Dear Fox News Advertiser:

I am a loyal and patriotic American and, as such, I am making the informed decision not to support companies that advertise on Fox News and/or its individual programming. I feel that you have the right to know why you may be losing my business.

The programming on Fox News is notoriously partisan and biased. At times, it can even be considered offensive and prejudicial. While the Fox News slogan may be “fair and balanced,” their reporting is anything but. Fox News is helping to further the political and economical divide amongst the citizens of the United States.

Until these issues are addressed and remedied, I will not watch Fox News. Furthermore, until your company discontinues your relationship with Fox News, I will not purchase your products or services.

Please consider severing your ties with Fox News and/or its individual programs and spending your advertising budget in areas that will help build a better America. It is never acceptable for a company to support the intentional distribution of misinformation and bias to the citizenry of the United States.


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