Want to block Fox News from your cable or satellite TV? Here you will find step by step instructions on how to either remove or block the Fox News Channel from some of the top providers.

AT & T U-Verse (sign up)
Control who watches what with parental locks
You can make specific channels and types of programming accessible only with a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
1 Press menu. Use the BROWSE arrows to select options, then channel options. Press OK.
> A lock appears next to parental locking if a PIN is already set and locks are on.
> An open lock means that a PIN is set but no parental locks are in effect.
> No lock means that no PIN has been set.
2 Select parental locking and press OK.
3 Enter your PIN. If no PIN has been set, use the remote’s keypad to enter a new four-digit PIN. (Press delete to clear an entry.) You will have to enter it twice.
4 The parental locking screen will appear, with all of your locking options.
Locking specific channels
1 From the parental locking screen, use the down arrow to select change next to channels. Press OK.
2 Use the up/down arrows to select channels in the list.
> Press OK to lock a channel. A lock symbol will appear. Press OK again to unlock it.
> To unlock all channels, use the left arrow to select unlock all. Press OK.
> To view only the locked channels, select view locked only. Press OK then exit to live tv.
Hide channels in the guide
Hidden channels will not appear in the guide or when browsing, but you can still tune to them using the remotefs keypad (see p. 11).
1 Press menu. Use the arrows to select options, then channel options. Press OK.
2 Select customize channels. Press OK.
3 Use up/down arrows to select channels. To hide a channel, press OK. The check mark will disappear. Press OK again to remove it.
> To remove all channels, use the left arrow to select uncheck all. Press OK.
> To see only the channels in your favorites list, select view checked. Press OK.
4 Select save and press OK to exit.

Set Parental Controls using the Quick Menu (Digital Cable)
1. Press the Menu button on your remote to bring up the Quick Menu, and select the Lock icon to access the Locks Setup screen.
2. Enter your four-digit Locks Personal Identification Number (Locks PIN). (Note: If you are setting locks for the first time, you will be prompted to create a Locks PIN. This ensures your settings cannot be modified without your consent.)
3. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to choose your selections, including blocking title, rating, or channel.
4. Press the OK/Select button on your remote to make your selection.
To lock a program or recording (DVR)
1. Press the Lock button on your remote. -OR- Select the Lock icon from the Program Information screen in the on.screen program guide.
2. Enter your four-digit PIN. If you are setting a lock for the first time, you will be prompted to set a four-digit PIN. This ensures your settings cannot be modified without your consent.
3. Lock the channel, title, or rating using the on-screen prompts.
A Lock Indicator will appear next to the title in TV Listings to let you know the program is locked.

Dish Network (sign up)
Creating or Changing Channel Locks
You can lock any channel, including Pay-Per-View channels.
1. Press the MENU button.
2. Select the Locks option.
3. If the receiver is locked, enter the password using the number pad buttons.
The receiver displays stars (*) as you enter the digits of the password. When
you enter the fourth digit of the password, the receiver highlights the OK
option. Press the SELECT button.
4. Select the Channel Locks option.
5. Highlight the channel that you want to lock. If necessary, press the UP or
DOWN ARROW button to see the channel. You can also enter each
channel number using the NUMBER PAD buttons.
6. Press the SELECT button to lock or unlock the highlighted channel. If the
checkbox next to the channel has a checkmark, the channel is locked.
7. Select the Done option to save the changes.
8. If the receiver is not already locked, you must lock it to put the locks you
just created into effect.
How to Delete Channel(s) from the Favorite List:
1. Press the Menu button on the remote to open the Main Menu.
2. Select the Favorites option.
3. Select the desired Favorite List.
** This does not apply to the All Chan, All HD and All Sub list.
Note: A check will appear next to the “Selected List” to indicate the selection.
4. Select Modify List.
5. From the channels list, highlight and select the desired channel(s).
6. Note: The check will disappear to indicate that the channel(s) has been deleted. Select the Save option to save all changes to the Favorite List.
1. Press the Home button on the remote.
2. Select TV Listings
3. Select By Favorite channels
4. Select Set Up Favorites
5. Choose the List
6. From the channels list, highlight and select the desired channel(s).
7. Select Done

DirecTV (sign up)
Setting Parental Controls
1. Press MENU button on your remote and select PARENTAL, then EDIT SETTINGS. Look for the selections that indicate “Ratings,” “Channel Blocks,” “Spending” or “Hours”
2. Follow the easy-to-understand on-screen directions
3. Select LOCK NOW and you will be asked for a personal identification number (PIN)
4. After setting up, you will need to enter your PIN to access restricted programming

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