I don’t really agree with this since nobody should be subjected to waterboarding, but since Hannity has offered to do it, by all means… Now Keith Olbermann has called him out and is offering $1000 for every second that Hannity can last. Of course, this money will go to charity.

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9 Responses to “Olbermann Raises the Bar for Hannity’s Waterboarding”

  1. thebabbster says:

    Awesome! Will it be on video? I’d like that in Blu Ray please!

  2. Keith Olbermann, your “aguacates” are well put! A $1K to charity for every second that Hannity can stand waterboarding- well, i suggest that you find a well funded charity that can use less than $5K because i don’t think he can last that long. What an idiot! Maybe he can invite Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and other fellow Morons to join him. Between all of them i doubt that they’ll ad up to 5 minutes.
    i am glad i became a member of the “KeithOlbermannFansForObama” because you are truly worthy of having fans– brilliant mind and a mouth to go with it!
    Peace-out, “Warrior75″

  3. JohnnyRussia says:

    Here’s a Facebook page to pledge support for Hannity’s waterboarding for charity. He’s mocked it as not being torture, and now he’s offered to do it–for charity. Let’s hold him to it:


  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Thanks Johnny. I joined the group w/ a new facebook acct created for the site…

  5. =======================================

    People pay money to get the adrenaline rush of being literally scared to death.
    Let’s face it, theme parks, such as Disney, are full of experiences meant to scare you. So are Disney theme parks “torture”?

    With $1k per second either Olbermann is not serious at all or he hates to give to charity. If he’s serious he should offer $250k per second.

  6. thebabbster says:

    Thanks Johnny! I loved the Hannity site, but the “Glen Beck Sucks” site was awesome!

  7. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    N Waff, Way to distract from the real issue… You’d be great at Fox News, but you need more practice.

  8. Everyone can help encourage Hannity to live up to his promise by visiting:


    and pledging a donation to a charity that supports the troops

  9. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the facebook group, always support the troops!



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