Glenn Beck is known for two things related to the tragedy of 9/11 – 1) he stated that he hates 9/11 victims’ families and 2) used it to promote his 9/12 protest. Beck has now compared health care reform to 9/11. The following are a couple quotes from Beck about Osama bin Laden.

Here is Beck talking, recently, about Osama bin Laden:

BECK: In the 1990s, I was on the radio warning people about Osama bin Laden, not because I was some super-smart genius. I just listened to the man’s words. I really believed him. But that wasn’t the top of the priority list in America — no, no, no. We were dealing with the fat interns and the definition of is, and I like the rest of America went back to sleep on the terrorist threat.

Here was Beck talking about Osama bin Laden in 1998:

BECK: Now, another newspaper in Pakistan says that it received a statement for the–from the spokesperson for Azma bin Ladin [sic]. Is that is name? Bin Ladin? Bin Ladeen? Bin jelly bean, green bean, Mr. Clean? I love him. He’s hot. He says he’s ready for war with the U.S. Oh yes? Thank you Mr. Baked Bean.

A respected newspaper quotes the statement as follows: “The war has just started, and Americans should wait for the answer.” Now, Mr. Ozma Dig-my-scene, I don’t even know what the question was! Was the question “is my turban on too tight?” Yes! I think it is. The blood’s not pumping around the whole brain. Loosen the turban, Mr. Clean, dig my scene. Oh yes, let’s look at the latrine.

Wow, wasn’t that prophetic…

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One Response to “Looking Back at Glenn Beck on Osama bin Laden”

  1. Crowdaddy13 says:

    so this college dropout was paying attention to osama bin laden in his mid-20s……..yeah right, he was doing belly shots with strippers.


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