age rather than joining in the Fox/Teabag bitter parade of those proudly lining up to support a platform which includes, denying another citizen who is different from me his rights, being resentful that I might need to unselfishly pay a little more in order help someone less fortunate or supporting health insurance companies in their greed quest by discriminating against the weak among us who are sick or disabled and most vulnerable.

  4. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Linda………..see that’s the problem with America, you think that anyone with an opposing viewpoint is an enemy and you are fighting a “war”. Even though you and I disagree I don’t consider you my enemy. I consider you a sister and fellow american. If people like Beck or any others make you believe that all liberals are your enemy then that is sad and pathetic and a true christian would extend his hand to his brother and even to his enemy in a time of need, but Beck would rather extend the sword to any that don’t agree……..why dont you pick up a bible and read it before you sit there and call fellow americans your enemy and that you are in a war with them. That is truly the most unpatriotic thing I’ve heard in awhile, and the conservatives are supposedly the party of patriots…….yeah right.

  5. Crowdaddy13 says:

    And two…….when did the words progressive and communist become synonymous?

  6. tom chinese says:

    good news from europe: for over a week, in france at least, fox has not put one advertisement on the tube. instead of ads, fox put on hicks singing songs, or fox promo garbage, like how good they are. seems like the boycott is working. keep it up, maybe someday these scumbags will shut down their hate machine.

  7. Ben Franklin says:

    Has Fox News stopped lying? It seems that since you haven’t been posting any new articles for almost a month now, the only reason you have to boycott Fox is because you disagree with their opinions. Does freedom of speech still exist in America.

    Re: [6] Tom Chinese is full of crap. I was in France two weeks ago for business and Fox was full of commercials. Maybe they were just inserting them into the feed that went into my hotel room. But that would mean that they were also adding them into my hotel room in London, and then probably just to my airplane seats both on the way to and from europe. (the lower case e is a hat tip to crowdaddy13′s lack of capitalization of American above)


  8. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Ben, Keep dreaming. I’ve just been busy…

  9. I don’t think most rational people here really feel that FOX doesn’t have a right to free speech, what they want is for FOX to be a more responsible. The problem I see with FOX is that somehow they have convinced a lot of people that their news is the only news. And although many news shows seem to rely on hysteria to get peoples attention FOX seems to be taking things to a new level.
    FOX exists for a reason. And part of that might be due to the tendency of many liberals who seem to think it is ok to insult or make fun of people who are poor, white and rural. Bill Moyers is a good example – I like him, but he goes out of his way to insult people from the south, midwest and even makes jokes about people who are missing teeth – more than likely because they are too poor to get proper dental care. Moyers has a lot of interesting people on his show who make good points – even if you do believe in God. But when people aren’t just insulted, but humiliated in the first few minutes of a show, they change the channel – and FOX is just waiting there with open arms. The people at FOX need to be called out when they are not fair and balanced, and liberals should be made aware that insulting and humiliating people because they are too poor for dental care or some other misfortune, is just the other side of the same coin.

    • Those people with no teeth, who are too poor to get a dentist, were instrumental in villainizing Obama care. If FOX didn’t misrepresent the facts, those poor toothless country bumpkins wouldn’t be voting against their best interests and we would all have some form of universal single payer health care.

  10. What is going on with the newspaper “News Of The World” phone-hacking scandal in the UK? The causality’s are starting to grow: News of The World itself closed down. Rebekah Brook (News International chief executive) arrested on suspicion of corruption and phone hacking. The UK’s most senior police officer John Yates resigned. The News Of The World reporter who broke the story on phone hacking at the paper has been found dead, which is now being treated as “unexplained”. Rupert and James Murdoch are to appear before government committee to answer questions on the phone hacking scandal. The news is making the news; whatever next?

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