Attorney Dana Jill Simpson wrote an open letter, published in OpEd News, to Karl Rove, whose article Closing in on Rove contained lies that, Simpson claims, should have been caught by Wall Street Journal editors.

The reason I want to thank you is that Mr. Rove has clearly lied about me in this article. You have captured and printed it without even checking to see if it is so or not. The lie he has told is and I quote, “Judiciary Democrats didn’t get testimony from either Mr. Siegelman or Dana Jill Simpson, the eccentric Alabama lawyer, who drew attention by publicly supporting the allegations.” In case you are unaware, I testified on September 14, 2007, before the House Judiciary Committee lawyers that were selected to question me. I most definitely gave sworn testimony to the House Judiciary Democrats. In fact, I gave over 143 pages of testimony before the Judiciary Democratic and Republican lawyers. It is unfortunate that your paper does not give a rip about the truth or you would have checked out the bold-faced lie that Karl Rove put in his article before you printed it.

Further, I find it extremely tacky that you allow him to call me an eccentric Alabama lawyer. I ask, did you check with anyone other than Karl Rove who clearly hates me for telling on him? Karl also states in his article, “I also understand that Mr. Siegelman and Ms. Simpson refused to cooperate with the Justice Department’s review of his claim of political persecution, while I willingly gave sworn testimony”. It was announced on May 15, 2009, that Mr. Rove was subpoenaed to testify by Nora Dannehy of the DOJ about the firing of the nine attorneys in a criminal matter. I would hardly call that willingly giving sworn testimony.

Further, he pointedly refused to agree to give sworn testimony to the House Judiciary Committee this summer and did not take a sworn oath before chatting with the House Judiciary lawyers that questioned him.

Simpson closes her letter by thanking Rupert Murdoch for owning a newspaper that does not verify facts and publishes lies, which gives her the opportunity to call them out on those lies with verifiable proof.

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One Response to “Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ Nailed on Karl Rove’s Lies”

  1. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Rupert Murdoch’s corporation owns a paper over here that prints a lot of rubbish and isn’t known for a high level of journalist integrity. I don’t think people take it that seriously anymore, you can’t expect anything better.

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