To the supporters of Fox News out there on the Internets reading this, if you can read, let me clear something up for you: You are not witty. You are not clever. You don’t need to thank me for listing companies for you to support. You don’t need to attack Obama. You don’t need to defend Bush, or his failed policies. You don’t need to point out what other media outlets do. You don’t have to like what’s posted here. You don’t even have to read the Comment Policy, or the FAQ, but I hope you would. Maybe then you wouldn’t waste your time posting nonsensical rants and, while they do make me laugh (at you), I’d rather you be a productive part of society. At least try.

That is all.

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7 Responses to “Attention Fox News Supporters”

  1. jesslide2u says:

    I’m not a FoxNews “supporter,” but this website seems very hateful. Really? There is an entire website to boycott a news station? I just started to really pay attention to how different news outlets spin the news, & I have to say that Fox seems to be the only one that will say anything negative about the current administration. That is odd to me when every poll I read clearly shows a majority that is displeased with the liberal administration. I was not a Bush supporter either… for the record. I just think we should recognize that everyone has free speech… not just liberals, and if we want to keep it, we should not react in hate to an opinion that is different from ours. Also, we should act like educated individuals (assuming you are one), and realize that we need to take a look at all aspects of an issue not just one side. Why are you so angry? Do you think MSNnbc or CNN has always told you the truth? Don’t be foolish.

    • Vickie Pruitt says:

      Fox is not a news station it is a propaganda station, as we speak the fact gas prices are going down now is caused by a slowing economy, when they were rising they were Obamas fault, When Bush was in office gas prices could not be controled by government, I am sick of this station contradicting everything they say based on who it benefits.I am sick of this propaganda station assuming Im am so stupid I wont remeber anything they reported on the week or month or year before. I am sick of this station supporting hate for me and my family and y friends. I am sick of this station promoting HATE period. Enough said

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Foolish is believing Fox News is innocent in spreading hate and fear in order to further their agenda. The purpose of a true news organization should be to provide facts without opinion and conjecture. As you say, Fox News is negative towards the Obama Administration. Not only that, but much of what is posted on this site shows their lack of research, manipulations, or outright lies. There is no place for that at any legitimate news organization.

    As is mentioned numerous other places on this site, including the FAQ, this site is about Fox News. If you want to make one about media bias at other news organizations, that is your right… There is only so much time in the day. And, for what it’s worth, I’ve seen numerous negative stories about Obama from Olbermann and Maddow, who are extremely liberal. So, that argument holds no water.

  3. thebabbster says:

    the Fox News Network goes a little further than just being negative about the Obama administration. The are directly promoting the Tax Protests, which are coming closer and closer to advocating outright rebellion.

  4. *Nearly 500 word off topic rant removed*

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    MMFWV, Did you not read the post above? It specifically addresses the BS you just posted. Did you really think it would see the light of day? By all means, try again… LOL

  6. thebabbster says:

    White Rage is funny!

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