While it’s obviously for different reasons, i.e. to shut up those evil libs, Sean Hannity‘s faithful followers won’t let him forget about his offer to be waterboarded. Actually, it appears that they’re foaming at their mouths to see it done, much like a pack of rabid sheep. Here are a few gems from Sean Hannity’s forum

Mr. Hannity I would be honor to join you for the waterboarding technique challenge offered by keith olberman. Although olbermann should not perform the waterboarding because he’s an idiot and has no idea how it’s done but I would not have any problem with an ex-military or ex-CIA doing it. (link)

Further proof that Sean puts his $$$ where his mouth is and yet another reason I love Sean! (link)

I’ll hand you a towel Sean. Show those libs. (link)

Now that the terrorists know waterboarding technique and that it’s won’t necessary kill em, they’ll be be prepare for it. It may even cause waterboarding to be less effective. Do we need to come up with different enhanced interrogation technique? (link)

There is ample proof on Hannity’s forum that he has some seriously sadistic followers. With friends like those, he doesn’t need enemies!

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3 Responses to “Sean Hannity’s Flock Want Him Waterboarded”

  1. “Sean, go for it. I watched WB on TV and it was no worse than when I learned to waterski.”


  2. Synchronicity says:

    Sick. Wrongheaded. Stupid.

    Torture is not having your friend put you through a torture technique so you ‘ can show the world it’s no big deal’

    Torture is when someone harms you, causes you or someone else injury in order to extract information from you.

    It has been laid out clearly that this DID NOT provide us with any information we could not have gained from legal interrogation. It definitely makes us less safe. It has weakened us a nation because the rule of law has been trampled on, no one in Washington is making sure that it will be honored and unless we demand it, no one is likely to be held accountable.

    Hannity is behaving like a complete idiot and him being waterboarded would prove absolutely nothing! Change absolutely nothing!

  3. caylargo says:

    I sent out the follow email to Olbermann, and would hope others would join in the fun!

    Hello! I have sent two emails, to Hannity & to Ann Coulter, offerring them $100.00 a piece to be waterboarded on the Olbermann show for 5 minutes. And they can donate the money if they want to their favorite childs charity. Now both of these people think waterboarding is fun stuff, so lets give them both some publicity on the Olbermann show. I have not heard back from either of them yet. Busy schedules I suppose!!!

    In fact, I wish you would set up a donation box for each of these news celebes and lets see how much we can raise to get them to appear and undergo the fun stuff. Coulter describes it as hazing, so lets see if she can join the club.


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