Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and Chief Executive
News Corporation
1211 Avenue of Americas
8th Floor
NY, NY 10036
Main Phone: 212-852-7000
Possible Email Addresses:

Roger Ailes
Fox News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

Bill O’Reilly

(The O’Reilly Factor)

Bret Baier
(Special Report)

Fox & Friends

Steve Doocy

Gretchen Carlson

Brian Kilmeade

Geraldo Rivera
(Geraldo At Large)

Glenn Beck
(Glenn Beck)

Greta Van Susteren
(On The Record)

Mike Huckabee

Neil Cavuto
(Your World)

Sean Hannity

Shepard Smith
(Studio B)

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37 Responses to “Fox News Contact Info”

  1. Alison DeLuca says:

    FYI – I signed up for the Presidential Prayer Team, ( which was purported to be nondenominational and nonpartisan. Today they sent me an advert for Glenn Beck’s magazine, “Fusion,” in an email, together with a special offer.

    Needless to say I emailed them and told them to remove me from their listserve, and I said I would report them to consumer watchdog groups. I can’t think of a more partisan figure than Mr. Beck.

    Could you please let your readers know NOT to sign up for this online service? It’s too bad, because all I wanted to do was to to support my president and our troops.


    Cavuto has some extremely interesting guests, too bad Cavuto dosn’t give them a chance to speak. From now on my motto will be “WHEN CAVUTO’S ON I’M GONE”. I can no longer stomach his rude treatment of his guests..

  3. Thanks for your site. I’ve been searching everywhere to find contact info for FoxNews. Your little BS boycott site gave me all the info I need to talk to the amazing people there. You guys are all losers, but thanks for helping me get in touch with Fox

    • Alan Kovner says:

      Given it’s you, I would have thought they (those
      “amazing people”) would have sent you a secret coded message. Why do you think an iNTERNATIONAL
      CORP. (many phones,Email, huge mail rooms) is so
      hard for YOU to contact? You “LOST” when you tried.
      Questions? Avram

    • FOX news ONLY goal is to instill fear and foster addiction to reactionary behavior so that you will continue to be controlled by big corporate world sponsors who ultimately want to control your behavior by supplying negatively biased information to feed on your existing hatred.

      This way you will continue to worship short term materialism and continue to buy, watch and believe their “stuff”. This will placate your emptiness inside. There is NO Peace in that way, only further addiction to life-zapping adrenaline and the half-assed attempt one feels at thinking one is doing the right thing by listening to fools who are biased and intentionally try to escalate your fear to need to buy, watch and believe more, more, more.

      The carrot at the end of a stick.

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Glad I could help. I’m sure FNC would love to know that one of their sheep has not gone astray, but note that this “little BS boycott” has cost Beck well over 100 sponsors and his show in the UK has been w/out a sponsor for almost a week.

    • If Fox news continues to retain the services of people like Hannity, Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin AND THE ‘huffing and puffing’ former U.N Ambassador John Bolton, then it’s plain sailing to victory for the Democratic Party in the next Presidential elections.

  5. Karen Gibson says:

    It is truly a sad time in our country when people will support a “news network” that constantly disrespects our President. Referring to him as the “annointed one” and often calling him Obama instead of President Obama. Republican or Democrat, it doesn’t matter, the simple fact that Fox News would constantly degrade our President is a disgrace, not to mention un-American. They love to preach, truth, justice and the American way, but ONLY if you share their oppinion, do not question their motives and “jump on the ban wagon” with them. Fox News, you are the ones who are ruining this country. There is no doubt in my mind that you are the ipitomy of a HATE GROUP!

    • sleepergirl says:

      Excuse me. I would remind you how the Democrat media complex eviserated George Bush. It’s Americans like you who “annointed” the One, who promised to calm the wind and the seas. I am thankful that we have FNC so we get information and news without the continuous demoralizing bias from the Left. I can listen without getting a headache and stomach acid.

      • Alan Kovner says:

        Demorilizing from the “Right” is better? I want
        you to give one, that’s right (as correct)just
        one incident of any other news org.using sar-castic,condesending language.Can you tell what
        Journalism means vs. Fox? It’s called impartial
        (not opinion, news reporting), truth (everything is validated), responsibility for self. Sound like Fox? Everything everybody does
        opposing “Righties” is morally decadent,nation
        destroying and they eat babies. Journalism?
        What you want is your business. But, Foxs’ver-sion is a Bedtime Story for Trolls. Avram
        PS: One instance. Just one. I’ll check back.

        • Alan Kovner says:

          Oh, and the poor “eviserated”Bush is a mur-
          derer of 8000+ of our kids. And, by the way,
          21/2tril under the table. !00s of people
          that didn’t have to die after Katrina. Neg-
          ligent Homicide.Know how many Iraqies were
          killed while we were “saving” them? Does
          it matter? How do the parents, bro./sis, wives, husbands feel about “Poor’W’? I’ll
          hold-up while you get the Tums.AvraM

  6. You can be sure that of today, I will boycott all the products that you advertise that are on Hannity’s time, and my friends will do the same.

    Hannity is is the epitome of rudeness and boorishness. Why does the Fox administration allows him to insult the President by calling him, “the annointed one?” And he isnults the guests that appear on his show. Don’t you administrators have any sense of decency and propriety when talking about the Presidentof the US?
    And then, there is that stupid football. What are you, CEO’s and Hannity trying to prove? Why do you allow it? Don’t you know that other countries seeing your news programs will think that you are insane?

    As I said, as of today, I am boycotting all the products that you advertise on Hannity’s show.

    This sentiment is snowballing. I advise you to fire Hannity, immediately!

    Dr. Joseph Adan, Ph.D.

    • sleepergirl says:

      I could read all these comments and reply all day, but I have better ways to occupy myself. I love Hannity’s show, although I skip the panel because he often has “fluff” guests. I especially am grateful that he is fulfilling his main job as a journalist/news reporter and vetting the 2012 Democrat candidate for president. I know most of what he’s broadcasting, but it needs to be aired for other Americans.

    • Alan Kovner says:

      SleeperG:Hes’ NOT a Journalist. His conclusions are predetermined, his attitude is biased, and he is wrong most all the time, because the “facts” are twisted andrearranged. He once called the unemploy-
      ment #s 2% more than the official #s. He counted
      people 2X who lost a second job! The number of the
      moment IS THE NUMBER. How many believed him? That’s
      their fault, but a “Journalist” reports it as it is.
      Period. Truth. It matters. Really. Alot. Avram

    • I just couldn’t believe what Sean did today! He invited Swift Boat people to his program to talk about how to go against John Kerry who is to be nominated as Secretory of Defense under Obama. What is going on???

  7. Alan Kovner says:

    I came here because Fox has some “default” on its website. I
    don’t kinow if it’s legit. However, O’Reilly and Hannity are not. Despite all fact to the contrary they keep giving Bush partial credit for finding BenLadin. EVERY Intelligence Op. repeatedly reports that NEW methods HAD to be used and they discarded most of the old info. and proceedures as useless.
    Maybe you people missed the dozen or so times Bush said, “Not
    interested anymore”. Or, “I’ve stopped thinking about him”. OR,
    “Who”?He bungled this as with most everything else. The one time that “SP.Ops.” had him (BinLaden), Bush bailed out. .He (Bush)is a jackass. What does it make O’Reilly & Hannity for
    giving false credit for strictly fraudulent reasons. It’s called lying,.Who is the real problem in this country?They are. I like to keep tabs on the lying wretchs at Fox but, their spon-sors, etc have not and will not get dime from me. (Beck is a very disturbed person. I’m a psychologist for 28yrs,. Beck is
    scarey in his persucatory thinking) These other two are whores to the network and have committed many many breaches of trust to their listeners. Of equal disrturbance are their listeners
    who just buy their refuse and never bother to check on the info.
    They must be confronted on every lie,twist and accusation.
    Thanx For This Op.,
    Alan Kovner

    • Alan Kovner says:

      Psych,Phd, me, 32yrs. Beck is Gay. It’s the source
      o9f his OC behavior aND PRESSURE-OF-SPEECH. IF HE
      could get over that, he could deal with his Border-
      line Issues. Couldn’t help myself. Old Firehorse.

  8. Lori McMillan says:

    Please don’t let Casey Anthony profit from Caylee death. That beautiful child deserves justice not her mothering become rich!!!!

  9. Linda Scheible says:

    United We Stand, There is power in numbers, We do not give blood money to baby killers, NO INTERVIEW is worth this, we will boycott ANY station, magazine etc…. who allows a killer to live Bella Vita

  10. Tracy Kay says:

    Please do not allow Casey Anthony to profit from her misdeeds. Even in her own best case scenario, she concealed the death of her child and then lied to authorities. I do not for one moment believe her story… it is my honest belief that she did indeed kill her child. Either way, if you pay Casey Anthony for her interview and allow her to benefit from her horrific actions, I will boycott any and all FOX programming. The anti-Casey Anthony movement is growing fast and strong. Choose wisely.

  11. has a comment forum called Disqus that allows average readers to comment on articles – sometimes. But lately they practice more censorship than anything else. They must be afraid of the truth and like to hide behind the curtain in the position of ‘Moderator’. I would agree that there is no place for racism, promoting overthrow of the government, etc. but they can’t handle opposing view points. So it is very ironic that the ‘Fair and Balanced’ is moderated by unknown people who screen posts for unknown words. It is like they hide in the shadows to silence people they don’t like.

    In a fair and balanced forum, the use of racist language is generally drowned out by voices of reason – just like out on the street. But Fox News is afraid of allowing free speech. And before someone condemns me for what they think I might have said, let me tell you that one day I tried to remind a particular bunch of vile and racist posters that God probably didn’t approve of their particular line of thinking. That post got blocked – reason unknown by persons unknown. And if you read their terms of service, they don’t even live up to their own terms. What a joke!! Contacting them for an explanation is even more of a joke because they won’t respond. And I thought it was illegal to deprive someone of their rights – maybe it is only if the complainer has enough legal resources to hold their feet to the fire.

    • Alan Kovner says:

      They pulled “Comments” because they got endless vile, ugly, venomous, lowlife posts (and they al-
      lowed them). half of their posts were flagged &
      were being “looked in to” after one made some
      threatening comment about the Pres. Everyone was
      getting a good look at their people. Avram

  12. One of the songs featured on the new website is “MSNBC vs. FOX”. It’s featured on the website Highlighted in the song is the biased nature of news reporting and commentary.

  13. I appreciate the currnet comments I have read. It has come to me that there is not enough words to describe how I came to think of Glen Beck (Psycho); Sean Hannity (Smurf Ball/Big Baby), direspectfull Pinko/Commie: Bill O’Reilly (Media whore an horrifying stories}, Male pig/pinko. Deny women free birth control and yet justify covered Viagra, Penial Implants and vasectomies. (All in their justification – due to dysfunctions). All is not needed to fund a males sexual pleasures. It is unnecessary and why should all the insured cover more in premiums for their sexual desires. After all, when women receive free birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies, becoming dependant on welfare, ( of which are most complaints from O’Reilly, Hannity and Who Else????? Just ask yourself who are the people willing to have the common sense to fund birth control versus all other cost to give males more sexual pleasure “Not a medical necessity, “either”. And, risk more economic welfare taxation with the outcome of single parent child birth. Does this take a “Rocket Scientist” to analyze what I have, and know the right answer in our state of economicy, and that mostly males complaining about the cost of welfare will not agree to funding birth control. If I could, I would be standing on every street corner handing out B.C. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT – MALE POWRER PLAY AND PARTISAN BEHAVIOR OF THE REPUBLICS. THE BYPARTISAN WAY WOULD BE TO FUND THE BIRTH CONTROL BEFORE INSURANCE CO. DO NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE VASECTOMIES, VIAGRA, AND PENIAL IMPLANT FOR MALES OWN PLEASURE WITHOUT PROCREATION. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU MALES AND WOMEN WHO WILL NOT SUPPORT THE FUNDING OF BIRTH CONTROL. IT IS ABSOLUTE IGNORANCE.

  14. char mcree says:

    Hey Fox News there are women like me who would like to see some hunks on your website. Your front page is turning into a playboy site and I’m tired of it.

    • I think Fox needs to rid themselves of all the black, red & bleach (with ugly dark roots) they have in the salon. All the old wrinkled up faces give their ages away so the stupid hair color is useless. All that ugly dye makes the people look older (if that’s possible.

  15. Fox news is so far to the right that I just quit watching those clowns. Hannity, O’Rielly and that crazy Miller are so biased that they have ruined a good news organization. All three should be fired.

  16. If conservatives want to define the legality of ‘marriage’, then let’s define the legality of applying the term ‘News’ to any program permitted on public airwaves. To be defined as ‘News’, you must follow the non-partisan section of 501(c)(3) guidelines. aka…you cannot perform political activism on your show.

    Leave the news to neutral organizations so that we can be informed of what is going on, not what people want us to hear.

  17. Ken Dahinden says:

    Does Hannity or O’Rielly ever shut up long enough to let a guest finish a sentence. I they don’t like what they hear, they immediately try to shut them down! Very annoying and causes many to turn them off!!

  18. dear morons. i have been watching fox and friends for a few years. thought you guys knew what u where talking about. i didnt vote for obama, now that i see who u really are, wish i did. tired of you nocking the unions. your crap stinks . i worked 30+ yrs in the auto indrusty and have to say,its not what you say it is. you cannot say that everyone working for a union are just like a few bad seeds. it is the exact same thing as lying. damn, i hate liers. you had me fooled and im ashamed. i will support the dems from now on. you can take your low life fox and friends and scanks and put where the sun dont shine anymore. i will never ever watch your show again. now i have to tell my friends they were right…..

  19. This is an email I just sent to email about autism/asperger’s having something to do with with the Connecticut shooters violence. It’s long, but please read and pass on if you want!

    Mr. Hannity: I have been a LOYAL follower of your show; right up until tonight! I am the PROUD parent of a 15 year old boy, who doesn’t weigh more than 120 lbs, is 6’5″ tall, trips over his own shadow, and is diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury with Residual Autism! To suggest, even remotely, that Autism and/or Asperger’s played a part (when you are merely even at this point speculating about a medical condition) in the shooting spree of the most recent murderer, just set all children with this condition back in the eyes of their peers. THANKS A LOT! Do you think before you talk? Did you stop to think for one moment the harm you maybe doing to people with these conditions, or has the sensationalism of the moments tragedy become more important? My son goes through more trials and tribulations during a school day than I bet you have ever experienced in your whole pathetic life. He is constantly being judged and treated like a lower life form by other kids because of his Autism, and yes, I have seen it first hand. Do you not realize how powerful your comments are? Do you not care? My son is afraid of his own shadow, so even to suggest an association by you is just plain sickening. Thanks a lot Mr. Hannity, how many people, especially our children, with Autism or Asperger’s did you just alienate even more due to your comments? My Spouse and I will no longer be watching Fox News, PERIOD! Why don’t you come to Utah and meet my Son, and spend some time getting to know him, and then you won’t be so much of an misinformed idiot!!! Yes, I am sitting here in tears, as I never thought that you, of all people, could be so mean and callous. Live With That!!! Jason H, Salt Lake City Utah.

  20. We don’t have TV, but we have a computer, so get our news from Fox news, and we like Fox news. My “gripe” (if you will) is that for a conservative channel, why are the women dressed so immodestly? They are pretty, and shapely, but why do they have to flaunt the low necklines and short skirts on a channel that’s watched by families with children?

  21. I am writing to inform you of the very poorly executed activity and deplorable treatment of kids during the Fox 8 News Broadcast and the NFL Experience today at the Convention Center.

    My students as well as about 20-others ( all varying in age) arrived to the NFL Experience at 4:40am- asked to us by the Fox 8 contact Alan Hall. No-one told us where to go, or sit so we all assumed an area off to the side with tables and chairs was the best place for us to go. Due to the excitement of the kids it almost went unnoticed that NO-ONE even acknowledged their presence or greeted them until about 6:00am. Segment after segment went by and everyone took it upon themselves to engage with the television personalities and take pictures to fill their time.

    A little after 6:00am, Kevin Ward, an assistant on set, came over and gathered the students. They passed out footballs and asked them to go on the field area and “toss the ball back and forth”. The kids were given footballs and proceeded to the field. After tossing the balls around for about 5-10 minutes they were asked to come off of the field area. In my observation of the live shot it did not seem as if the kids were even captured very much to be on TV, but more to be fillers for the background.

    Around this time, Drew Brees entered the building and the kids, understandably so were ready to pass out from excitement. They waited until his live segment was over and hesitantly approached Mr. Brees for autographs. Again, the kids were never advocated for. No one asked Mr. Brees for a photo opportunity with him like the other groups that were present, they all took it upon themselves to do this. After a few minutes, Mr. Brees had to exit the building, but not before signing numerous footballs and fulfilling the dreams of several students. I felt a small sense of satisfaction after asking my children to rise up as early at 3:00am to attend this event after seeing the looks on their faces from meeting Mr. Brees and obtaining his autograph.

    After this, we were again directed by Kevin Ward to go over to a small part of the NFL Experience set-up. The kids ran around, especially the younger ones, for about 10 minutes while Mr. Ward tried to get their attention and very loosely told them what to do. They ran through a bit and then he told everyone to meet back at 6:58 for the live shot.

    As everyone dispersed, I personally sought out the producers of the show to give them some constructive criticism on how things were running and inquire as to if the kids were actually going to speak on air at any point. I came upon Mr. Alan Hall and Mr. Sean Groman at this point. I expressed to them that it is very taxing to get young teenagers up in the morning, but 3:00am is very difficult considering no one came over to involve us in anything until 6:00am. I told them that it would have been helpful to have some direction/engagement for the kids, as some of them were dropped off which was totally inappropriate considering there was no direction. Mr. Hall then stated to me that “(he) didn’t understand what the problem was, they ( kids) got to walk around and touch animals and see Drew Brees and stuff.” I then told him that I understand, but that was only because they took the initiative themselves to do it with some encouragement from adults. I also told him that for tomorrow he should definitely NOT let people drop kids off for this event. I received some push back, but ultimately it was received well. Mr. Groman was a bit too busy to speak with me at that time, which again was understandable.

    We all prepared for the last segment at 7:00am. The kids ran the small drill course for about 1 minute in the live shot and we were then asked by Mr. Ward to move to the side and wait “We (Fox 8) might come back to you at the end- we might not. Right now I don’t know.” At this point most adults wanted a solid answer about if we should stay or not. Mr. Ward replied “don’t ask me I’m just the messenger.”

    I went to seek the answer again from Mr. Hall or Mr. Groman. I found Mr. Hall and asked him about it and explained that these children are still expected to go to school so a solid answer would help. I then asked on behalf of the other kids if this was all they were going to do for the day. He replied that “(he) didn’t know and that it was a live show.” Approximately 3 minutes later Mr. Ward came over and yelled to the kids “okay guys that’s it- we’re not gonna need ya’ anymore- thanks you can go home!” Someone inquired about a football that did not get signed and he replied “You can take the balls we’re gonna get all new ones.” Clearly all of the kids were VERY disappointed- expecting MUCH more for the NFL Experience and Fox 8.

    Myself as well as some other parents wanted to speak with someone regarding how the kids were dismissed and how it really was a bit unorganized. We were avoided by Mr. Hall and Mr. Groman so we decided to leave. As we attempted to walked out the kids were all stopped by security and had their autographed balls by Mr. Brees TAKEN OUT OF THIER ARMS. This is when we encountered Mr. Noah Gold with the NFL Experience. He said that they have to “take all the balls and they were sorry.” The kids pleaded with him and security to keep them, but he insisted that they could not keep the balls and that Fox 8 did not have the right to tell us we could keep them. The kids were very reluctant to give them up and Mr. Gold said “don’t think about taking them, no one is leaving here with these footballs.” All of the balls were handed over to security and the kids, at that point had been completely robbed of their entire experience.

    I explained the entire story to Mr. Gold and he was very compassionate in listening. I told him that I would rather write a check right now than to have them take these footballs from the children. Mr. Gold then stated that it would “come out of his check” and the only way that it would work is if Fox 8 decided to pay for the footballs upfront themselves. He went on to tell me how expensive the footballs were and I replied that there is no price tag on the dignity of children.

    I waited around to get the names of all the people involved, and the kids started advocating for themselves. One young man asked what the special surprise was and he was told “you were on television weren’t you?”

    I barely got an apology from Mr. Hall about the mess of the event and we all left with nothing but heartbroken and very tired children.

    I am more than sure that this is not how the NFL, Fox 8, and most certainly not Mr. Brees, would want the children of New Orleans feeling after leaving an event like this. It was poorly executed and tasteless not to let 10-12 kids take balls that were signed for them by Mr. Brees. I am more than sure the replacement of them wouldn’t have made much of a difference at the end of the day. The communication between the NFL Network and Fox 8 was piss poor and the currency of this transaction was children’s dignity- and not just any children the children of New Orleans.

    If this were your child- would you have let this happen? Would you have accepted this?

    I am urging someone-if you could find it in your hearts to do something to give these children an experience that they deserve, and prevent this poorly executed event to happen again tomorrow morning to our children to please do so.

    With Children First,

    Noell Lugay


    Cohen College Prep Middle School

    3520 Dryades St.

    New Orleans, LA 70115

  22. Amy Flowers says:

    I stumbled on your website while googling something else, what a joke you are. If you get less than 800 responses in a poll you aren’t very relevant nor are you intelligent. I’m a Democrat but watch Fox to educate myself and learn both sides of an issue.

    If you ever really watched Fox you would know that they are fair and balanced, I suspect that none of you have ever really watched any of their shows.

    To the person who commented on disrespecting the President remember that you get the respect you earn!

  23. Douglas Tiffany says:

    I have watched Fox News for many years now because they are the “fair and balanced” network. I can not stand to watch CNN, NBC, ABC or their affiliates.
    I do have a BIG problem with Fox News though and that is the fact that they do not concentrate on the REALLY important issue that is on the minds of millions of listeners-the legitimacy of Obama and the fiasco of Benghazi. Any intelligent citizen realizes that something REALLY bad underlines that tragedy. If FOX News had the intestinal fortitude to cover these subjects, we, the American public, would have a far better opinion of FOX News.
    Do you have the “GUTS” to step up to the plate.
    Real legitimate evidence proves that Obama is a fraud and should NOT be sitting in the Oval Office.
    Stand up and be counted or fall on your knees and kiss the feet of Obama.
    If 33 survivors of the Benghazi attack have had their identities changed or have been advised to keep silent then there is really something bad that someone wants kept a secret.
    Be a decent news organization and find out what is happening or are you afraid of being labeled “RACIST”?????
    I say “CRAP” to that.

  24. As far as the news is concerned, Fox is entitled to present its point of view. As a viewer in Israel, Fox is doing its best to push me to other channels by showing the same “extras” over and over and over again. It is particularly annoying when a segment in June refers to the upcoming investiture of the Pope or the upcoming US presidential elections or the “shoe lady” presenting her essential wares. If you are greeting us abroad, why don’t you have segments showing what it is like to live abroad or the beautiful areas in other parts of the world.

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