I really don’t like deleting posts that have opposing views, but often have to if they’re not on topic. Is it that hard to refrain from asking why this site isn’t asking for a boycott of MSNBC, or telling everyone, incorrectly, that Fox News is the only media outlet that reports the truth? I suppose I could approve all those comments, so people could see how idiotic many of the Fox News supporters are… But, that would take away from the purpose of the site, which is exactly what they want. The polite ones who stay on topic get approved. The rest, unless you make me laugh, get deleted.

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3 Responses to “Comment Policy & FAQ”

  1. Charlie Kreitzberg says:

    There is no question that MSNBC has a liberal slant (although not all) while Fox has a conservative one. That’s OK and healthy. Both liberals and conservatives have important ideas to offer.

    The problem with Fox News is that some of the material it presents and the people who present them are distorting realityand spreading hate and divisiveness.

    That’s the problem with Fox and the reason that pressure needs to be placed on them. What some of their commentators are doing goes beyond the rational differences that good people can have and it is, im my opinion, destructive to the well-being of our country.

    If MSNBC or anyone else crosses that line, I will be equally outraged.

    So let’s keep clear on what the problem is and why we need to make it unprofitable for Fox to continue on this path.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Charlie, Exactly! It’s not a “oh no, someone has a different view than me” type thing… Everyone is entitled to that, but when the news, which is supposed to be factual, is subjective to the point that those facts are distorted, or altogether missing, then it becomes a problem.

  3. Larry Blackhurst says:

    Very well said. I would suggest you even start blocking comments from these people automatically, but I’m absolutely certain they use a different, fictitious name and/or email address with each comment.

    BTW – did you know that FOX News actually won a lawsuit which said they have a right to lie in their news ‘coverage’???

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