Could there be some internal strife between Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel. is asking if Hannity is jealous of Beck… Apparently, there are some new rules, or at least new clarification of existing rules, being enforced on the forums in regards to mentions of Glenn Beck.

Excerpt of rules on Hannity’s web site:

Yes… posts that say …. Beck is talking about XXXXX right now…. etc. while Sean is live on the area will be removed immediately if noticed by a mod. When Sean is on the air we don’t care what Beck is doing or saying. When Sean is broadcasting, as far as the boards are concerned, Beck does not exist.

The moderator’s response is a little bitchy… How hard would it be to include a separate forum for discussion involving other people in the media, or have one specifically devoted to Sean Hannity’s current broadcast?

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8 Responses to “Jealousy at FNC? Sean Hannity vs. Glenn Beck”

  1. Ha ha ha, makes me want to ask Sean if he knows anything about Becks involvement in a horrible crime in 1990 that may or may not have happened.

  2. Beck Girl says:

    I’ve always thought Hannity didn’t like Beck. I just felt the vibe.Such as, he mentions all the other top commentators, but never mentions Beck. Well, he may have good reason to be jealous. He better try harder for ratings on Fox or Glenn is gonna get his time slot!!

    By the way, Glenn always mentions Sean in the nicest of ways.

  3. Georgia Garrison says:

    Let them both eat cake!!! Off with their heads. Fox News is full of conservatives. No doubt abut it – Hard-line Right Wingers. Anyone who thinks differently, think again.

  4. Imrightuleftwingnut says:

    Of course Sean Has a problem with Glenn Beck. Sean is really good friends with Mark Levin who obviously can’t stand Glenn. I like them all and agree and disagree with some of what all of them say. you people boycott all you want we won’t miss you.

  5. You people are so full of it. You have to try to divide and conquer because you can’t fight fare in the war we are having for the soul of America. You want to ruin its ideals and turn it into something that doesn’t even resemble what the founding fathers had in mind. THANK GOD for the Glenn Becks Shawn Hannity’s etc… because without them standing up for what is true and right, you people would have brought America to her knees long ago. God Bless America… and God Bless and keep those who are faithful to the principals of freedom from government gone wild under this Socialist creep Barry Sotero better know to you as Obama.. Worse president this nation has EVER EVER had.. and all of us out here in the REAL world say NEVER AGAIN!~!!!!!!

  6. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Sharon, Nobody outside of FNC has to try to divide these two – they did this themselves.

  7. Do you also host any other websites, such as or, or, or CNN

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