Enjoy the Fox News haikus* posted below, which were prompted by the original haiku here.  Submit your own in the comments, or via Twitter and they may be added to this page.

Fox can dish it out,
Their attacks on Obama,
But Fox can’t take it.

A Fox News fanboy
Always demands truth and facts,
But never provides.

A community of dolts
Loving bigotry.

White House takes on Fox
After years of Fox’s Lies.
Fox News the victim?

Glenn Beck deserves to
Be locked in a padded room
Crying self to sleep.

Glenn Beck is a loon,
never alone with voices
In his fat numb skull.

The Glenn Beck Program,
Showcasing his absolute,
Lack of sanity.

Bill O’Reilly loves,
To love staffers with Loofah,
Settles out of court.

Sorry to be caught,
Hannity’s apology,
Not sorry for lies.

* The plural of haiku is haiku, but it doesn’t rhyme with Fox News, thus the use of “haikus” ;)

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6 Responses to “Fox News Haikus”

  1. disinformation
    your owners send it daily
    courtesy Murdock

  2. I can’t write Haiku
    As good as the rest of you
    But read my long poem.

  3. Crowdaddy13 says:

    right-wingers are dumb
    they are full of pedophiles,
    closet gays as well.

    they pray at their church
    but molest small children,
    beware of them all.

  4. Fox’s baby Beck
    Sheds phony tears for ratings
    Will he wet his pants?

  5. Glenn releases “Plan”
    Is he in league with Satan?
    Here’s proof that he is.

  6. Glenn’s Plan is inspired
    By a much Greater Power.
    But which one is it?

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