While former Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura was on Sean Hannity’s show yesterday, the questions by Hannity followed an all-to-familiar path. Unfortunately for Hannity, his guest is pretty sharp and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Hannity has the nerve to state that the world is better off after Bush’s presidency. Ventura has a different opinion on that matter…

Ventura: You’re telling me that the United States was better off after George Bush or before him?

Hannity: After.

Ventura: Oh, my God. How can you make that statement?

Hannity: I just did..and I’ll tell you why…

Ventura: It’s ridiculous…This country was far better off (No.) before George Bush then it is after George Bush.

Ventura responded to Hannity’s weak argument about President George W. Bush inheriting problems from President Bill Clinton, including terrorist incidents. This exchange is great!

Hannity: There were a group of radicals that were at war with the United States and we weren’t at war with them. We saw the first Trade Center bombing, the Embassy bombings, the USS Cole, and we think radicals that think God is going to reward them in Heaven with virgins. Jesse, how do you stop them.

Ventura: You pay attention to memos on August sixth that tell you exactly what Bin Laden is going to do. Instead we hear Condoleezza Rice going, “I didn’t know what they were going to do.” And the memos says Bin Laden set to hijack planes and ram them into buildings and your buddy George Bush, he was on vacation in Crawford at the time. Do you know he took over 900 days off for vacation?

Hannity: The President’s never off….Do you know that, Let me give you an example…

Ventura: This one was on his watch because the biggest attack happened on his watch.

For Sean Hannity, a renown bully, it was a mistake to have an even bigger bully, like Jesse Ventura, as a guest.

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