Some people are born with ethics and integrity, and some people are born without. Fox News has the solution for those born with those traits. I give you, Fox News Channel University, where interns can have their young minds corrupted and be taught truth distortion from the masters…

I don’t know what classes, if any, are available at the Fox News Channel University, so here are some I imagine one could take.

  1. JOU 101 – Introduction to Creative Journalism
  2. JOU 102 – Simplicity in Journalism
  3. JOU 201 – Theory of Fact Establishment
  4. JOU 202 - Applied Fact Formulation (lab)
  5. JOU 311 – Advanced Contextual Editing
  6. JOU 312 – Photographic and Video Manipulation
  7. ENG 355 – Writing for Mass Delirium
  8. COM 321 – Use of Godwin’s Law in Debate
  9. AGR 290 – Distribution of Bovine Fecal Material
  10. BUS 231 – Capitalization on Political Unreason

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3 Responses to “Fox News Channel University??”

  1. I’m with you 100%, fixed news, fox noise must be boycotted !

    My site loyal to the cause :

  2. Peter Chamberlain says:

    You assert as a fact, without citing any actual or alleged evidence, that: “Some people are born with ethics and integrity, and some people are born without.”
    Did you really mean to say that, even in a parody? There is no competent or credible evidence that ethics and integrity are inherited or possessed at birth. Indeed, the theory that any tendencies, if any, to act ethically or with integrity, with which an individual may be born, are genetic or exist at birth, has no credible support in evidence or reason.

    One thing that the theory of people being born or not born with ethics and integrity tends to encourage is that other pernicious idea that some racial, ethnic, or other groups are genetically or otherwise innately or inherently inferior to others, which has led to the rise of the Nazis and other such groups I would hope that you do not support. I am sure whoever sponsors and runs this site, who I note that I cannot find disclosed anywhere on it, would call anyone on Fox down if they were ever foolish or vicious enough to support such positions.

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Peter, It’s humor. Try it some day… you might grow to like it.

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