The following are basically issues that are frequently brought up and usually have no relavance to the original topic. Therefore, instead of typing and retyping responses, they will be posted here and linked to in the future.

How can I boycott if I don’t watch Fox News? Not watching Fox News Channel is a small part of the boycott – You are urged to boycott sponsors of Fox News and their personalities including Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. Please, also, boycott any company who airs Fox News Channel in their place of business.

What should I send Fox News sponsors? provides a sample letter that you can send, or use as a template. If you write your own letter, please be sure to keep it professional, address the facts, and make your point clearly concisely. Leave the irrational ranting to Fox News fans.

What else can I do besides boycotting? There are many ways to support the anti-Fox News movement. You can contact democrats and progressives to stay off Fox News and/or donate to so-called enemies of Fox news. Also, be sure to spread the word about!

How can I help support Simply taking the time to visit, read, comment, share, etc. is greatly appreciated. If you would like to do more, you can make a donation, advertise, purchase books or anti-Fox News clothing. Also, be sure to support sponsors of FNB.

What is, or is not, allowed in the comments? Basically, don’t spam, don’t harass, stay on topic, etc. Much more detail is provided in the Comment Policy. Comments are moderated and spam is filtered. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who don’t bother reading the Comment Policy and post off topic rants.

What about Keith Olbermann, or _______? The “what about” line of questioning is a deterrant from the real issue. It’s a way of redirecting attention elsewhere without answering or addressing the actual topic. Plain and simple, this is a site devoted to Fox News. If someone else has more time and wants to start a site devoted to someone or something else, by all means, do it yourself. I don’t have the time.

Aren’t MSNBC, CNN, _______, etc. more biased? Based on many factors, including a Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) report, Fox News is the most biased cable news outlet. Of course, there are some people on other networks that are also biased, but not to the same extreme as their counterparts on Fox News. There is ample evidence that Bill O’Reilly uses propaganda techniques, Sean Hannity manipulates video and Glenn Beck doesn’t provide evidence to support outrageous claims.

Why are you afraid of, crying about, or upset at, Fox News? We’re not. That’s yet another ploy by the opposition to project their thoughts and feelings onto those of us who are standing up and who have had enough of the bias and hate coming from the Fox News Channel. Angry? You bet!

What about Fox News’ freedom of speech? Just as Fox News enjoys the freedom of speech granted by the First Amendment, so does Nobody is trying to take away rights granted under the United States Constitution; however, laws and ethics dictate that not all speech is free. Fox News should not be allowed to use violent and hateful rhetoric that can incite violence.

Do you distort any facts to make Fox News look worse? Does anyone really need to try to make Fox News look worse? That’s the real question. Everything posted on has a source that’s cited and is backed up by evidence, quotes, video, whatever is available. The last thing we need is another news provider that makes stuff up for ratings…

Should’t ‘Fair and Balanced’ be removed as the Fox News slogan? In many peoples’ opinions, yes. Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) found that Fox News is the most biased cable news outlet. AlterNet actually sued News Corp. to have the trademark rescinded, but the case was dismissed. However, the judge that dismissed the law suit against Al Franken by News Corp. stated that the trademark on the phrase could be invalid.

Doesn’t Fox News have the higest ratings? Ratings can be misleading and ratings aren’t everything. Firstly, many people watch Fox News Channel to see what drivel they will air next. Secondly, the average age of the Fox News viewer is 65, which is much higher than other networks. Third, the ratings Fox News brags about is for cable news only. They do not include regular network news programming, nor does it include online news sites. Fox ranks sixth, behind MSNBC and CNN, for online global news.

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