Sean Hannity, speaking with former Bush adviser Nicolle Wallace, made an absurdly ridiculous claim, which, of course, was not refuted by Wallace, nor anyone else at Fox News.

HANNITY: George Bush who you worked for did not play golf while this country was at war. He didn’t want the families of loved ones serving, well, that they may have lost the loved ones seeing him on a golf course.

WALLACE: Yes, I mean…

HANNITY: He seemed to be far more in touch.

Remember, “We must stop the terror. I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive.” and all the time spent in Crawford?

YouTube Preview Image

It’s been suggested that it wasn’t the war that made Bush cut down on his golfing, but rather doctor’s orders. Of course, two months after Bush said he quit playing golf (2003) he spent Columbus Day playing with “three long-time buddies” and also attended a golf fundraiser for John McCain in 2008. Condoleezza Rice; however, didn’t give up her game – where was Hannity to call her out-of-touch in 2008?

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11 Responses to “Sean Hannity: ‘George Bush…did not play golf while this country was at war.’”

  1. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Again…………..after cold hard facts, time and time and time and time and time and time and time……….again!!!! People still watch these douchebags (and believe them). This nation is full of complete morons that cant think for themselves

  2. Also, the President was off teleprompter last Friday when he opened up a can of whup azz at the republican retreat in Baltimore.

  3. I’ll give you all the misinformation delivered by Sean Hannity. I don’t watch him any more because of his off-the-cuff, often fact-less, rants. However…

    “Red Eye Celebrates Third Year By Topping CNN Prime Time Last Week”

    Even at 3:00am, FNC has more viewers than all of CNN during prime time. LOL TFF

  4. billancourt says:

    Fox News Daily Checklist
    Fox and Friends
    Read a stupid poem from a redneck moron
    Insult the President and make some thinly veiled racial remarks
    Stick up for whatever stupid thing Palin did yesterday
    Act stupid (for those who need to act)
    Invite other Fox personalities to fill the time with anti-Obama rhetoric
    Do a report that degrades blacks
    Do a real American story like the one about the cop who quit his job to go make big bucks in Iraq as a mercenary and got his feet blown off, what a patriot!

    Americas Newsroom
    Make thinly veiled anti-Obama reports based on other Fox News shows
    Do as many reports as possible that ridicule Democrats
    Make racial comments
    Do an stupid animal story so that people will think that the Fox agenda isn’t just to hamper the administration

    Neil Cavuto
    Ask rhetorical questions that ridicule the administration
    Invite has beens and experts on to agree with anti-Obama rhetoric
    Invite a neo-Democrat and don’t cut him off unless he disagrees with you
    Find a way to blame 30 years of poor economic policy on twelve months of Obama policy
    Make thinly veiled racial comments

    Glenn Beck
    Contradict yourself
    Pretend to like O’Reilly
    Stick up for Palin and explain away her daily gaffes
    Find a link between Ghengis Kahn, Mao, Hitler, and Stalin to link to democrats and Obama
    Make one light anti-Republican comment to pretend that you’re impartial
    When you lose your script idea do theatrics to hide your anguish
    Incite violence
    Pretend to have religion
    Interview some thieving conniving loser like Rove, Gingrich, or Luntz
    Make thinly veiled racial remarks
    Apply the daily scare the dumbfuck tactic for your retarded audience

    Bill O’Reilly
    Pretend you’re not a pompous elitist that manipulates rednecks for ratings
    Pretend you like anyone including yourself
    In your talking points say something in support of Obama so as to demonstrate that you’re “no-spin” like “Obama could be a good president if he wasn’t a negro asshole”
    Yell down anyone you disagree with
    Suck Beck’s ass
    Don’t get caught “off mike”, saying that you really think your viewers are white trash
    Pretend to be religious
    Do some ass kissing séances with some of the Fox News blond bimbo clones
    Pretend to be on the same intellectual level as Dennis Miller

    Sean Hannity
    Repeat your four talking points
    Tell people that you’re not a Republican shill
    Say some good things about Reagan who was a bad actor puppet president 15 years ago
    Have some of the paid Fox moron commentators like Krauthammer agree with you
    Talk about the military like you’re a patriot or like you had the balls to serve your country
    Kiss Palin’s and Gingrich’s ass
    Make excuses for the daily remarks of the right wing morons
    Try to make the brain dead that watch you believe that the tea party movement isn’t the kkk
    Make believe you believe in God
    Prove to the world that you’re an asshole by denying climate change and pollution
    Play country music to appease your HeeHaw watching audience
    Try to speak intelligently
    Introduce Greta Van Rictus and pretend to have a sense of humour
    Invite right wing radical douchebags like O’Keefe to prove that birds of a feather….
    Have a séance called great American panel with your idea of Americans (douchebags)

    Greta Van Susteren
    Don’t smile to wide you’ll rip your cheeks
    Ask inane questions
    Invite the same paid commentators to pretend that you have an un-rehearsed discussion
    Try not to bore people to death
    Whine and pretend you don’t understand
    Shill for the Republicans on capitol hill
    Pretend to be moderate, as the script suggests
    Do not turn your head violently you’ll rip your neck open
    Keep your teeth clenched
    Invite at least one fat piece of shit like Rove nightly

    Sheppard Smith

    Do a couple of non agenda stories
    Report on an animal story
    Make sure to say Fox “journalists”, maybe someone will believe you
    Try not to show how you wished you were on a real news show

    Loser Liars and Has been List for Potential Guests

    Fatfuck Rove who counselled Bush to screw America
    Dick my daughter’s a lesbo Cheney who started a war for his own profit
    Oliver contra scandal North
    Fat boy Frank never been laid Luntz strategist to the mentally challenged
    Charles brain dead Krauthammer
    Michelle thai whore lookalike Malkin venom spewing lesbian bitch
    Ann wouldn’t fuck that slut with your dick Coulter openly racist ratings whore
    Rudy dumbfuck Giuliani delusional philanderer and inarticulate fear monger
    Mike let the killers free Huckabee and the little Rednecks
    Fox and Friends Poem

    In days of yore like on a holy quest
    Reporters reported and did their best
    Fox and Friends of their own free wills
    Read their script as good Republican shills

    Greta Van Rictus is it info or intox
    Not always sure but we know of Botox
    Inane and whining her stupidity will astound
    Her intellectual level it’s “pants on the ground”

    Good old Glenn Beck he’s a patriot we’re told
    Shills for Limbaugh and Palin and even for gold
    Arguing with idiots he titled his best seller
    Then plagiarized a real author
    To write a Christmas sweater
    Beck uses real history and real events
    Then twists reality for the hatred he vents
    Believe in God do you Mr Beck
    If so you know your destination and it isn’t called heck
    Preying on retards is not very nice
    Shitting on your country is even less
    We all know that whores come with a price
    But giving advice when your own life’s a mess
    Please shut the fuck up you sorry fat man
    You know not the meaning of American
    Speak not in the name of the honest and free
    Americans don’t sell out their country even for a fee
    The advertisers are fleeing your diatribe is to crass
    You are as your sickness, a real bleeding ass

    Hannity’s America now what could that be
    A country where only racists have the right to live free
    Giuliani and O’Keefe and Sean do make three
    Ignorance loves company and so it shall be
    Nightly you repeat the same litany
    Open racism hate and bigotry
    Your morals and ideas of our great country
    Will be your undoing just wait and see
    So thank no more war vets with false piety
    Cuz you didn’t have the balls to serve the army
    Just shut the fuck up and leave quietly
    America doesn’t want your crap Hannity

    O’Reilly you phony mick, you ooze self loathing
    Pretzel logic and bias are all that you know
    Whilst at Harvard you must have been loafing
    Who gave you a degree with an IQ so low
    Why defecate on your own country you pompous ass
    Will you do anything for gain like the proverbial whore
    Make fun of Jon Stewart and his smokers of grass
    But when Americans wake up your show’ll be no more
    Nightly you praise your self and crow about ratings
    But it’s just selling snake oil and constant race baiting
    You’re proud of your reach you Fox ratings slut
    I’d like to have five minutes to kick your butt
    Get your buddy Glenn and go an a long trip
    And before you leave I’ll give you a tip
    Just shut up and listen and don’t throw a fit
    We just don’t need you guys your both full of shit

    O rich Saudi prince please leave us alone
    We have suffered enough and do not condone
    A right wing propaganda channel run by an Aussie
    With rhetoric and hate speech like that of a Nazi
    Call Ailes and tell him he’s fired
    Fox’s diatribe has all Americans tired
    We have enough problems without your assistance
    And bigots and scum will always meet resistance
    BuY a football team or something equally sundry
    And shut down Fox and stop ruining our country

  5. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Marbran- does having more viewers mean that FNC is not a lying pile of crap? No, it just means that there’s more morons living in the US than we thought……and you’re one of them.

    The words ratings and truth are not synonomous………remember Nazi Germany? Guess not

  6. It is a fact my liberal friends that Obama played more golf during his 1st year in office than Bush played during his 1st 4-year term. Obama’s golf game is much better than his commander in chief skills
    .-= Barry´s last blog ..A Simple Test For Any Legislation =-.

  7. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Barry, whether or not that is correct is of little concern – this site doesn’t exist to support or promote Obama – the fact remains that Hannity was wrong and nobody at Fox News gave a damn.

  8. sidewinded says:

    @ FNB,
    You’re correct, but the fact remains that Obama is screwing things up worse and no one on the left seems to give a damn :)

    It’s the same question you posted months ago: Where were the Tea party members during the bush years?

    Where are the people who were outraged at GWB’s administration’s actions and now ignore Obama’s actions?

  9. Some times I think we should ease up on the President a little bit. There is always someone who feels that they can handle the job better. This is a highly stressful job and sometimes you have to take a little break. This doesn’t mean that the President doesn’t care. You don’t have to agree with everything that he does. However, you can lighten up a little and provide some support…
    .-= Jenni´s last blog ..Increasing Your Golf Driving Distance =-.

  10. Nothing annoys me more than when TV personalities tell lies that are easily verifiable through a quick Google check. Do they think we are stupid? The answer must be yes and in many respects they are correct. How else can Fox News be on the top?
    .-= James´s last blog ..Brown- Burgundy- and Black Suede Patchwork Bed in a Bag =-.

  11. It is a fact my liberal friends that Obama played more golf during his 1st year in office than Bush played during his 1st 4-year term

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