Media Matters for America named Glenn Beck 2009′s Misinformer of the Year. Beck didn’t take too kindly to that title, so Media Matters has provided Glenn Beck with his own phone line to dispute the fact checking…

You can view the letter sent to Beck here. It includes the following list of falsehoods made by Beck over the last year:

  • Beck falsely claimed “[o]nly 3 percent” of stimulus plan would be “spent in the next 12 months.”
  • Beck aired false claim that a union only needs 30 percent support from employees to be “established.”
  • Beck falsely claimed average UAW worker makes $154 per hour.
  • Beck falsely asserted that U.S. does not fingerprint foreign visitors or collect rapists’ DNA.
  • Beck falsely claimed Iowa marriage ruling “is actually about going into churches.”
  • Beck echoes tired falsehood that ACORN received stimulus funds.
  • Beck falsely claimed $1.4 million in stimulus spent on doors, which actually cost $246,100 to repair.
  • Beck falsely claimed Obama said he doesn’t want health reform protesters to “do a lot of talking.”
  • Beck reports fake murder story from ACORN video as fact.
  • Beck, falsely claimed IPCC’s Latif has “pulled the rug out” from under climate change consensus.
  • Beck falsely claimed Anita Dunn “worships” “her hero” Mao Zedong.
  • Beck falsely accused Reid of lying about support for public option.
  • Beck falsely claimed that under the Senate health care bill, “You don’t get a single benefit until 2014.”
  • Reviving “born alive” falsehood, Beck claims Obama suggested it’s OK to “put a spike in the baby’s head.”
  • Beck falsely claims no jobs are being “saved or created.”
  • Beck falsely claimed Robert Creamer “stole” $2 million from banks.
  • Beck led charge advancing “Lie of the Year” contender that Holdren supported forced abortions and sterilizations.

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One Response to “Media Matters Now Has a ‘Beck Phone’ for ‘Misinformer of the Year’”

  1. it’s crazy how this list isn’t bigger with as many hours of radio and tv this guy has and as much as he has gone off on the administration. One would think their would be pages of misinformation.

    One I came here to find was a disconnect between Media Matters and George Soros.

    It is odd that there seems to be a big push calling for the FCC to act against the conservative mouth pieces that they say spread hate and lies but I can’t find any calls for the FCC to act against any of our friends on the left. As if the left doesn’t have their liberal mouth pieces shellacking the republicans.

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