Sean Hannity is among the conspiracy nuts out there concerned about the email address, similar to the “Fight the Smears” campaign. The email address that was provided so the White House could address rumors and lies about health care reform. The health care reform that is being attacked at Town Hall meetings. The Town Hall meetings Hannity now wants his viewers to monitor and record Democrats at.

In other words, Sean Hannity proves, once again, that he’s a hypocrite. He is afraid of snitches, but asks his audience to snitch. Is it ok? Is it not ok? He can’t make up his mind! Hint: it’s only ok when it benefits him.

Sean Hannity talking about

HANNITY: It almost sounds like a secret police where citizens now report on each other, doesn’t it?

Sean Hannity talking about Town Hall meetings:

HANNITY: This is where your cell phones come in very handy at these events, so you can chronicle just how the Democratic Party really feels about America and Americans and free speech.

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One Response to “Hypocrite Hannity Against Snitching, Asks Fans To Snitch”

  1. Richard Vu says:

    This is the reason why he gets trash by former Gov. Jesse Ventura. Gov. Ventura always treat him like a little kid that blabs about anything, right or wrong, that comes into his head. Hypocrites are right up there with liars.

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