Take a look at this clip from 2007 that shows Glenn Beck saying that Jesse Jackson claiming that President Obama is acting “white”  is racist. Keep watching for a Glenn Beck clip from earlier that year, during which Beck states, “[Obama] is very white in many ways… he is. He’s very white.”  So, to Glenn Beck, it’s wrong for Jesse Jackson to say such a thing, but it’s okay for Beck.

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5 Responses to “Glenn Beck Admits To Being Racist?”

  1. Why the boycott? Are you afraid people will hear both sides of issues and not just one side? Yes, let’s boycott Whole Foods for having a difference of opinion, let’s not support businesses because they voted against a bill, let’s call anybody who doesn’t agree with me “racist, hick, stupid” and any personal attack you can. Because you wouldn’t want to have to refute actual facts (and make sure you only watch NBC so you can only listen to views that match yours).

    You “compassionate” people are trying to bully everyone over to your views.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Beth, Start with the F.A.Q. That should answer the “why” part… Let’s then skip the off topic parts… And we end up at “let’s call anybody who doesn’t agree with me ‘racist, hick, stupid,’” which is exactly what Beck does. Did you not watch the video above? Did you forget about him calling Obama racist? The facts are refuted repeatedly here, which you have chosen to ignore. Lastly, if by “your views,” you mean honest, intelligent, fact-based journalism, then yes, call me a bully. Of course, nobody is forcing anybody to do anything here. We merely point out the lies, falsehoods and manipulations. Companies are free to do business with whoever they want.

  3. Beth, it’s obvious you get your news from one source. I feel much better about my views…probably because I research and make an informed decision. Unlike the remaining conspiracy theorists……did you read the article about the 900+ billion in each of the 2009, 2010 deficits? Those numbers are attributed to Bush’s policy and programs. He’s still ruining us and he’s not even in office! Wake up. Take more pride in yourself and be an honest, well-informed citizen.

  4. Maybe if you morones at fox news would address more serious concerns,such as economic deprivation of blacks in america,you would make a large contribution to the entire world. If this ungodly act continues there will be a 1965 all over again and thats a promise,all good things comes to an end.

  5. I think the comments that the lady made in reference to killing our president is over the top.Remember fox you are setting the stage for violence in america,i dare you racists pigs to disrespect our president.

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