Coming out of Starbucks, minding her own business, Janeane Garafalo was ambushed with with questions about her comments regarding the Tea Party protesters being “racist rednecks.” She handled herself well and turned the table by pointing out some of the offensive signs and asking, several times, “Why were they not protesting for the last eight years under the Bush spending?”

YouTube Preview Image

Might I also point out the irony that it was Greta Van Susteren who aired the video. That’s right, Van Susteren, who recently denounced ambush journalism when she was watching over Todd Palin at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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60 Responses to “Janeane Garafalo Handles Ambush on Fox News”

  1. I’ve got to say she’s pretty good at speaking (and thinking, which some people don’t think is a prerequisite for speaking) on her feet. Nice find!

  2. Glad she stuck to her guns and didn’t get too rattled ;’)

    BTW, most clicks getting here got me an “Error establishing connection to database” error page, at which point refreshing brought up the page correctly. May want to consider a caching plugin (wp-cache, etc.).

  3. She did great, composed and funny. Also lucky the ambush was exiting a cafe rather than a bar.

  4. Great work Janeane! I love you, telling it like it is!

    I think it may be a stretch to say they were all racist, but a hell of a lot of them were. And she knows you can’t have nuance with these idiots, they see that as weakness and would try and destroy her if she said “ok they weren’t all racist, just some of them”.

    They fact is a LOT of them were “birthers”, a LOT. And since none of the needed to see a white presidents birth certificate, that can only be racism!

  5. She is right on. She’s pretty hot too.. :)

  6. Any one who makes fun of the teaparties is a fucking loser.

  7. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sam, I just installed the Super Cache plugin, so hopefully that will resolve that issue. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  8. Here is the problem, yeah, W should have vetoed the hell out of a bunch of the spending bills that came across his desk. Why he didn’t I don’t know, maybe to make nice, maybe to leverage his position to get funding for the war. But the amount of spending proposed by Obama and the Democrats is growing the deficit by 5 times what it was during the previous administration and only promises to get worse. With the tax increases he has promised, the welfare payments to the non-taxpayers (AKA tax relief), the promise of national health care and all the rest, the tipping point was reached.
    Why didn’t we protest during the last 8 years? For the same reason we didn’t protest during the Clinton years. Conservatives don’t do that. We vote them out of office when we have had enough. Witness Bush Sr. after breaking his “No new taxes” pledge.

  9. Mythril says:

    First of all, I did protest Bush.

    Second, near the end there we knew he was leaving office, why would you protest someone you already know is leaving office?

    You do understand that most tea party people would love for us to prosecute Bush & Cheney and anyone else who authorized or accepted authorization for torture, or any other crime they committed.

    Did you guys ever wonder why Obama’s more popular than his policies? I think it is because he talks like a level headed guy, but at the end of the day, the policies he implements are not level headed.

    You may be right that there are a few who hold the views you/Garafalo suggest but they are certainly a fringe group, and they have nothing to do with the main thrust of the protest.

    I think that many of you are committing the same crime you accuse others of: prejudice. If someone doesn’t support Obama’s policies you jump to the idea that he is a racist/right wing nutter/Republican.

  10. Mythril says:

    Have you considered that you have been duped by provocateurs?

  11. She’s is an idiot. Conservative talk radio would always speak against the Bush administration spending. Michael Savage, Rick Roberts and so on. She’s a typical clueless Hollywood bigot.

  12. The tea parties were a 3rd party political movement — not a Republican one. Which TV station were you and Janeane watching that made you believe it was a Republican movement??

  13. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I love how protesters are only patriots when they are supporting a cause you like. If they aren’t, then they are unpatriotic, un-American or Al Qaeda lovers. The wanting an apology thing is hilarious!

  14. @Geoff – of course she is quick thinking on her feet, she is a professional comedian, she has to be able to handle hecklers and the like in her line of work. Handling idiots like Faux News is like taking candy from a baby.

    And the way she ripped them a new one was great. They didn’t stand a F**king chance.

  15. Larry Fischer says:

    Outstanding. Way to go Janeane! The whole tea-bagging fiasco was a charade backed by the diddiots at Faux News. She’s right, where were they the last 8 years?

  16. Wet Hot American Summer is the best movie ever in the whole entire world

  17. Many of the people at the tea parties were just average americans who are tired of higher and higher taxes and US imperialism which by the way Obama is continuing. To call the tea parties racist is to smear everyone there, most of the people at these tea parties were not racists. Many were neither republicans or democrats. Now that liberals are in power they are acting just like the when the republicans were in power, pretending they’re guy and party is not doing anything wrong. Talk about hypocrisy. And I am a libertarian so don’t even go there, you people are so predictable.


    voted for the bailout of the superrich bankers who caused the mess in the first place
    wants to INCREASE military spending
    said nothing against the massacre of 1000+ civilians in gaza
    wants more troops in Afghanistan
    voted to keep the Patriot Act
    voted for FISA after he said he wouldn’t (right after he won the nomination) FISA is 100% fascist legislation
    voted for the resolution supporting Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon which killed 1000+ civilians
    he will keep 90% of what Bush did in place

    The left/right paradigm is a lie, wake up!

  18. Diginess says:

    Hey Mythril, you’ve got to be the most level-headed sounding Republican I’ve heard in a long time. However, sadly enough, your party has been hijacked by religious-right, ignorant, lowest denominator interests. These interests purport to have moral values but support torture. They don’t care about the country’s values, only some strange idea of religious power, from the best I can tell. Where were the religious leaders when people were being arrested and held for years without trial, when the prisoner of war definitions were being changed by someone without the mental capacity to be screwing with the legal system, when Habeus corpus was being threatened, when atrocities were being done according to policy, when you have the president lying about everything under the sun from what intelligence was out there to why we were at war? Why did he need to institute mass wiretapping, and there he went lying about that too. Did he tell the truth once? Too bad you won’t win another election for a long time. My advice to you is to join the Democratic party and institute conservative standards from within that. You’d be a welcome addition, as someone who can actually think, unlike your compatriots.

  19. Larry White says:

    Let’s recap what she said originally:

    “They are a bunch of teabagging rednecks.” This of course was echoed by the in the tank media from CNN and MSNBC.

    So literally, our wise friend Janeane must have actually had a man’s scrotum placed on her face (that was connected to a racist redneck) to have adopted so passionate a stance. It must have been horrible for her.

  20. Rick Cain says:

    Ironic that Barry Goldwater Jr. hates the modern “conservative”, he supported Ron Paul and actually referred to the Bush Presidency as “The Bush Regime”.

    Kind of shows how badly Fox Jazeera and the fake conservative followers have fallen off the path of true conservativism. The son of the father of modern conservative values thinks these folks are lunatics.

  21. I’d use the term sheep before racist.

  22. That was pretty great, I don’t know why we should really start listening to celebrities on their take on politics but she did touch some great topics that racism was a heavy component of the tea protests.

  23. So with her line of thought… because there was some idiot with a racist sign, all people in that protest where racists…. because she is on 24 with Kiefer Sutherland she must be a fighting alcoholic… The video is what everyone is screaming about, give me a break…

  24. * because there was some idiot with a racist sign, all people in that protest where racists *

    Yep…that’s it. there was only ONE guy with a sign there.

    * She’s is an idiot. Conservative talk radio would always speak against the Bush administration spending. Michael Savage, Rick Roberts and so on. She’s a typical clueless Hollywood bigot. *

    Savage is hardly a part of the mainstream GOP media. They didn’t start taking potshots at Bush until the GOP rout in the 2006 elections. Then, suddenly, you couldn’t find a person who ever voted for Dubya.

  25. There were many provocateurs with racist signs being escorted out of the protests, some were there to discredit the demonstrators. Not to divert attention from the issue that “everyone protesting ” is a “racist redneck” . But since she brought it up…..8 years ago we were being told 19 middle eastern men flew planes into the twin towers. Good time for protest? Maybe. Sending our troops overseas to fight in 2 unjustified wars. Now? Maybe. Trying to convince America they will be losing their homes, their jobs and the banks will be keeping theirs and getting bonuses that your tax dollars will be paying! OK. Tea Anyone?

  26. If I’m at a protest and I don’t take a stance against the racists people who are attending the same rally I am, you can easily say that the “I” enabled or tolerated their racist views.

    Racism isn’t acceptable, the group in attendance deserves the paint brush. Individuals do represent the group. Take responsibility and action, and then she might actually apologize if it matters to you that much.

  27. Renata Nicole says:

    She did wonderful and stayed on her toes. When someone ambushes you like that even if you are right and know what you are talking about it can throw you off guard. Go on! I don’t think they were all racist but boy there were a bunch of racist out there. She is correct that they are no longer the real conservative party and that they should have protested the Bush administration if they really felt spending was a problem.

  28. LIsten the teabaggers were protesting everything under the sun and if this wasn’t a group of Fox News stirred up rednecks I don’t know what was. Where were the minorities among the protesters? Oh, that’s right they’re all on the government dole so they’re just pleased as punch that all you hard working white folk are paying their way. No, fools it’s corporations like Murdoch’s that are happy to see the taxpayer paying for their ways and rotten ways at that. Corporate America is the real Welfare Queen. The protesters are just their pawns.

  29. The best part is that Van Susteren had nothing to say after the clip ended. Owned.

  30. Ig0r Ly$y says:

    She realy is hot!

  31. KilaWHale says:

    Hah, just another reason to love Janeane (I have The Bowler “action figure” on my desk, staring at me right now). The only disappointing part is that she’s coming out of a Starbucks. Ugh, nasty tasting stuff!

  32. She tore those idiots a new asshole. The hypocrisy of the GOP News channel is mind blowing. It’s just amazing that these are the same assholes that decry “ambush journalism” and then turn around and do this. Just: WTF GOP News? WTF?

  33. San Jose Dre says:

    Bravo Janeane!!!!

  34. Something everyone wants to overlook is that the tea parties have been happening for 13 years. The movement is not new. It was bigger than ever before, because this administration is squandering money at an unprecedented rate. No president in the history if this country has ever spent 60% of the GDP in their first 100 days. It makes me sad that the left has to try and marginalize a movement for financial conservatism by smearing it. I went to a tea party. There were blacks, hispanics and whites. Many of the people there were Democrats. The idea that this was a white, right-wing movement is ridiculous. It is truly pitiful that people think a Hollywood bigot’s opinion is truth. Independent thought is truly lost when we allow the uneducated to think for us.



    and may I add… boosts her “hotness 10 fold”

  36. Right Hook says:

    I Caucus With Patriots!

  37. Umm, people care what she has to say about anything? She’s a comedian and b actress.

  38. they are blind says:

    I wonder if there was a single person at one of these teabag parties that did’nt vote for Bush. You could ask each person individually why they did not protest bush’s doubling of the deficit and do you know what they will say…………….Nothing because they have no answer. They watch fox news for what to believe in. We saw what happens when these people run the country, they ruin it ( and yes I know that the democrats were also to blame for going along with almost everything). Both parties are crap and the true conservatives have nowhere to go. This all happened before around the time of lincolns second term. Go look it up retards!

  39. I guess I am sick and tired of people saying: “Why were these (TEA Party / Political Dissenter) people not complaining about things during the last 8 Republican years?” I have 2 answers.

    FIRST, I was. The following website was published well before the last presidential election… USA VOTERS VOTE NO TO GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION THIS ELECTION (This was my first major exercise at learning and using this new-fangled internet social media stuff for political communication.)

    SECOND, Please gather round children and listen while I tell you that the internet did not always exist(OMG) …

    Please visit the Following link to read the rest of my response–TEA-Party–people-not-complaining-during-the-last-8-Republican-years


    Don Mashak
    The Cynical Patriot
    .-= Don´s last blog ..USA – How Can Anyone be Against Universal Health Care? =-.

  40. read this.

    Racist, Facist, whatever you want to call it, the “birthers” and their celebrity proponents are turning to intimidation politics as the country rightly tries to steer clear of their lunacy.

  41. Janeane Gerafalo makes me proud to be an American. She was ready for that idiot.

  42. Why is it any democrat with balls always happen to be women; first Hillary, now this lady. Never heard of this woman before but I’m in love – VERY impressive. She got blind-sided and still came out on top, still stuck to her guns and sent that lying hillbilly back with to the rest of the rednecks he came with with his tail between his legs. To all these republican posters ‘claiming’ “I DID complain about Bush”…YOU’RE LYING!!! Bush squandered the $225 billion surplus Clinton left him in his first two years in office….record time for turning a surplus into a deficit. He led us into an un-necessary $12 billion a month war with an added $435 million per month in interest alone. 100% of this was borrowed from China, a non-ally, communist nation. Before Bush’s first term was up he borrowed and spent more than all the previous presidents combined but there were no tea baggers in the streets. He destroyed the constitution by allowing illegal phone taps, and illegal search and seizure, illegal arresting and detaining but still no Tea Baggers; in fact, the only response from the clowns was to re-elect him. So for eight years the spending is fine, shredding the constitution is fine, lying to start a $3 trillion war is fine, never even making an attempt to get Bin Laden is fine…for EIGHT YEARS all this is fine with the trailer dwellers. Now eight MONTHS into Obamas term and now they’re upset. Now the goobers put down their spit cans and raise up off their sunken in couches from watching Jerry Springer and have the gal to call themselves patriots? If they were patriots they would have had their illiterate arses in the streets eight years ago.

  43. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    timg, Glenn Beck seems to agree with you with his statement about being better off with Obama being elected, rather than McCain, because people would have just sat on their asses for another 4 years had it been McCain/Palin.

  44. Scot

    Janeane Gerafalo has never succeeded in anything she has ever done in her life. Why such an angry person as Gerafalo would make anyone proud eludes me. She generalizes when she paints dissenters of policies of this president as racist. I find it mind bending any thinking person could so completely believe with certainty anything she would say.

    Is this how liberals handle things, demean them or sell something to turn off dissent? Soon they will want to shut down radio and TV stations and then burn books. Mao would be proud.

  45. Robert Reid says:

    I would love to answer Garafalos question regarding why protestors were not present during Bush era. This president is on track to spend more than Bush, Clinton and Bush Sr. combined. Presidents lie, the Cbo does not. Shame on the fox news producer for not bringing up these facts. Pitiful journalism, I think he needs to stay on the other side of the camera. Also Garafalo needs to stick to what she does best, which is um oh nevermind.

    Read more:

  46. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    jfhubel, She hasn’t done anything? Who are you? What’s your name again?

    Robert, Perhaps you could answer this: What protests did Fox News promote and/or Fox News personalities help organize prior to Obama being elected President?

  47. FNB? Is that your name?

    I don’t think she has a job at this point. her last gig was a bit part on a few episodes of 24 hours. The cast agreed to strike if she were allowed back. Anyway it matters not who I am but it nonetheless does not prevent me from making honest observations of Ms. Garafalo’s very limited success if one were to make that stretch.

    Do you really sell gadget remotes to silence TV stations you don’t agree with. Do you sell matches also so we can burn books or maybe ear plugs in case we get to close to a banned radio station? All this time I thought liberals were in favor of free speach.

  48. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    “Do you sell matches also so we can burn books”
    No, I’m not a religious right wing nut.

  49. FNB,

    OK, you win. Right wing, opps, I meant “religious right wing nuts” want to burn books. You only want to turn off TVs that carry things you don’t want to see or hear.

    Personally I try to read and watch all points of view. It prevents me from becoming like a fish that doesn’t know it’s wet.

  50. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    “You only want to turn off TVs that carry things you don’t want to see or hear.”
    You’re wrong again. What I don’t want to see, or hear, is false advertising – Fox News is entertainment, so they shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves “news,” which leads people to believe that they broadcast 100% truth 24/7. That is hardly the case and, if they were on Comedy Central, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal… of course, there are right wingers who believe Colbert is on their side… so, I guess you just can’t help some people…


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