Visitor submitted response from Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc., an advertiser on Glenn Beck‘s show:

With all due respect… the product I sell is notoriously partisan and biased. Very few demographics buy physical gold as an investment of as an asset of last resort.  Those that have, have made a lot of money the last 8 years and sleep better at night.  If it wasn’t for FOX I wouldn’t have your business to lose anyway because you wouldn’t even know about my company.  I probably have nothing to worry about anyway because you either have no interest in owning real gold or no $$$ to buy any.  I seriously doubt you are a gold owner/investor.  Do you own any gold?  Or is your money in CDs at the bank earning nothing and just going backward slowly while the federal reserve prints more worthless dollar bills any robs you while you’re not looking?  LOL.

If you owned a business that sold comedy material would you advertise on the Comedy Channel?  If your business sold kids toys would you advertise on Nickelodeon?  Selling real physical gold and advertising on Fox is called good marketing because there is a larger concentration of people who want to buy gold to hedge dollar debasement watching that channel than any other.  Regardless of my own or my companies political views… it’s just a smart way to reach people who genuinely want access to the product I sell… period.  I own a business and I employ good people.. with kids!  You want to purposely do a bad job of marketing my business because you have a personal issue with an entertainer… really?  So these people’s kids will eat less or maybe I have to fire employees because it’s slow??  Get lost man!  You, not Glenn Beck, seem to have forgotten what America stands for.

Get smart and get some Gold.. or go push your BS agenda on someone stupid enough to care about it.  If all the companies in America were all more efficient and successful THAT’s what will build a better America.  Not you fear mongering small business that are trying to keep people employed.  And BTW… EVERY client that has ever bought gold from me has a portfolio that has risen in value… can the stock brokers and bankers of America say that??

Get smart… Get some Gold.

Warm Regards,
Damon M. Geller

Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc.
15200 Sunset Blvd. Suite 202
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
tel: (866) 925-6626  x1002
fax: (310) 454-2194

“Paper is poverty… it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.”
- Thomas Jefferson

Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc. is a Glenn Beck sponsor. Please feel free to contact them and tell them how you feel about their response.

Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc.
15200 Sunset Blvd. Suite 202
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
tel: (866) 925-6626
fax: (310) 454-2194

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12 Responses to “Response Received From Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc.”

  1. I also got a nasty response from him, personalized to me specifically. I sent it to this website via the contact us page. I cannot believe this man claims he is a professional. I wonder how many people are possibly going to be out a lot of money if this guy decides to cut and run with profits with his “I am superior” attitude? I cannot believe that while he was slamming me and my opinions, he was trying to get me to buy from him at the same time. I’m the manager of a store, if I had that attitude toward people they would never shop with us!

  2. Ok, I broke down and replied to him (I know, my bad): With “all due respect” to you,
    I am a small business manager and I could not come up with a better way to dissuade customers than you just gave. While you spew vile words out one side of your mouth you attempt to gain my business over other companies out the other. If I spoke to a potential customer the way you just spoke to me I would then have to see the “it takes 10 good things to overcome 1 bad thing said about your business” concept in action. I am assuming you are using the concept of “even bad advertising is advertising” here. Well you got it. Out of all of the responses I got today, yours was the only nasty vile one. I accept that some companies will continue to advertise with Fox’s entertainment company and they accept that I will no longer be a consumer. None of them chose such a nasty and personal response and that alone grants them respect.
    I am very thankful that I have invested elsewhere and not with you. You might like to keep in mind that people other than Fox viewers are investors. Such narrow minded thinking will not give you the continued wealth you apparently crave.
    Have a beautiful and hate free evening.
    S. Wing

  3. What a douche! He has a right to his opinion; however, it’s a shame he doesn’t seem to realize his product would be worth even More if we hadn’t traded the gold standard for a line in the Pledge of Allegiance. I wonder who his customers are anyway, since i highly doubt most Fox viewers purchase any more gold than the rest of us, unless they’re so broke they’re selling their fillings of course.

  4. Well, his company is obviously a third rung replacement for more established companies who don’t lose money by not advertising on the unfair imbalanced fox news channel. He is probably picking up cheaper space left behind in the vacuum that was left when other advertisers left. I am guessing he is considerably less than a gentlemen, at any rate.

  5. And this guy expects people to trust him? Wow, that says so much to me about the quality of business I could expect from that person. Did you notice that he cannot help but peddle his merchandise while at the same time insulting his prospective customer. Still, I can imagine why he would be drawn to somebody like Beck, they seem to share the same creepiness.

  6. Looks like a bucket shop. I don’t trust any of these guy from california.

  7. Thanks for sharing the response from Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more of your site in the future.
    .-= pete @ find wholesale distributors´s last blog ..Pricing Issues at the Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Business =-.

  8. I saw their commercial on Glen Beck today and started doing some due diligence on the company and found this site as part of that process. So I come into this without emotions and ego, just a desire to learn. I looked at the California Better Business Bureau website and it shows an A rating (very high). I suppose you can check with the California AG office too since they are registered.

    All in all, I so far agree with Mr Geller’s response. I see that he listed his title and contact info … I have no idea who the rest of the people on this site are.

    I suggest you research gold as an investment for yourself and research which companies you might do business with for said purpose. Look at what is happening in the country and the world and make a good, educated decision and leave you’re politics and emotions out of it. There is wishful thinking and then there are facts. Sometimes in life, the two don’t match! Best Regards.

  9. I, too, have done a lot of research into Wholesale Direct Metals and have found nothing by outstanding reviews and excellent BBB rating. Don’t know what all the fuss is about. We live in a FREE country (as of now) where PRIVATELY owned business’ have the RIGHT to advertise however they choose and political talk show hosts still have Freedom of Speech. No one on this site wants their own political views to be squashed…so why are you trying to squash others? That’s not playing fair.
    I, too, agree with Mr. Geller’s response. I am also a business owner and find that TRUE customers appreciate candidness.
    Let’s respect each other’s freedoms in this country.

  10. It’s surprising that the primary critic of WDM is impressed by their pricing, but bothered by the fact that WDM advertises on FOX. In fact, if it were not for his elitist attitude, in admonishing WDM for their advertising choices, he probably would have purchased from WDM.
    A business advertises to a broad range of audiences, representing their target demographics. The success, or failure, of their market demographics is best demonstrated by the success of their business … not whether they adhere to you narrow, biased political views. WDM appears to be a well established company that deals in volume precious metals, providing their customers with good service and a VERY good price for their product. Their success speaks for itself and is not based on whether you agree with their advertising practices or belief in the traditional values that made this nation great.

  11. 3leez Anonymous says:

    Its called karma buddy. No one is saying you’re wrong to have political beliefs but don’t be surprised when you lose business due to them. Enjoy bankruptcy Bozo.

    We are Legion

  12. I don’t care who they advertise with. If you think you are making a good investment with them, think again. I totally trusted the really nice rep. What a joke! So friendly and personable until I was ready to “sell”. I made 0 on my investment. By the time I paid all the costs, I was a loser!

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