It made big news yesterday when Erich “Mancow” Muller was waterboarded live on his radio show. It happened to be on the one month anniversary of Sean Hannity‘s offer to do the same to support the troops. Of course, Hannity has not followed through on his word. Keith Olbermann, showing what charity and support looks like, withdrew his offer to donate $1,000 per second to charity in Sean Hannity’s name, calling him “unnecessary.” Instead he decided to give $10,000 to charity in Mancow’s name, even though Mancow only lasted around six seconds.

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5 Responses to “Keith Olbermann Donates $10k to Charity in Mancow’s Name, not Sean Hannity’s”

  1. thebabbster says:

    I gotta give props to Mancow for having the nads to do what Hannity was too chicken to do. Mancow put his money where his mouth was. Ha ha.

  2. Dill Drennan says:

    it is amazing how people follow the fanaticism of Hannity and other radical talk show hosts, like Levin and Limbaugh. These fakes, phonies and frauds are poisioning America inciting and pitting Americans against Americans.

    • No, that’s what the Left does. Its called Class Warfare. Demonize the “wealthly” (job creators) to Buy votes from the poor.
      One Democratic Congresswoman just recently, Literally called for poor Americans to take up pitchforks! We get accused of fearmongering & rebel-rousing, but the Left Actually Does It! Pathetic.

      • LOL, Tony, you act as if the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% actually did anything but extend the gap between the middle and upper class and line the pockets of the uber-wealthy. Did they ever find a way to pay for those tax cuts? No? Alrighty then… You also imply that those on the Left are the only ones who “actually does it” in regards to “fearmongering & rebel-rousing” …There are plenty of examples from Fox News alone that prove you are full of it.

  3. That has got to suck.

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