As you’re probably well aware if you’ve visited in the past couple weeks, or were practically anywhere else online, there is a satirical site devoted to a meme created to show Beck’s lack of journalistic integrity. Apparently, a law firm (Cowan, Debaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, LLP) is coming to his defense.

Parody/satire is a protected form of free speech and the rumors are exactly that. Disclaimers aside, nobody, in their right mind, actually believes that Glenn Beck raped, nor murdered a young girl in 1990. The accusation is so groundless as to be ridiculous. Had the rumor involved anything less, it may actually have been believable. Unfortunately, that’s not what the law firm is charging… The law firm in question has contacted the aggregate site for the rumor with a complaint regarding the use of their domain, which contains Glenn Beck’s name.

Obviously, the average Glenn Beck fan’s IQ is not high enough to understand that nobody is actually accusing Beck of rape and murder, nobody thinks rape and murder are funny (except Glenn Beck, joking about poisoning Nancy Pelosi), and it’s not a representation of anybody other than Glenn Beck, because he uses this style of fallacious reasoning without a disclaimer. According to the law firm, the average Glenn Beck fan may be stupid enough as to confuse the domain in question with the “Glenn Beck” trademark.

If the owner of the domain name mentioned is forced to give up the right to the domain name, there are two backups ready, which can be accessed at and

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3 Responses to “Law Firm Moves Against ‘Glenn Beck 1990′ Parody Site”

  1. You guys are sad. Get a life a report somthing real.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Mike, What is sad is Beck’s hypocrisy. He claims to be against using a legal system outside of the United States, but rather than take this issue to U.S. courts, he’s taken it to the WIPO.* This is absolutely relevant in showing Beck’s character, or lack thereof.

    * In reference to:

    It’s also ironic that Beck, a so-called champion for first amendment rights, or so his followers would have you believe, would choose to bypass U.S. courts and head directly to an international resolution. Beck has said, in the past, “once we sign our rights over to international law, the Constitution is officially dead.”

  3. Dennis Balicki says:

    Let’s first label him. During the 1950′s, in Detroit, alcoholics without an education could only find work as a sheeny man. “The sheeny man” referred to anyone who patrolled the alleys looking for value in trash. In other words, a “garbage picker.”

    Today Fox pay’s Glenn Beck a lot of money to deal in garbage. But he is nothing but a modern day ” sheeny man.”

    From this day forward he should be referred to as Glenn “The sheeny man” Beck.

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