Whatever chance Sean Hannity has to bash a Democrat, Al Gore for example, he will take it… This time, he not only brings up Al Gore, but also dismisses climate change because of a report about cooler weather in New York’s Central Park.

FRANK LUNTZ (Republican pollster): Now, the Democratic approach is to talk about climate change. And when you’ve seen what happened with Katrina, Al Gore’s movie — the public does believe that the environment needs to be addressed. And so the battle now is: Who’s going to offer the most jobs? Are they green jobs or not? Who’s got the best solution to deal with it?

HANNITY: But let me ask you — because new information came out. This is the coolest June on record, the eighth coolest, and they’re going back to the 1800s, Frank.

LUNTZ: I know. I’ve actually gone back to cotton.

HANNITY: Well, I — but the point is that most people may be buying into Al Gore’s movie, but it’s not reality, and it’s not science.

Sean, you do know there is a whole planet experiencing a warming trend spanning several decades, right? No? Might want to look into that… Here’s a hint: It’s Earth.

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2 Responses to “To Sean Hannity NYC Central Park = the Rest of the World”

  1. Why is foxnation such a Tabloid forum?
    They have terrible headlines; many which are absolutely
    FALSE against President Obama.
    (Like Michelle was carrying a 6,000 purse when it
    was reported on Fox News that it is was closer to 875.00 retail.
    HOWEVER, this headline was not changed and readers believed
    it was true when it was NOT.)

    It is that way with many (most) of the headline stories.
    Downright false and misleading.

    WHY would Fox News back something like this?
    It is close to Huffington post.
    Check foxnation out for yourselves!

    And Hannity on Fox News (as well as Beck) are so anti-Obama
    it makes them appear to be anti-American and takes away
    from our wonderful UNITED States of America!

  2. thebabbster says:

    Wow!!! I just went and checked that site out, pretty rabid. In fairness, the left-wing sites get ugly too. But Fox is using stuff they KNOW to be lies! They know good and well that Obama isn’t “tanking the economy on purpose”, yet they perpetuate that crap because it stirs people up. What’s going to happen when one of their God-loving uber-patriots finally takes a shot at the President? They will, one by one, step back and say “hey don’t look at me”, like the cowards they are.

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