Before we get to the list, there’s a term Fox News viewers should learn… Reductio ad Hitlerum. Reductio ad Hitlerum is an informal fallacy, which equates to playing the “Nazi Card.” It’s used to link any similarity of a policy to that of Adolf Hitler or the Third Reich, thus “proving” that the policy is undesirable. In other words, guilt by association. (i.e. “Hitler was a vegetarian, so vegetarianism is wrong [because it leads to mass murder].”)

The desired effect is to distract and anger. Fox News personalities like Glenn Beck know this and use it to provide just enough information to spark emotion, but not enough that the viewers see the whole truth.

  • Beck: Obama advisers show “the kind of thinking that … eventually led to the Holocaust.” (October 5)
  • Beck likened reporting about him to “what Goebbels did.” (August 27)
  • Beck equates children singing about Obama with “Hitler Youth.” (June 17)
  • Beck: Putting “the common good” first “exactly the kind of talk that led to the death camps in Germany.” (May 28)
  • Beck: “frightening similarities” between Sunstein, Goebbels. (May 27)
  • Beck: “You can’t just change the law” to raise BP’s liability cap; “Is that what we fought the Nazis for?” (May 4)
  • Beck: Progressives use “democratic elections” to push dictators — “Hitler, ‘democratically elected.’” (April 28)
  • Beck: “Progressives build the structure that a communist, a Marxist, a Nazi would love to have.” (April 22)
  • Beck invoked “first they came for the Jews” poem to respond to ad boycotts. (April 8 )
  • Beck invokes Nazis to attack worker ID cards: “It was only one of the first things that Hitler did.” (March 9)
  • Beck: Obama campaign videos were Goebbels-like “propaganda.” (February 16)
  • Beck documentary linked progressives to Hitler.
  • Beck on NEA conference call: “You should look up the name Goebbels.” (November 3, 2009)
  • Beck compared Fox News to Jews during Holocaust, other news organizations to silent bystanders. (October 13, 2009)
  • Beck on Obama’s “civilian national security force”: “This is what Hitler did with the SS.” (August 27, 2009)
  • Beck told Newsmax: “I fear a Reichstag moment.” (September 29, 2009)
  • Beck said he’s “not comparing” Obama to Hitler, then urged his audience to “please read Mein Kampf” and learn from Germany’s mistakes. (August 12, 2009)
  • Beck compares media portrayal of “tea partygoers” to Nazi portrayal of anti-Nazi “complainers.” (August 11, 2009)
  • Beck links health care reform to Nazis, suggests reform would kill elderly and newborns. (August 6, 2009)
  • Beck said “the Germans” during Hitler’s rise “were an awful lot like we are now.” (June 10, 2009)
  • Beck compared car dealership closures to Nazism, warning “at some point, they’re going to come for you.”
  • Beck compared auto bailouts to the actions of German companies “in the early days of Adolf Hitler.” (April 1, 2009)
  • Beck compared TARP to “what happened to the lead-up with Hitler.” (April 21, 2009)
  • Beck airs photos of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, asks, “Is this where we’re headed?” (April 2, 2009)
  • Beck has attacked progressive organizations as “brownshirts.”
  • Beck warned of impending “national socialism.” (February 6, 2009)
  • Beck repeatedly compared Gore to a Nazi propagandist. Beck has repeatedly likened Gore to a Nazi propagandist for speaking out about global warming, notably comparing Gore to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Beck also suggested that by giving a speech to students, Gore was trying to “indoctrinate the kids” like the “new Hitler Youth” and said of Gore’s 2006 Academy Award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth: “It’s like Hitler.”
  • Beck compares Gore to Goebbels, says, “The government and its friends are indoctrinating our children for the control of their minds.” (February 5, 2009)
  • “Holocaust survivor’s story of how Nazis drove a wedge between students and parents sounds like U.N. and Gore.” (September 24)
  • “Al Gore’s not going to be rounding up Jews and exterminating them. It is the same tactic, however. The goal is different. The goal is globalization. The goal is global carbon tax. The goal is the United Nations running the world.” (April 30, 2007)
  • Beck: The Red Network — rife with racism and anti-Semitism and written by a Nazi sympathizer — did “what we’re doing now.” (June 4)
  • Beck briefly reacted to the controversy surrounding his approving citation of Dilling’s work, but refused to apologize for promoting
    her hateful work on the air. Instead, Beck attacked “the left” for calling him “a Jew-loving Nazi sympathizer.” (June 7)
  • Beck has repeatedly invoked Weimar Republic
  • Beck has used his radio and TV programs to repeatedly warn that the U.S. is becoming the Weimar Republic, the post-World War I German system of government supplanted by Hitler’s Third Reich:
  • Beck suggested that the U.S. was on course to make the “scariest mistake that Germany made during Weimar Republic.” (February 24, 2009)
  • Beck theorized that the United States, in order to pay its debts, would continue printing money and drive up inflation, at which point the country would drop the dollar as its currency and establish a new currency backed by land, which the government will seize through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Beck explained that this is exactly what happened in the Weimar Republic. (October 28, 2009)
  • Beck predicted a possible future of hyperinflation he described as “the Great Depression times 100,” adding: “This is the reason I told you two years ago, please study the Weimar Republic.” (January 5)
  • Beck said the U.S. is “devaluing the currency” through “digitizing money,” adding, “What happens when you digitize money? Weimar Republic, collapse.” (May 12)
  • Beck said that businesses working with the Obama administration resulted in a “short-term gain” followed by a “long-term loss of freedom,” claiming that “if you look at the history of the Weimar Republic,” events unfolded in a similar manner. (July 8 )
  • Beck explained deflation and hyperinflation by saying, “See if you notice any similarities of the Weimar Republic” to the U.S. economy. (August 2)
  • Beck asserted of the Weimar Republic, “the patterns are repeating itself.” [sic] (August 5)
  • Beck asked his viewers to “watch for three things” that were done in the Weimar Republic, saying that “you must educate yourself.” (August 12)
  • In a commercial for Goldline, Beck asserted that the U.S. is “officially in Weimar Republic territory.” (October 7)
  • Beck’s radio co-host Pat Gray claimed that the federal government is “taking over all our property,” with Beck adding, “That is what they did in Weimar. They just took it.” (October 15)
  • Gingrich: Obama, Dems threatening America as much as “Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did.” May 16
  • O’Reilly said liberals who support gun control are “totalitarians,” compared them to Hitler. March 2
  • O’Reilly claimed media using Goebbels tactics to push “rank propaganda.” (July 16, 2009
  • O’Reilly: Huffington Post uses “same exact tactics that the Nazis used.” (March 5, 2008)
  • O’Reilly compared Tim Robbins’ comments to those of “Von Ribbentrop in the Nazi hierarchy.” (December 13, 2007)
  • O’Reilly: Daily Kos is “like the Nazi Party.” (July 16, 2007)
  • Hannity: Using Quran for swearing-in is same as using a “Nazi bible.” (November 30, 2006)
  • Coulter on Media Matters: “little Nazi block watcher” website. (December 1, 2005)
  • O’Reilly compares Michael Moore’s “power” to what “happened in Nazi Germany.” (July 28, 2004)
  • O’Reilly likened Moore, Franken to Goebbels. (June 14, 2004)


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23 Responses to “Nazi/Hitler Obsessed”

  1. Thanks for posting this guys. I am not sure if we will ever get through to that audience that is so blinded by hate. So many of them do not listen to other news sources (like NPR, BBC, CNN, etc) because they are told by Beck and Limbaugh that those sources are filled with lies….so they continue to be brainwashed. and it is very disturbing that Rupert Murdoch plays such a game with the American audience for his own financial and political gains. How can we stop this?

  2. Regina 1959 says:

    I’ve been to a tea party meeting some months ago to see how the local area is handling their portion of this movement. All on the surface seemed genuine in their interest in concerns happening today. However, once a speaker mentioned Glenn Beck, all in the audience were shaking their head as if in agreement to the speaker’s comment about how right Glenn Beck was. It is a very sorry state that we have seemingly nice folks we meet every day and think that they are smart. Just observing this made me feel like telling them, he is only an entertainer, don’t believe his every word. Since this was my first encounter I felt I should just observe to see what they were thinking. How foolish people are to think that the likes of Beck or any other entertainment personality really is worried about them. They are only worried about making money, as expressed by Glenn Beck on an interview a few months ago, when he said, “I could give a flying crap about politics…. we are an entertainment company.” It was featured on MSNBC and a YOUTUBE showing how he gets his crocodile tears, by using Vicks vapor rub under his eyes to create the illusion of crying. All the while he is “crying..” he is laughing with his crew who is taping him and someone is also photographing him at the same time as you see flash going off. How can we convince these people that the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, et all, are only concerned with their own pocketbook?

  3. I dont get it. Progressive, liberal, democrat, I thought you were champions of free speech. Yet you boycott free speech. Glenn Beck, O’reilly, Hannity, are all ‘OPINION’ shows. Not news!!!! Anyone in this country has the right to make comparisons or to give their opinions. I would agree with you if this kind of thing happened on a news cast, from a ‘Journalist’.

    So, stop trying to stifle free speech, you bunch of NAZI’s

    • Boycotting a company for its perversion of truth and assaulting tactics on anyone who disagrees. I love how Fox perverts the minds of the youth with its TV series on one hand while on the other using its profits to push religious and fascist ideas.

      We do not boycott them for their opinions, no not by a long shot, we boycott them for their lies, 2+2 does not equal 3, they fail to bring any valid facts to a debate and in resort to shady tactics in order to push their agendas. They refuse to present counter arguments, they fail to look at all the information equally, they fail to resist expressing their personal opinions, and worst of all they make comments that endanger others through social unrest.

  4. Chris, Get ready to agree, then… It happens on FNC “news” shows just like it does on their “opinion” shows. There are plenty of examples of the “entertainment” being parroted by the “journalists.” It’s all the same.

    We are guaranteed a right to say what we like, outside of a few constraints (i.e. defamation of character, shouting fire in a crowded theater, etc.), but we are not guaranteed a national news channel that spouts falsehoods and hate under the guise of “news.” There would probably be much less uproar if the channel were called “Fox Entertainment Channel” and their slogan was “blatantly unfair and mentally unbalanced.” That would be closer to the truth with less false advertising.

    BTW, the same free speech that you seem to think we want to deny is the same free speech that enables this web site to exist.

  5. Chris: the problem is there are too many people listing to Faux new that think it’s really ‘News” and they buy into this as many people who are less intelligent do. Beck is anego maniac, who enjoys feeding people their worst fears and what he does is wrong. More importantly, it’s dangerous!! This is the reason people are allowing these morons to run in the tea party. They think, ‘They’ll show the GOP”, they’re wrong, the GOP doesn’t care because thell still get seat of power and that is ALL they want, POWER. Power to finish taking this country down if it gets them a profit, they’d sell their mother if it gave them a profit or power.We all know just a few years ago people like Christine ODonnel would have been laughed off the stage and never heard from again. It deeply shames me to know the world watches and assumes “WE are all idiots and backwards” to allow these people to “represent us”. None of them do and the justifiable anger we all feel at Government or the national situation isn’t an excuse to throw away our freedoms as women and our democracy out the window. Most of these people (like ODonnel) can’t even manage their own lives, they have no business thinking they can manage entire populations or states. The fact is regardless of what we call them once they arrive in Congress the GOP will have votes and control them and we, ‘the real people”, don’t stand a chance. The ONLY way to end this insanity is to vote out every republican and end this corp. take over of America and the purposeful dumbing down of this country. There is a reason they cut education first, dumb people are easier to manage with FEAR and the GOP uses this to their advantage to help us destroy ourselves..Vote Democrate, the country you save will then become sane again.

  6. Truth IS a defense in libel cases. Hitler’s 25 points, or Democrat Party platform? You decide:

    * We demand that all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.
    * Since every war imposes on the people fearful sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as treason to the people. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.
    * We demand the nationalization of all trusts.
    * We demand profit-sharing in large industries.
    * We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions.

  7. Show me one example of a ‘Journalist’ from FNC spouting opinion (I am sure there are a few). And I will show you 10 from NPR, CNN, HLN,NBC, ABC, MSNBC. All of the examples you list on your site are from Fox’ opinion programming. Even though it is Fox News Channel, just like CNN is Cable News Network and Headline News….whatever. They all have the ‘NEWS’ and they all have someones personal ‘TAKE’ on the news. About this hate and inciting violence? Come on man, Beck is not a hateful person and has never ever encouraged violence of any kind. Now take someone like Mike Maloy <—Violent or Olberman<—hatefull. Those two spout hate and Incite violence on a daily basis. My main point is this: the FCC and probably some other organizations have rules and regulations. If the FNC was lying about their news all day long, they would be out of business. Instead of just saying hate hate violence hate violence hatemonger hate mongerface all the time, give me some proof, something to change my mind.

    • “Beck is not a hateful person and has never ever encouraged violence of any kind.”

      This is just too easy as it sticks out like the biggest sore thumb ever. Glenn Beck told people not once but 2 times to kill Michael Moore. A Beck fanatic is now in prison for listening and trying to kill Michael Moore. That is just one (actually 2) easy example(s).

    • No one’s going to “change your mind” because it’s obvious from your subjective biases that you have no intention of looking at anything from a different point of view. You’re set in your beliefs and no amount of truth or reality is going to stop you from being a stubborn jackass. Why is it that we “liberals” always need to PROVE ourselves to you? Why would your approval mean anything to me? It’s not like you care what we have to say.

      But that’s fine, stay delusional, it’s not my problem.

  8. ALL news is based on perspective. These are not news shows, however, and I think you all give these people way to much credit. Weak minds are weak, period. They do not explore other options because they are ok with being guided. It’s like a cult. Anyone can be tempted by just the right stimulation. These ppl are easily manipulated bcuz of the state of their life, and already thought of beliefs. Do I think its wrong for these celebrities to use that? Of course! But I guarantee you if it wasn’t them, it’d be someone else. The answer is not in banning. That’s what they want btw, freedom restricted. Show the monster to be feared and come running to my arms. Now THAT is what Hitler most certainly did. It’s called scapegoating, and this tactic has been used for centuries to control the masses. Religion and politics are the two dealiest things to mankind. In them comes the strong belief systems that create fear, enabling clever others to herd. I believe evil is a man made word, but it is completely accurate in describing Beck, who in his quest to make others sound like Hitler, sounds like Hitler himself

  9. Tom Romano says:

    to Chris,
    How can you compare real news channels to FOX?? Although most news stations have their views, they verify facts before reporting the news.
    Fox makes up the “facts”. The people that watch Fox are not educated in politics and world affairs. They do not think rationally with their minds. They react to the PROPAGANDA Fox spews for the very dangerous ultra-right wing who work for the super rich corporations.
    Yet, low info voters like you support these people that view anyone that is not rich as 2nd class citizens. I hope you do not have children who you can turn into racist haters.

    • See…here we go. I am a racist hater, even though I never said anything racist or hateful. How does that happen? Why would you say something like that? I posted on this site because I don’t think it’s right to boycott anyone’s opinion, conservative or liberal, left or right, up or down. The end result is; I shouldn’t have children because they will be racist haters. What #$%^ing planet are you from man? I would love to have a thoughtful meaningful discussion about this topic, but gimme a break. I will ask again at the risk of sounding redundant and ‘RACIST’ and ‘HATEFUL’. Please offer some proof of ‘lies’,’propaganda’,’hate’ from anyone on FOX NEWS or Opinion. I am a reasonable Racist Hater and my mind has been changed before. Here is your chance.

      • Chris, whatever your problems include, lack of reading comprehension is one of them. Or it’s pure laziness. There are plenty of examples here, so learn to read, or take your trolling elsewhere.

        • Nothing I have read here on this site; Your ‘Examples’, lead me to the conclusion that Glenn Beck or FNC are in any way Racist, Hateful or Lying. While some things that are said are very opinionated and maybe uncomfortable for you to read or listen to, there is no proof of Lying, Racism or Hate.

          • Then you haven’t read, Chris.

            This should make it easy to find the falsehoods:

            This should make it easy to find the race baiting:

            And, really, there’s enough hate from FNC that a tag would just be redundant.

          • Chris you are right you can not talk common sense to people that like insulting people. saying that your a troll and can not read while the person calls you a racists is too much. and the hate they spout is good. and all news channels are now propaganda machines . keep up the good work Chris and have a blessed day.

          • You’re not wrong Chris, but often what conservatives view as “controversial” or “not-PC” liberals perceive as hateful and ignorant. BEING OPEN MINDED MEANS NEVER ABANDONING THE EFFORT TO UNDERSTAND OTHERS. This goes for both of you. Stop the hate, stop the anger, and remember that EVERYONE thinks that they are right, and EVERYONE thinks they are good. NOBODY is objectively right, and NOBODY is objectively wrong

          • Rick & others mentioned “common sense”.

            If you like a girl and could not talk to her (you have no info on her) – would you trust person A: who is known for giving you the news on people.
            Person B: who is known for giving you the news on people.
            Person F: who is known for lying about her, not apologizing for the lie and actually altering her photograph to make her someone that she is not.
            (Fixed News Caught altering photos of people that don’t fit their agenda again)

  10. LOL Nazis were Facists. They wanted everyone to look alike and have the same values, be the same religion, etc. EXACTLY how the Republicans act!!
    Germany is now a wonderful Democratic Socialist country. Well, I go there often (first in the military, then for fun) and, though no gov’t is perfect, they sure got their act and priorites together! You can just tell, they put people first!!

  11. Chris, nice to see you here, but not sure why you are argueing with facts.

  12. He seems to think facts are inconvienent, and has merely disregarded them (since you can only dance around em’ for so long before tiring).


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