Contrary to what other Fox News personalities are claiming ( i.e. the Obama administration is targeting right wing groups), Shepard Smith shows some journalistic integrity and steps away from the blame game.

Smith: So if this bulletin from April 7 looks at the right-wing groups, is there a bulletin that looks at left-wing groups as well?

Herridge: Yeah, we were able to obtain that bulletin as well. It came out in January, and didn’t get — there it is — didn’t get the same attention. It looked specifically at groups like the Earth Liberation Front, or ELF, groups that in the opinion of Homeland Security, in the future will try and attack economic targets and specifically use cyber-attacks, because they see that is sympatico, or in concert with some of their other beliefs.

So there are two assessments. The one on the left, the one on the right is the one that’s getting the attention because of the leak.

… I would point out that both of these assessments, Shep, were commissioned under the Bush administration. It takes some time to do them. They only came out after he left office.

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2 Responses to “Shepard Smith Reports Truth About DHS Reports”

  1. james Harper says:

    Mr. Smith,
    You are becoming as difficult to watch as MSNBC personalities. Today you introduced a two person panel discussing “torture”. You introduced the “Pro Torture” guest as a conservative, and the New York Times Blah Blah as…a NYT BlahBlah.
    Your disconnect is disheartening, and not worthy of fair and balanced. And your position defining the U.S. as a “Country that has tortured” (yes, we all saw how clever you were in your phrasing) is a blatant lie, and your opinion belongs on the pages of the NYT or MSNBC, where your slants and distortions would fit right in.
    Note: my cousin was tortured in a war back a ways, and I can assure you what our people did was not torture. No one died, no one lost a limb, or their teeth, or nails, or their life. What you are doing, however, is.

    Thank you.
    James Harper

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    All respect to your cousin, but waterboarding is torture. Not only is it simulated drowning, but people can easily die while being waterboarded. The U.S. had approved of waterboarding and prisoners were waterboarded, thus the U.S. has tortured.

    Besides the fact that waterboarding had been prosecuted by the United States in war crimes trials after WWII…The United States is signatory to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which concludes that international law permits no exception to it. The United States has also adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which also forbids torture. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Senior Medical Consultant to the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims both agree that waterboarding be considered torture. In fact, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency stated that it also violates Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention. I could go on, but I really shouldn’t need to…

    The funniest part about your rant is that you claim that waterboarding is not torture, but you think that Shepard Smith discussing the issue is torture… That doesn’t seem too respectful of those who have been tortured, like your cousin.

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