Is Rupert Murdoch simply unaware of what happens in his own company, or is he lying through his teeth? Or, both? Here’s a brief conversation where he, apparently, shows how completely out-of-touch he is with the loss of revenue Glenn Beck has caused (or how out-of-touch the viewers are who believe his reasoning).

SPOCKO: I know that you don’t break out revenue numbers for Fox News beyond the top line, but with 81 advertisers leaving the Glenn Beck show following the Color of Change action, the show now seems limited to in house ads and gold ads. Do you have a time frame for how long Fox will subsidize the show until it to starts to generate revenue in line with its ratings?

That’s pretty straight forward – without sponsors, the money to support the show has to come from somewhere. Right? Not according to the factually-challenged CEO of News Corp.

MURDOCH: It’s not subsidizing the show at all. And it’s giving a terrific kick off to the whole evening schedule. It has plenty of advertising, and those advertisers you talk about, I don’t think there is anything like that number, but if there were they are on other shows.

Thankfully, some media outlets picked up on this and Keith Olbermann even used Murdoch’s response in his Worst Persons segment. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change anything – Fox News and the News Corp. CEO will continue to simply deny facts and their followers will continue to eat up the BS.

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2 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch Ignorant, or Dishonest, About Lost Sponsors?”

  1. Joe Leikhim says:

    I don’t think this boycott will be all that effective as Fox news has their demographic pretty locked up with weak minded adults. Their advertisers are pleased.

    At the moment, the FCC is pretty worked up about a cable TV cartoon show that is selling kids shoes subliminally, however no outrage by FCC over Faux news working folks into a frenzy, Glen Beck selling his gold, subtle manipulation of the stock market through psychological warfare , propagandizing, blatant war mongering etc. Where is the FCC? Wringing their hands over some cartoons. Yes I understand that Faux news is being watched by “adults” who can make their own decisions, but apparently the weak of mind are tuning in, and they should be saved from themselves.

    The FCC are the ones who should be on top of this. A boycott isn’t going to work, because Faux news already has their demographic locked up with weak minded “adults”, who of course can vote because there is no law against stupid.

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