Sean Hannity, jumps on the Anti-Kagan bandwagon and does his part to further a myth about Kagan banning military recruiters from the Harvard campus during her tenure as dean of Harvard Law School.

HANNITY: The White House actually released their own video of Elena Kagan, their choice for — the president’s choice for the Supreme Court. Her most notable act, of course, is throwing military recruiters on college campus at Harvard, you know, off the college campus in the middle of a war in violation of federal law. And even the most liberal members of the Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, said she didn’t have the right to do that.

Not so fast, Sean…

Throughout Kagan’s tenure as dean, Harvard law students had access to military recruiters — either through Harvard’s Office of Career Services or through the Harvard Law School Veterans Association.

Additionally, there was, apparently, no adverse affect.

[T]he number of graduates from each of those classes who entered the military was equal to or greater than the number who entered the military from any of Harvard’s previous five classes.

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3 Responses to “Sean Hannity Repeats Myth About Elana Kagen and Military Recruiters at Harvard”

  1. crowdaddy13 says:

    regardless, i would think it would be a lose:lose to recruit from there anyways. i dont agree with the law either. i dont think recruiters should be able to come to high schools and actively recruit my kids without permission from me. recruiters are like church people, they bug you and bug you and try to get you to commit to something. the ones in my high school birddogged the kids during football practice and during pep rallys. i think if you want to join, you can pick up a phone and call one or find an office. its basically like a used car salesman knocking on your door

  2. Yeah I was wondering about that…My mom and younger sis (both big FauxSnooze heads) were repeating that crap about kagan “illegally” banning recruiters to harvard law..Yeah the rest of my immediate family follows fauxsnooze and I have to be physically out of the room when they watch it on the television, both for my/their sake and for the safety of the television( I tend to throw things at it whenever beck, et al is on).

  3. Look up not down! Corporations pay Fox News to convince middle class to blame poor people. Step back, no matter what your beliefs

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