You gotta love the part where Cartman uses the chalkboard to tell the student body that the school president wants to kills smurfs – similar to Beck’s OLIGARH claim! LOL

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3 Responses to “South Park Mocks Glenn Beck”

  1. brutallybilliy says:

    Rumor has it Chuck the Chipmunk is to speak at South Park Elementary next week.

  2. Sidewinded says:

    Lol I had a chuckle at this. Halfly because it’s funny and pretty true of it’s manurisms reflecting beck at times. The other half because I knew it was only matter of time before they did this.
    I disagree with their message but I love that sp makes fun of everything.

  3. Crowdaddy13 says:

    sadly, southpark is usually spot on with their political humor………..but that episode about the illegals “takin der jeebs” was off………they had a hippie liberal douche and a conservative racist redneck that was in the “construction union”……..they forgot that unions are almost exclusively liberal i guess……..but funny as hell nonetheless.

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