Apparently, Sean Hannity has forgotten that George W. Bush was the U.S. President until January of this year. Or, he forgot that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were placed into a conservatorship under the FHFA in September, 2008. In either case, he made this false statement on June 3 regarding Obama’s involvement:

HANNITY: But I think, fundamentally, there’s a point here that we need to discuss. And that is Barack Obama, if we get to the root cause of — if anyone would have predicted that he was going to accumulate these debt — this debt, these deficits; that he was going to fundamentally take over GM, take over Chrysler, take over the banks, take over Fannie, take over Freddie; and that he’s going to go on an apology tour and then say we’re not a Christian nation, these are fundamental — you know, there’s a fundamental foundation of America that we are altering here.

Think that was just a mistake? Here he was the day before:

HANNITY: So now on the economy, we’ve got the government taking over car companies and nationalizing banks, and they’re taking over Freddie and Fannie. And they’ve got, you know, a $2 trillion deficit this year, quadrupling it, $10 trillion in the future. I guess this is socialism.

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