It’s been over a week since Sean Hannity accepted Charles Grodin’s waterboarding challenge. His offer was to raise money for the troops. Keith Olbermann offered to donate $1000 per second to charity. A volunteer has been found to administer the torture. A web site or two have been started to try and get him to keep his word. Is it because Glenn Beck‘s waterboarding poll shows that his viewers believe (3 to 1) that it’s torture? So, what’s the deal, Hannity? Here are a few theories…

  1. You really do think it’s torture and you’re scared
  2. You can’t admit that you made a stupid mistake
  3. You don’t know what goes on outside your bubble
  4. You secretly hate our troops & don’t want to donate
  5. Fox News has told you to shut your trap
  6. You’ve stuck your head in the sand like the last 8 yrs
  7. You hope this will just go away if you ignore it

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6 Responses to “Sean Hannity Silent About Waterboarding”

  1. thebabbster says:

    I’m with numbers 1 through 7, and would like to add #8: ran his mouth before he knew what he was saying and before his earpiece could tell him to stfu.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    thebabbster, That’s right… you know there were people smacking their foreheads when the words came out of Hannity’s mouth!

  3. thebabbster says:

    He must have gotten a real good “talking to” after the taping that day! Hilarious! :)

  4. He will do it you fools,lololololol Olbermann gets paid way too much if he can pay that, it is not even bad, i have been thru it,along with my associates, no big deal, chickens,lets see you do it. lololol

  5. thebabbster says:

    Well then let’s see it! I don’t HAVE to do it because I never got on national television and said that I would, then backpeddled and refused comment about it when asked later. The fool here is Hannity.

  6. Otto, please get help. You liar.

    Hannity is a waste of everyones time. And is it possible for even ONE fox news following drone to even spell Olbermann right just once? I know they’ve never seen his show and only hate him because O’reilly told them to, but come on! It’s not that hard to spell correctly.

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