Fox News host Sean Hannity aired a special on “liberal media bias” that CNN’s Anderson Cooper claims was edited in a “completely misleading way.”

In the clip from Hannity’s show, Cooper is shown calling the attacks on Joseph Wilson, the former Bush administration ambassador who set off the Valerie Plame scandal, “a victim of a Bush administration smear campaign.” However, as Cooper showed, the clip had begun in the middle of a sentence. Cooper was actually saying that Wilson was claiming to be a victim of a smear campaign, not stating his own personal opinion.

“I try to choose my words very carefully and I don’t like it when someone cuts around them to make it seem like I’m saying something I’m not,” he said, adding that he hoped Hannity did not “knowingly, falsely edit something to make a point. After all, that would be biased.”


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2 Responses to “Anderson Cooper Calls out Sean Hannity”

  1. Lib in Oklahoma-SOS! says:

    Hannity is a genius at using snippets to turn others’ words around on them. I so clearly recall watching President Obama’s speech on the Healthcare reform issue as it was peaking. He said, “It not that health insurance CEOs are bad people, it’s just that they are required to maximize profits…..” – it struck immediately that that was a statement where the wording could be so easily distorted. Out of morbid curiosity, I flipped to Fox after the speech and guess what Hannity said – which that fake sense of wonderment he puts on so well…turning to the others on the set, “Did anyone hear what I heard… the President said that insurance company CEOs are bad people! Unbelievable… blah blah blah” How convenient it was to omit the first 3 words!

  2. potatofamine says:

    anderson cooper is amazing.

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