The following Fox News definitions (Foxinitions) are courtesy @shoq on Twitter (see #foxionary).

CHICKENFOX (n) Rightwing anchors/pundits who still think Iraq is a win but who would never serve.

EXFOXIATE (v) To scrape away dead skin cells after exposure to a Fox News Channel broadcast.

FOXATION (n) Obsessive, fact-free assertion or logic, packaged for populist consumption by the Fox News Channel

FOXERGY (n) A limitless source of thermal energy, resulting from hot air emanating from Fox News Channel hosts.

FOXHOLE (n) 2. Person who retweets or otherwise echos Fox News misinformation

FOXHUNT (n) A search for female Fox News Channel anchors with good nails, hair, and a GED in journalism.

FOXIC WASTE (n) Poisonous, ideology-based nonsense deliberately spewed into the air by a FOXHOLE.

FOXICATE (v) To have sexual relations with a Foxhole.

FOXISM (n) Religion requiring believers to surrender critical thinking so they may be more easily lied to by Fox News

FOXSIMILE (n) A variant of broadcast journalist, highly skilled at reading total bullshit on a teleprompter.

FOXTART (n) A female anchorperson or reporter employed by Fox news who has permission to ask questions off-script.

FOXTIFY (v) Creating something based on nothing.

FOXTROTS (n) Misinformation oozing from a FOXHOLE, usually on Fox News

HANNITIZED (a) Thoroughly cleansed of all factual content by Fox News

O’REILLED UP (a)  Consumed with fake rage over fake issues created by Fox News

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4 Responses to “Foxinitions”

  1. Kathy Southerly says:

    Foxaganda: Republican sanctioned propaganda disseminated by the Fox “News”

  2. Butch Welby says:

    Fox Americana – a nation of loud mouth, ignorant Right-wingnuts lead by “holier than thou” lying hypocrites

  3. Bulletproof Air says:

    Spinergy – The momentum false info and accusations gain from being spun so fast and furiously from the Fox News Network. Eventually, Fox Spin can gain so much Spinergy, that it will be interpreted as Factual, but only if it passes through a minimum of 3 Fox News Pundits.

    Foxing Gloves – A pair of traditional boxing gloves used to punch your tv when you hear something ridiculously Unfair and Unbalanced.

    Foxy Lady – Foxy Ladies are responsible for Fox’s high viewer rating to low brain activity ratio. These Blonde Bimbos that can’t utter an intelligent word, but keep middle-aged men glued to their tvs, cursing their wives. There is currently speculation that they play a role in a Republican Infidelity Conspiracy.

    InFOXicated – The state of inebriation a Fox Viewer displays when he/she is attempting to hold a debate using “Facts” from Fox News.

  4. Joe Crowson says:

    Diseases or illnesses caused by fox news.

    Foxaholism- a rightwinged disease where one cannot get enough of fox news. every waking moment he is trying to get his fox fix.

    Foxarrhea- when you hear something so repulsive on fox you unintentionally crap your pants.

    Acute foxititis- similar to foxarrhea but it comes up the other way. Symptoms are vomiting, puking and acid reflux

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