Sean Hannity has said, “[If health-care reform passes, we’re] gonna have a government rationing body that tells women with breast cancer, ‘You’re dead.’ It’s a death sentence.” Obviously, this is just his imagination because 1) it’s not likely and 2) the bill has not been passed, much less finished, so he has no evidence.

So, what can you do, besides boycott? You can use the form that Sojourners has set up to email Sean Hannity directly, and tell him the story of a cancer victim who was refused health care under the current system.

Here is part of the email being sent out:

In May 2008, I went to the dermatologist for acne. A word was written on my chart and interpreted incorrectly as meaning pre-cancerous. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with Invasive HER-2 Genetic Breast Cancer, a very aggressive form of breast cancer. I was told I needed a double mastectomy. When the surgeons scheduled my surgery I was pre-certified for my two days hospitalization.

The Friday before the Monday I was scheduled to have my double mastectomy, Blue Cross red flagged my chart due to the dermatologist report. The dermatologist called Blue Cross directly to report that I only had acne and please not hold up my coming surgery. Blue Cross called me to inform me that they were launching a five-year medical investigation into my medical history and that this would take approximately three months. I was frantic. I did not know what to do or where to turn. I knew I could not pay for the surgery myself …

Original Story

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2 Responses to “Tell Sean Hannity To Tell The Truth”

  1. Georgia Garrison says:

    Dear Sean Hannity,
    Why are you trying to frighten women??What is your purpose in this??? We women, know only too well what really happens., especially if we aren’t covered by high-priced Insurance. Recently we lost our 57 year old daughter who had a wonderful family and grandchildren, to breast cancer, and their bills were so enormous, being without the high-cost insurance needed now, that we believe she nearly willed herself to die after all of the bills started coming in. What with chemotherapy and hospital stays, the amount they owed was too overwhelming for anyone. So, who are you to talk and spread false rumours? Not correct, Mr. Hannity, and you should stop spreading malicious rumours When a person like you, continually spreads these false rumours, for better pollings – ratings, then you had better think it over. Thank about it and your Catholic religion. I am Catholic, and know that this is something you should go to confession for and be absolved…..May God bless you and your family.

  2. Dear Sean,
    I know how much you are concern about illegal immigrants coming to our great nation. So I ask of you when you get to California to support the farmers please make sure you ask how many illegal immigrants do they employ. That is, if are truly against illegal immigrants.

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