Put yourself in a Glenn Beck video – you can now be the target of one of his crazy conspiracy theories. Of course, if you’re a liberal, belong to a union, or your sister’s ex-boyfriend’s mother’s dermatologist’s secretary once quoted Mao, you already are. The video is courtesy MoveOn.org Civic Action, Brave New Films, and the Service Employees International Union.

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8 Responses to “Video: Glenn Beck Attacks YOU!”

  1. crowdaddy13 says:

    Well, I work for the union………so I guess I’m an america hating, red flag waving communist………..oh well

  2. Randy Scott says:

    This email was way out of line. You can make your point about beck and his insanity without making something like this. What if some jackass idiot that lives near me sees this and thinks I am a threat???? Some serious consequences could come from this. Hey, I am on your side! Dont use my name or photos like this again!!!! This was not funny to me!!!

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Randy, You aren’t serious, are you?

  4. Randy Scott says:

    I am. Look, I am on you guys side. I already boycott fox and the clowns that work there. The types of nuts that watch that station though are nuts too. They could see this and think I’m some kind of a threat to them. I know they are nuts…. I do not want their insanity directed at me though … or my family.

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    …but do you realize that the video only displays your name when you type it in? Nobody else sees it…

  6. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Two, who gives a crap if the Fox idiots and their followers think I’m a threat…….I’ve been a union rep all the way to president of a local. You know how many times I’ve been called un-american? A communist? Un-patriotic? Who cares, they are all talk….every single one of them. I can sit there and fight for peoples pay and benefits all day long and watch as middle-class americans take the side of a multi-billion dollar company. It’s crazy, but that won’t stop me from voicing my opinion, nor will it scare me.

    The reason why loons like this can get the upper hand is because people like us lay down and take it……….Randy it’s time to stand up for yourself and grow a spine, not lay down and worry about somebody calling you a few names or throwing bogus threats. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE!!!! And people wonder why their pay is stagnant? Because people dont stand up for themselves.

  7. Randy Scott says:

    I didnt type anything in. And that blackboard shot showed some of my friends names surrounding me.
    Look, I stand up for myself plenty. I have signs in my yard for christ sake that say “seek truth” and “wake up America”. Many of my neighbors think I’m a nut but I dont give a shit. We are a union family and I am always fighting for whats right. I do my share. In the 60′s I got my damn head clubbed protesting the war. I have been fighting this fight for a long time. So dont give me any shit about standing up and fighting. I wish the younger generation would fight like we did in the old days. Some do I know. Anyway, once again….. I am on your side guys. Hope you realize that.

  8. Stacey Hall says:

    I link with my facebook account and I signed up with my personal info. That is what was accessed for me when I played the video, only the information I personally gave them in the past and connections I allowed with my facebook account. They didn’t find any info that I hadn’t already given them. I thought it was funny as hell myself. :)

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