Sean Hannity had former “economic expert” turned “terrorist expert,” Ann Coulter on his show yesterday. She’s also known for twice being a suspect in voter fraud. Wait, back up… expert? The only thing she’s an expert on is hate…

So, Hannity and Coulter got to talking about Guantanamo and she made this, totally unchallenged (by Hannity) statement:

“I think it’s preposterous. And (Democrats) certainly have no evidence for it. It just gets said over and over and over again: ‘It’s a recruiting tool for terrorists. It’s a recruiting tool for terrorists.’ I don’t think so. I don’t think most terrorists are going to want to end up in Guantánamo, lovely though the accommodations are.”

Unfortunately for Ann Coulter, not that she cares, real experts disagree. Military and FBI interrogators have said that the detention facility has been used as a recruiting device and at least two reports support that position. Sen. John McCain also agrees.

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11 Responses to “Ann Coulter Terrorist Expert? Right…”

  1. Jonathan Scovell says:

    I have to tell you… putting aside political thoughts this website is really bad. This is it? A few comments on Anne Coulter saying Club Gitmo is not used for recruiting tool. Throwing John McCain in the face of Anne and Sean to “get them” by one of their own is pathetic. I highly doubt Anne cares for McCain’s opinion.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Jonathan, Ann Coulter will be discussed when it is in association with Fox News. There is a lot more I could post about her, as she is one of the most disgustingly hateful people I’ve ever seen, but that’s not the purpose of this site.

  3. Richard Vu says:

    Coulter is no expert in this category. The experts are the people who have served and are currently serving. For people who disagree, ever heard of “The blood of martyrs…:”?

  4. Georgia Garrison says:

    At last a place to say what I think about Ann Coulter. I have never, ever seen a more hateful, distasteful and obnoxious person. She is so grim, that I am totally taken aback that anyone would have her on the TV or air. I almost feel people are joking when they have her on their programs. And she does not discuss, she only argues in favor of the most rightwing programs and people. So why are we even giving her our time??? I am left with a blank when it comes to her.

  5. charles in dallas says:

    does anybody remember ann colture on the hannity show proclaiming that republican women are hot, can you please point 1 out 2 me? The sad thing i m a black republican with nowhere 2 turn, cpac liked like a klan rally and now we got ppl cheerin cuz we lost the olympics? I told my family i was gonna wait 2 yrs before i start complaining about obama but how can u get anything done when nobody wants 2 further the country, just their own careers!!! Back 2 colture, has anybody notices she wears alotta turtle necks even tho its 110 degrees outside, maybe it that long neck shes trying to hide. Im soo turned off by my party till its unreal.
    Hannity is an idiot, limbaugh has been clinically brain dead before he made the comment about donovan mcnabb and lou dobbs needs 2 retire and we cant even talk about the complete idiot ohh what the heck beck has done.

  6. Georgia Garrison says:

    Well Charles, in Dallas,
    How right you are. You have said it all for me. I concur completely. And yes, this Lou Dobbs needs to go.

  7. Anthony says:

    Only one person come Really close to Anne and that would have to be Michelle Malkin or whatever her name is. How can people really take these two seriously, I will never understand.

  8. Bill Watts says:

    My question is: How can the Republican Politicans expect to win votes when they have not did anythink on the Capital Hill for the American People since January 2009?

  9. Joe Leikhim says:

    The words most feared by ann coulter: “who is ann coulter?”

  10. charles in dallas says:

    after a few months and now i have left the republican party…these fools have only gotten worse. Why, did obama get darker. There was a guy on fox fb page who said he let his sick kid die because he wanted to defeaat obamacare. Why wasnt this covered? I can honestly say that while i might now agree with president obama on everything i absolutely don’t like or hate him merely because of skin tone.
    Anybody who thinks the president hates america, is a communist muslim kenyan hell bent on destroying america is a complete fool. Lets take a quick look back at history shall we. Barry Sorento was born on an island, not a village in kenyan. Let that sink in for a second…now he was born aug4,1961 and kenya didnt become a free and independant country until dec 9,1963 so either he is the 1st ever kenyan or a british citizen. Now i want to talk about him being a muslim, we all know that he went to rev. wrights church in chicago for over 20yrs, so where does the muslim stuff come into play? Maybe because obama rhymes with osama? Thats stupid. Now if hes muslim, ok so what but if he is umm he’s the absolute worst muslim of all time. He drinks,smokes and curse. Pretty convincing muslim. How can you still have questions about where he’s from after the nsa,fbi,cia,homeland security,the rnc and the republican governor of hawaii said his bc was valid? I guess we have to grow up 1 day but then again, what will the tea party do when he leaves office on jan20,2017? If the tea party breaks up it will only prove that the are the kkk, just without the hoods on, dumbasses.

  11. william blockson says:

    Ann your act is getting old.try another lover.because who ever your dealing with right now couldn’t hit the side of a barn, obviously he see’s what we see…good for him.

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