Another site has popped up, this time with a petition, encouraging Sean Hannity to keep his word and be waterboarded for charity. states, “Support Your Troops! Waterboard Sean Hannity!” Sign their petition here. The site appears to be a few days old and the petition has nearly 500 comments. There is also a page for tracking proposed charitable contributions, such as the $1000 per second from Keith Olbermann.

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11 Responses to “Sean Hannity: Waterboard For Freedom?”

  1. Hannity doesn’t have the balls to take the challenge

  2. Kendall Baxter says:

    Just saw the ratings…how is your boycott working?

    You and MSNBC’s obsession with eliminating fair and balanced is laughable.

  3. We have created a site to collect donation pledges for military and military family charities. People can come onto the site and make pledges of a penny or more for every second that Hannity is waterboarded (if he actually does it). The site can be found at

    Come help us raise money for worthy causes and make Hannity put his journalistic money where his mouth is!

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Kendall, Fox News calling themselves “fair and balanced” is what’s laughable! How about the News Corp’s 95%+ drop in operating income for television and newspaper segments??

    Scott, Great site! I’ll check it out!

  5. kendall baxter says:

    What is laughable is the typical liberal hypocrisy of boycotting one biased news organization and ignoring the blatantly biased msnbc.

    Let’s pretend your 95 percent drop is accurate (probably is like hillary’s sniper fire)…did you know that the world economy sucks at the moment thanks to the community reinvestment act. To help you out here…that required financial institutions to provide mortgages to unqualified borrowers.

  6. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Where have I said nobody should boycott anybody else? There is A LOT that the main stream media (of which Fox News is a part) gets wrong. I just feel that Fox News is, by far, worst and I only have so much time and energy to take it this far. Please, if you hate MSNBC so much, by all means, start a site about boycotting them.

    Please provide more information on the Community Reinvestment Act and how it’s the cause of the state of the global economy. Are you referring to the original from the 1970s or recent revisions, which were before Obama became President? Or are you referring to the Modernization Act?

  7. Kendall Baxter says:

    Not interested in wasting my time with a emotion driven, meaningless symbolic gesture that if anything…increases ratings.

  8. Michael Swan says:

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud of Murdock’s propaganda “news network”
    (If only he had had access to Fox “news”).

    I will not watch the nitwits of Fox “news” because I can’t trust what they say.
    I do read Media Matters, and watch MSNBC ect. so to my understanding and in my opinion everything they say is anti-Obama and terseness.
    Hannity, O’Reilly, and Beck seem to like to call anybody that doesn’t agree with
    their anti-American point of view are un-American.

    Watching Fox “news” causes brain damage!

    Washington State Voters,
    Michael Swan

  9. Ron Jones says:

    Would you believe hannity, had john mcinsane on last night, condemning obama for not jumping in to help Iran in there current trouble… WTF… Was’nt he the one that lead the battle cry during the campaign. Bomb, Bomb, Iran.. Hannity and this clown is a joke… as well as beck, and O’Reilley

  10. Sean, you sure talk tough.

    You say waterboarding isn’t torture? Then it really shouldn’t bother you.

    Man up and do it already!

  11. Hannity is just a douce bag and slime ball!!

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